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  1. I know that Youppi! was mentioned before, but he just looks weird in an habs jersey. This is more like it...
  2. eustache


    The best thing is that is salary doesn't count against the salary cap The Habs even gave him a spot in the locker room. Complete with name plate and all.
  3. The Expos always clamed it stood for eMb, I have several old media guides that back this up You are correct CC97 I remember the television announcers explaining the logo durring a rain delay in the 70s. I was 8 or 9 at the time and it stuck with me ever since.
  4. Nesi These all look great Would you be so kind to make one of the Montreal Expos? Thanks!
  5. Enforcer These look great! Thank you!
  6. I just signed the petition. Only 10 people so far...
  7. Now that's one ugly shirt... but the socks are even worse Someone should get fired over this
  8. That shouldn't take much more than a few decades!
  9. I tried to access the site with both IE 6 SP2 and Firefox1.0. In both cases I can't get the images to load. The pictures on the boards do load as they should.
  10. I'm looking for a freeware program to help manage a baseball card collection. I already use the collection tool on but I'm looking for something I can use off line. Any help will be apreciated. Eustache