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  1. New court design for Texas A&M Last season for reference
  2. Mizzou is playing against South Carolina saturday. Both schools are located in cities called Columbia. I heard sports media talking heads refer to this game as the battle for Columbia so I assumed thats what the tweet was alluding to.
  3. What is the point of having ribbon board that can move up and down around the scoreboard? Are they just going to wave ads in front of the screens? I suppose its kind of neat that it moves, but just seems unnecessary and im sure will need frequent repair.
  4. LSU going with White/Purple/White against Northwestern State. I really like LSU's purple uniform and wish they would pair it with the yellow helmet
  5. A&M going with maroon helmets on the road at Clemson. This would have been a prime game for the stormtrooper/"Icy Whites" back when Sumlin was coach. Jimbo has stuck with traditional looks since he took over. I would expect M/W/M for tomorrow Edit: confirmed it will be maroon pants. So it will be M/W/M vs O/O/W
  6. Kyle Field with added logos on the 25 commemorating the 125th anniversary of Texas A&M football
  7. Texas will wear a helmet decal in memory of Cedric Benson this season
  8. We have a Grrrrrrreat new bowl sponsor
  9. I always assumed it was red as well but that may be because the only time I consistently watch an Arkansas game is when they play A&M at AT&T stadium where they have the endzone painted for both teams when previously neither team had a painted end zone.
  10. Oklahoma State officially made changes to their primary logo. They removed the bevel and changed the shade of orange a bit. It appears that the primary logo finally matches the logo used at midfield
  11. I'm curious just how big the Chinese fan base actually is. While Houston is a very large and diverse city, we actually don't have a very large Chinese population. Vietnamese is much more predominant in the area. It's almost a slap in the face to the local population that celebrates lunar new year by having it tied directly to only Chinese wordmarks and designs.
  12. I had a feeling the Rockets were going to add more black. Their new owner wears black to almost every event.
  13. Is the WVN A1 template supposed to be Adidas top tier uniform or is that still the Primeknit A1? I find it odd for USF to be the only team to use a template as Adidas usually rolls their top level uniforms to all their teams.