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  1. Spinaltap - Smell the Glove The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out Frank Zappa - We're Only In It For The Money
  2. There was a topic all about teams that introduced new logos and/or uniforms during the previous season (the Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay Lightning being prominent examples). I found an old Dallas Mavericks pocket schedule from 2000-01 which included a sneak peek of the new logo they adopted the following season. They were already selling merchandise with the new logo, even though they were still officially using the old logo that season.
  3. While shopping at Lowe's today, I found a display celebrating their anniversary. Included were these three pictures that demonstrate that the Lowe's type-mark, including its inconsistency, is largely unchanged since at least the 1960's, if not the 50's.
  4. Are you sure it's not a result of the local sign ordinance? I used to work for a grocery chain in NY, and we ran into that issue frequently. The worst case was a store that we were opening in Ithaca. The sign ordinance there was highly restrictive. Even after getting a variance to double the size, the sign we put on our building was still far smaller than what we typically used... on a facade that was full sized. Precisely my guess, also.
  5. New Pirates logo? http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=doc&state=4001:nq6cgf.10.18
  6. Cheer detergent has changed their packaging design. Again. Old (I think this is the previous design): New: If you do a Google image search for "cheer detergent," you'll see how many different designs that Cheer has used.
  7. Nabisco has updated the packaging of their "Premium" saltines... (Old on top, new on bottom)
  8. Gosh, I miss that classic Blue Jays logo and uniform set. If they have any sense, they'd bring it back full-time.
  9. If the Astros are moved to the AL, here is a quick realignment and scheduling scheme I concocted. In each league, the two division champions and the two (or three) best remaining teams would qualify for the postseason. If MLB wants to retain a 162-game schedule, they could easily add additional inter-division games with matchups that would rotate from year to year. I realize that the schedule is EXTREMELY unbalanced, which isn't the most ideal scenario if there are going to be wild-card teams. Oh well.
  10. The throwback packaging trend now invades the laundry room... Target is selling Tide, Downy, and Bounce in retro packaging. Compare to...
  11. NBC has unveiled its London 2012 logo, prominently featuring Big Ben. (Or, to be accurate, the Palace of Westminster clock tower that houses Big Ben.) Certainly an improvement over the official games' logo.
  12. Another Kroger canned vegetable packaging change... (Old on left, new on right)
  13. What's going on with that logo near the shoulder? Looks like a chimney with hands as moose antlers... Looks a bit like the Texas Rangers' "Antlers" logo (on the right; the "Claw" is on the left)...
  14. The trend is for stores' private-label products to all have the same unified design. Walmart does it with their "Great Value" line. Target does it with their "Up and Up" and "Market Pantry" lines. Kroger is doing it with their redesigns that they are gradually rolling out. (It seems like I see the new design elements added to additional products every time I shop there.) Even little ol' Dollar General has redesigned their "DG" store-brand products in this fashion. One big exception to this trend is Aldi, which has invaded the DFW area the last year or so. Aldi almost exclusively sells private-label products, yet they use numerous "brands" for these products. Their chips are called "Clancy's," their crackers are called "Savoritz," their ketchup, mustard, etc. are called "Burman's," and on and on.
  15. Although my favorite Mets look is the one they reintroduced a few years back (before they added black), the mockup you posted is mighty sweet.