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  1. It's called Demonized and can be downloaded free here:
  2. Eh... as a Sting fan, I'm not exactly thrilled with this (and I sure won't be buying one) but I guess it could have been a lot worse.
  3. Wow. Just wow.
  4. I think it's meant to be Robert Plant. I'm actually more a fan of the color scheme in the whole mask than the illustrations (the chin guard is my favorite part).
  5. Felix Potvin always did it for me; simple design by today's standards but you'd recognize it anywhere. Sean Burke had a great one during his days as a Coyote, too.
  6. Apparently "Teddy Bears", "Bedtime Stories" and "A Warm Glass of Milk" were also considered.
  7. That makes perfect sense. Thanks, guys!
  8. Something I got to thinking about recently... While I've never been a fan of pinstriping on baseball uniforms (or any sports uniform, for that matter), I wonder if there's a specific number of stripes used by any particular team and if so, what the reason is for it. Back when I worked in the auto business, we were taught about how many bars were on a particular manufacturer's grille and that it was their trademark -- do any teams have a similar thought process, is it set by the uniform manufacturer, or what?
  9. I have an early-2000s CSK VVS Samara (Russian Air Force) jersey. The player's name and number (Denis Ezhov; a guy who was drafted by the Sabres in 2003 but never cracked the NHL) adds to the obscurity.
  10. You've outdone yourself with RSL and especially Chivas. The halo/wings allusion was a really nice touch. Great work on both!
  11. A, although I really like the stars in B and think they would look just fine either side of the "100"; just without the football.
  12. You've definitely put some thought into these and they've turned out looking really good. Adding the skyline to the Red Bulls logo was a huge upgrade. On the other hand, I think the skyline on the Fire logo will get lost when the logo is downsized for a jersey patch or for print/web use, etc. You could probably do without it. Great work on the whole set so far, though! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for some other teams.
  13. I love the Dallas concept; as aci said, it's simple as it needs to be and looks really classy. I'm not a fan of the three stars on the pants, to be honest. I know the North Stars had a similar design for a few years but Texas being known as the "Lone" Star State... maybe just the lower star would be enough, perhaps a little larger.
  14. The old identity was so bad, it was good. This time around it's just plain good -- the only thing I don't like is the disproportionate sun in the primary and shoulder logos.