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  1. I hope to :censored:ing god. I havent liked the Canes unis since 99. pleeeeeeeeeease!!!
  2. I hope they're next redesign comes very, VERY soon...
  3. White, Blue and Athletic Gold as an accent would be a great combo!
  4. I hope the Rams keep the athletic gold. Blue and White is so boring and dead looking.
  5. Miami's is definitely underwhelming and out dated. The next largest in South Florida is a little better but lacking in originality compared to the county's logo. county:
  6. Yeah its a shame really. I'm hoping for something like the Jets and Giants do where they cover up the walls or something. Get some school pride in there! at least a stripe here or there lol Glad to hear about UM tho
  7. Looks a lot better then I thought it would. Cant wait to see my Jets when they come down I think they should add some orange accents in there though
  8. I never understood the maroon color in the 90's one
  9. These are my favorite in a while. Love'em!
  10. I've only been to one game with the roof open, a night game. It's rarely open, its a shame
  11. In person it looks like cheap green screen. They've recently added a red wall in center with a big State Farm logo on it. With light blue/teal walls i think it would look better and a nice reference to the old park and colors (which is nearly completely absent in the new park.
  12. Always loved that wordmark. Looks fantastic!
  13. Not sure why they picked that awful color for the walls, they never have said anything official that I know of. They have a rainbow effect going around the stadium, sections split into red, yellow, blue and I guess to complete it they went with green walls. There is green else where in art work and decoration.
  14. I love the blue alts I wish they wore them. I have a friend who works at the stadium and he told me that the fish were going to unveil them as a one off alt to test interest in them. But then the idea was scrapped, my friend even saw the jerseys. They gave out blue jerseys as a promo, like a soccer jersey style. They were also sold in the team store. I've always been a proponent that the fish should drop black, emphasize Orange and Light Blue (maybe even make it more teal-ish), and simplify the word mark. the green walls need to :censored:ing go as well lol
  15. I bought my orange hat the night it was released at the stadium, I'll check/post a pic when I get home. Never really noticed.
  16. Marlins posted he logo sans mastercard and a dark background on their twitter and it looks miles better!
  17. The purple seats look amazing. They killed it with that stadium!
  18. Do you need an assistant? junior designer? coffee runner? lol I may be a Jets fan here in Miami but i'd love to be designer like you in the sports field one day ..totally serious tho, just do not know where to start really
  19. The Orange Jerseys and Hats (RIP) were my favorite thing about the new look, it's now shattered. I hate the marlins as much as they hate color, They'll be a black/white/gray team before long again... lol
  20. There is/was a plan to build/revitalize the area around Citi Field with bars, hotels a mall, etc however city politics and the chop shops complaining has put everything on hold.
  21. I would love for the Mets to rock socks in that style with their royal blue socks.
  22. The Jets need to tear down and rebuild from the ground up. The stripes are awful and the "green" looks brown at times. I'd love to see a simpler uniform design, and possibly Kelly green or slightly darker. Maybe even an updated of the 80/90s Jets logo. always loved that one.
  23. That new material/cut looks sooo baaad. Reminds me of those mesh trucker hats.
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