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  1. Awesome job, actually i just find this on ESPN, and as you can see, your "photo" is much better than this one.
  2. I would say that the yellow panel looks like a bell, also if you check Taco Bell`s original logo, you can see that one of the colors looks like "brown", plus the orange trim in both logo and cap PS: This is just a supposition.
  3. Thanks for the info Incredible uni match up, thanks
  4. Does anyone have actual photos from those jerseys? And also why they used "black/orange/white", almost all the all star games are "red/white/blue"
  5. Not sure if this is the right topic... but wilson used the "regional" logo on the footballs
  6. I find this images a few days ago on the web, and actually im surprised that nobody upload this photos First is a confiable source, FSC is one of the biggest sites on soccer shirts, also the fabric and the details are the ones that nike is using in the soccer jerseys. The cons on this leak are the collar detail (nike have been using this logo and motto ), and the crest, the new one have the golden outline, and this one is also small for the jersey. Maybe is a prototipe, but i like it.
  7. carlosgg6

    My first logo

    This is my first logo, the idea is use it in a professional football team in my country. Its a simple dragon head All contructive feedback is accepted PS: Sorry for the annoying watermark
  8. I start this topic because im from outside the US, im a football fan but im my country everything is soccer. One on the biggest difference between football and soccer uniforms is that in soccer the away and home jerseys are completely different, but in football almost always is just a color swap. For example, Olympique de Marseille home, away and third. (BTW Great designs) As you can see all the jerseys are complete different, but in football for example with the patriots, its only a color swap. Now, i thing that the Giants are the only exeption (Home stripe less, Away sleeve stripes), but do you know another exeption, NFL or NCAA PS: I dont want to create a missunderstanding, i know that every sport have his own "rules" in uniform designing, and also im not saying that soccer is better than football. Thanks
  9. Innocent question.... Did Maryland already use this beauties?
  10. From the Saints facebook page PS: Are pregame photos....but gives you an idea }
  11. I think both teams looked awesome, but Michigan was better. Great work by Adidas, somehow, they beat Nike and the Pro Combats
  12. Michigan and Notre Dame gloves for tonight´s game Looking forward for the game Also, adidas upload THIS VIDEO showing the jerseys for tonight´s game, nothing wear just the lack of NOB
  13. Common....i love the whiteout This uniform is almost perfect, im looking forward to see them on game.
  14. I know everybody already saw the new UA Maryland uniforms But this combination looks very good, everybody was focused on the black set, but this one is insane