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  1. This is a thread to discuss the design of The Mueller Report by the U.S. Department of Justice.
  2. How do I articulate the links between the NFL’s current hyper-corporatism, uniform/brand change rules, unsatisfactory relocations/stadium situations, and too much parity?
  3. all of these white helmet concepts look bad.
  4. texans logo looks better on a navy helmet than white
  5. Worth noting that Swalwell has said he's running primarily on gun sense:
  6. These are really solid. Looking forward to seeing the helmet in normal lighting. The Jets can totally embrace the "bad guy football team" thing. I love it. I wish the NY ball logo was the primary, but otherwise these are really great.
  7. My tweet about the uniforms went viral and I'm fascinated by the fact that basically 40% of all replies were "looks like UND/Sasketchiwan/North Texas" or "looks like custom Madden 09/06/10/15/18/11/literally every other year"
  8. Every NFL team should only wear the first uniform they ever wore no matter how long ago that was or whether it looked good because history is static and can never change or be updated
  9. Yeah this makes no sense/is all wrong. There were leaks of the Jags. And it's not a leak if it's fake.
  10. Yeah Paul Lukas is really showing some skepticism in the replies to my tweet saying they've leaked. He may be right.
  11. Is "JETS" arched? It looks weirdly arched. Funny... right before this leak I was doing some googling on this font and Michael Beirut and I found this from the website... Would be perfect...
  12. Please, for the love of god. Can't they just wear their black socks with the green pants. Please. I'm begging.
  13. Her main primary slogan was "Fighting for us" and her main general election slogan was "Stronger together." "I'm with her" was a supporter-generated slogan that the campaign adopted to appeal to hardcore fans (who would likely donate, volunteer, etc.). It says so much about the 2016 election/her candidacy/everything else that "I'm with her" is remembered by so many as her slogan. "Hillary for America" was the official name of the campaign organization. "HFA" was what we called it as interns. Same way that "Obama for America" was the official name, but people typically referred to/remember "Obama '08." This whole "for America" trend is another thing. I can't find any hard evidence of it, but it really does seem like the Obama campaign may have chose "OFA" because of The West Wing. "Bartlet for America" is an iconic episode in an iconic show for political junkies. It's influence on politicos of a certain age (like me) cannot be overstated. I can't find any other campaigns before 2008 that used the "for America" tag. Still looking though. Also to answer your original point about it being common in 2020... It seems that way now, but we're still in early stages. Like, if you go to Beto's website right now it says "Beto for America" and not much else. Wouldn't shock me if in a year, if he's still in the race, the lawn signs will just say "BETO" even if the campaign is still officially called "BFA" or his podium will have a slogan that hasn't been employed yet.
  14. Aesthetics and performance are totally intertwined. For example, I can't imagine going for a run or playing tennis in low-cut socks. Absolutely not. I wear mid-calf white socks and white shoes always. If I had no mid-calf socks and had to borrow low-cut socks, it would definitely affect my performance!
  15. His announcement video and website are all really slick........except for this logo.
  16. Continued to be wildly baffled by how bad this looks
  17. I agree that it reminds me mostly of the Concorde. In which case it looks like the two Jets logos that have been planes depict aspirational commercial air travel. I don't think there's a 2019 equivalent. I think that's because of climate change. Because of 9/11. Because of what makes the 21st Century so far different than the 20th. I also don't think that the answer should be to replace it with a military plane.
  18. WAR = AWESOME! hell yeah. Death. Refugees. Weapons. Fire. Football.
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