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  1. It's called Demonized and can be downloaded free here: http://www.fonts101.com/fonts/view/Serif/504/Demonized.aspxDemonized%20font
  2. It only applies to the particular name/number combination of the retired player. For example, you can't get a Cowboys jersey with "Smith" and number 22, but the same name with any other number is okay, as is any other name with the number 22. (Incidentally, trying to customize a Packers jersey with Brett Favre's name and number was rejected owing to, "Language deemed inappropriate, derogatory, or profane". Make of that what you will.)
  3. Seems to only apply to the NFL's website. Retired player names/numbers can be put on jerseys bought through the team shop but not NFLshop.com. Why that is, I have no idea. EDIT: Scratch that, some teams' sites seem to allow retired players and some don't, but NFLshop.com doesn't allow any of them. Hopefully someone in the know can clear this up 'cause I'm confused.
  4. Maybe I'm wrong on this, but couldn't he have gotten a custom current jersey with SANDBERG on it? I mean I'm not saying it wasn't a fake, but I don't think that's evidence of it being a fake. I don't think so. I'm pretty sure MLB doesn't allow you to customize current jerseys with retired players' names, managers/coaches names, etc. The NFL, NHL and MLB don't allow retired players' names and numbers on customized jerseys (the NBA does, however). Pretty sure you can get an aftermarket job done from a place like River City Sports or any of the other sites that do post-purchase customizing, though.
  5. I'm with you on that one. There isn't a single team that looks good in them (no, not even THAT one).
  6. Oregon's font is a custom called Bellotti Bold which the university protects pretty tightly. Handel Gothic will give you several similar characters; it may have been used as the basis for the font, but not sure. It's about as close as you're going to get.
  7. This looks to be almost an exact match.
  8. No, but it's quite ironic that you took it out of yours... well, all of yours. I'm not going to take the time to edit out the TM of a logo image. Sorry if that bothers you. The difference is I'm not defending IP thieves; you are.
  9. The people that had their intellectual property stolen. The people's who I.P. it is already got paid. The theft is taking the cash out of the corporation's pockets, not the artist. Which makes it more justifiable because...? By that logic, shoplifting is okay because the cashier's going to get paid no matter what. Corporations = teh evilz. Screw those guys!
  10. Does anyone else find it ironic that loogodude90 left the "TM" on his avatar?
  11. You know, the first one makes me think Oregon's jersey numbers might not look so bad if they didn't have the inward skew on them. They look pretty decent straight up and down like that. But yeah, clearly someone wasn't paying attention.
  12. They're counterfeits, yes, but they're the only way to get a replica Barons jersey. They're one of the bastard children of the NHL that get no love from the throwbacks department. The only other way would be as mentioned above, to make one yourself but if the replicas aren't out there, good luck finding logo sets.
  13. The font Rutgers uses for their jersey numbers? (Which I assume is the same as the team wordmark.)
  14. The font used in the URL across the back? I'm pretty sure it's a common one but I'm drawing a blank.
  15. Either home or away, it matters not, but would love the '76 version with the Ohio number patches on the sleeves (they dropped them for their second and final season in the NHL). This one needs no introduction. Canada's home jersey in the late 90s, I believe during their disastrous attempt to qualify for France '98. Damn near impossible to find from what I've seen.
  16. That's the one I thought I recognized, just couldn't place the name. Thanks for the help!
  17. That's what I was afraid of. I know I've seen something similar out there but can't place it. Anything out there come close? (free or commercial, it matters not)
  18. I normally hate bumping posts, but I didn't want this missed on the new page. So... bump and stuff.
  19. Anyone know the font West Virginia uses for its jersey numbers? Other examples shown here and here. Thanks a ton to anyone who can help!
  20. Found this thread a couple days ago and I think it needs revived... plus I'm new and I need to start making some posts. These may be my favorite NBA uniforms of all time: Also potentially in the unpopular category: My beloved Cleveland Browns need a logo. A good one just hasn't been designed yet (the Dawg Pound logo comes closest, but it's a long way off).
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