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  1. I'm hearing the Kraken's jerseys will be "officially" unveiled Wednesday at the expansion draft. They'll go on sale September 15.
  2. I'm sure it doesn't, but man does it look like that says "Mallas"
  3. Fully agreed. Instead of moving into a soccer style "Team Name 2" style, I'd rather see the GLeague adopt more of a minor league baseball style of totally off-the-wall and hyperlocal team names.
  4. The official league website right on top of things:
  5. So is this ANOTHER new set? Meaning teams will have a minimum of 5 and up to 7?
  6. What cracks me up is him saying there is brand equity in black and red when the Heat are one of 5 NBA teams with that color scheme and are, at best, the third team I think of when I consider it.
  7. Seattle FC, Seattle Republic, and Seattle Alliance Not sure I'd call it a "near riot" but the team included a write-in option on the poll that was sent out and 49% of people wrote in Sounders.
  8. If I had to guess, I'd say the alternate jersey will be that "ice blue," possibly with the secondary anchor logo on the front.
  9. Not everyone, though. I definitely saw a lot of people only complaining about the logo, not even knowing that the name was changing due to the team's intentionally ambiguous marketing.
  10. The saddest part is seeing the Columbus fans complaining about the new logo who haven't even realized yet that the name is changing.
  11. We'll finally get to see these beauties in action
  12. I fully understand this is an attempt at a settlement and little else.
  13. They are, as stated in OP. Bar still wants $3.5M in "damages."
  14. Seems like most teams have been doing this. When you have to change the jersey every year, this is an easy way to kick the can down the road for a season.
  15. TLDR version is that a local dive bar called Kraken Bar & Lounge is suing the Seattle Kraken for trademark infringement over the team's proposed restaurant, Kraken Bar & Grill, at their practice facility. The team has said they will rename the as-yet-unbuilt restaurant, but the bar wants them to also not use "Seattle Kraken" in any form pertaining to food service and give them $3.5 million. It also appears the bar does not have a registered trademark but is instead basing this on common law trademark. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/kraken/nhls-kraken-sued-by-seattles-kraken-lounge-over-planned-northgate-restaurant-name/
  16. Tony Parker, who is part owner, has said he wants to move the team to Miami.
  17. I believe that's the neckline tag from the back showing through.
  18. And Mt. Rainier, if you believe the brandspeak.
  19. Their previous scheme included "Thunder Gray," which at least made more sense. The last color that comes to mind when I think of thunder (which, yes, is a sound and doesn't have a color but I digress) is green.
  20. Saw these on NetsStore.com. Could these be a peek at the All-Star jerseys?
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