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  1. Do we know if Adidas even had any input to design here or did BC just order some uniforms from the Adidas online catalogue? I can't see Adidas putting much effort into a school that they dont have a full uniform deal with. There have been no press releases nor social media posts from Adidas about BC. Every article about it has quotes from BC staff and admins but nothing from Adidas. I wouldnt be shocked if BC has to buy the uniforms in this case. The fact that its only a 2 year deal makes me wonder if New Balance is starting up a football line.
  2. Western Michigan seems to be taking design input from Washington Football Team and are going with a W in a circle as well. The new logo appears to be for both the school itself as well as for the athletic teams. The athletic department website features the new W logo throughout yet the football team social media pages are still using the bronco logo. It will be interesting to see if all the teams have new uniforms and equipment that match the new branding and colors. As far as the new main logo, its ok. The biggest issue I have is there is nothing distinctive about it that lets you know its Western Michigan. Brown and gold are unique colors for sure in college branding. Unfortunately they only other school that comes to mind with the same colors is Wyoming, so by using just a W it could be mistaken for a logo for Wyoming, if Wyoming were crazy enough to ever move away from the bucking cowboy logo. New logo Old Logo
  3. A small possible Texas A&M change was noted from this cover photo shoot in that the maroon uniform now is showing white sleeve trim. The trim matched the uniform during the 2020 season
  4. It appears the school's athletic department dropped "State" as part of their new logo/branding rollout last April. Other Southland schools such as McNeese, Nicholls, and Stephen F Austin have dropped "State" from the athletic branding in recent years despite it still being part of the school name
  5. Here is the National Champions logo for Sam Houston State
  6. Texas A&M included this logo for the 12th Man Centennial with their email for signing up for season tickets. The Texas A&M 12th Man tradition began at the 1922 Dixie Classic in Dallas after the 1921 season. Perhaps it will be a sticker on the back of the helmets or even a jersey patch.
  7. Its not the track, but here is a video of it coming off of the truck
  8. I know its not F1, but it is an open wheel car. Check out this gold livery that Indycar's Simon Pagenaud will be sporting this weekend at St. Petersburg. This is a Team Penske car and his sponsors tend to appear in both Indycar and NASCAR so it would be interesting if this color appears on a stock car later this season as well.
  9. Every Wednesday, the Corpus Christi Hooks will play as the Corpus Christi Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits. The Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit is a popular breakfast item at Whataburger which started in Corpus.
  10. The NFL splits all merchandise sales between all of the teams. So 1/32 of all revenue from any Texans gear you bought goes to the Titans/Adams family.
  11. It may be weird, but Ethel M is a Mars brand based out of Las Vegas so it kind of makes sense.
  12. The Dynamo sister club the Houston Dash also released their new uniform look. The orange doesn't match at all between the Dyanamo and Dash. I dont know if this was because Nike didnt have the ability or cared to match the shade of orange that Adidas uses for the Dynamo or if it is intentionally done to give a bit more different to look between the two clubs.
  13. My only wish for the Dynamo was that the primary shirts stayed orange. Glad I wasn't let down
  14. I see on the Aston Martin site that BWT is still listed as a "partner" aka sponsor so I can see pink being shoehorned in somewhere. Cognizant is Aston Martin's Title Sponsor so I expect their logo to be predominantly featured. At least its a non-color dependant wordmark so it shouldn't interfere with the Aston Martin green
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