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  1. Its not a grey ring. Its a transparent ring. If you have a red BMW, then the ring will be red on the car. I am curious if there will be a default ring color for print and graphics applications.
  2. Texas A&M busted out a surprise new look today. An all maroon uniform with white pinstripes. I'm not a fan
  3. Texas A&M's uniforms are mostly the same from last season. Most of the uniforms will be a pullover. The buttons have been removed from the top and been replaced with a collar that matches the sleeve stripe pattern. 2019 Uniform
  4. Video of crew putting in the new field at TDECU Stadium and Roughnecks branding on the walls.
  5. That endzone is the current/old one for the stadium. Since it just says Houston they COULD leave it and just replace the midfield logos.
  6. NRG Stadium and the rest of the NRG Park complex has 2 primary tenants: the Texans and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The Rodeo takes over the entire NRG Park complex from Freb. 27 through March 22 this year. Even if cost wasn't an issue, the Rodeo has dibs on NRG stadium every March from now until the stadium ceases to exist. It simply was not an available option
  7. I thought the white 2020 patch on the white LSU jersey would bother me but I actually liked it. It made it less intrusive but was easy to see and read on my tv.
  8. The superdome never paints the endzones. Perhaps they only have one field and just paint it and cleaning off a painted endzone would be too much work/money? Other stadiums have multiple turfs for college and pros and can swap out the endzones.
  9. Majority of Oilers lovers would rather the Titans go 0-16 for eternity rather than congratulate the Adams family for winning a Super Bowl.
  10. I think a majority of the fans did not like most of those one-off alternate looks that Sumlin and Adidas worked on. By 2015 we were wearing so many different alternates it just was getting ridiculous. Why was an unannounced alt uniform necessary for a road game against Vandy on the SEC Network? I do feel the white helmets were well received and wish they would keep it around for one or 2 games tops. The W/M/W combo is one of my favorite looks.
  11. Texas A&M for the first time since I can remember didn't wear a single alternate uniform or look. Every home game was M/M/W and every road game was M/W/M. Even before the alternate uniform and helmet craze took off, A&M would usually wear monochrome maroon at least once for the designated maroon-out game (usually against UT in odd years and OU/Neb in even years) and white jerseys and pants for an early season road game. Last year the only alternate uniform was the 1998 throwback which would look like a regular uniform to the casual viewer. Jimbo Fisher is certainly not a fan of alternate looks
  12. Images from the game. It was hard to watch on my tv. At least you could tell the 2 teams apart.
  13. More so than any other nickname or abbreviation.