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  1. It may be weird, but Ethel M is a Mars brand based out of Las Vegas so it kind of makes sense.
  2. The Dynamo sister club the Houston Dash also released their new uniform look. The orange doesn't match at all between the Dyanamo and Dash. I dont know if this was because Nike didnt have the ability or cared to match the shade of orange that Adidas uses for the Dynamo or if it is intentionally done to give a bit more different to look between the two clubs.
  3. My only wish for the Dynamo was that the primary shirts stayed orange. Glad I wasn't let down
  4. I see on the Aston Martin site that BWT is still listed as a "partner" aka sponsor so I can see pink being shoehorned in somewhere. Cognizant is Aston Martin's Title Sponsor so I expect their logo to be predominantly featured. At least its a non-color dependant wordmark so it shouldn't interfere with the Aston Martin green
  5. I wish BYU would decide if they were a royal or navy blue school.
  6. Camping World signs up with the 99 team to sponsor a "significant" number of races starting this weekend at Homestead
  7. NASCAR opened up the space for teams to sell rather than it be covered with little stickers that were part of a series wide deal. I don't think it has worked out as well as many hoped.
  8. i forgot about that. I do recall seeing the GM logo next to the vehicle name on their SUVs and trucks.
  9. Texas A&M women's team wore some reverse retros yesterday
  10. I was looking at the bunching of the Big 12 and Nike logos on the OU vest uniform and it made me realize that OU wasn't using the Jumpman logo. I dug further and saw that none of the Jumpman schools for football and basketball have it featured on their baseball uniforms. I can see why Nike hasn't rolled out Jumpman branding on baseball as they are still trying to get established in the sport as an equipment supplier, but I just found it interesting.
  11. That jersey is from a few years ago. A&M has moved to exclusively using script font on their uniforms. Some uniforms say Texas A&M and others say Aggies. This year they are introducing a white pinstripe uniform with Aggies on it Here is the primary white uniform Below is last years white pinstripe with the team logo on left chest
  12. For starters, they should standardize if their uniforms will include the full name, "The Citadel," or just say "Citadel." I lean going with "The Citadel" as that is the name of the school and I would be guessing that their alumni wouldn't be in favor of messing with their establish brand, as nonconventional as it may be.
  13. Has the 11 been sponsored by anyone besides FedEx since Hamlin took over full time in 2005? I know Hamlin has had multiple colors and schemes with FedEx, but that 11 car doesnt look like Denny Hamlin's ride if that makes sense.