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  1. Fresno State new Adidas uniforms
  2. Tennessee double pants stripes have returned
  3. Texas A&M 2018 Gator Bowl ring on the left and 2019 Texas Bowl ring on the right
  4. The astros added a 2019 American League Champions banner above their 2005 National League Champions banner. This is the only ballpark where you will see banners for both league championships.
  5. The Astros received their 2019 American League Championship rings yesterday
  6. Minnesota received their Outback Bowl Champion rings. They definitely match Coach PJ Fleck's level of tackiness. The top includes all the trophies they won last season as well as the logo for ESPN College Gameday built by The Home Depot. The side includes rest"oar" and some numbered indicating the number of things that were rest"oar"ed and firsts for the program.
  7. It appears Louisville will have the same black uniform this year but now with a black Cardinal decal for the helmet
  8. Texas A&M AD tweeted a possible new uniform tease
  9. Not to mention people projecting cajun stereotypes and culture onto New Orleans. People from New Orleans do not sound like Coach Orgeron
  10. Still no new uniform information. However due to corporate banks merging Wake Forest's stadium has a new name. BB&T Field has been renamed Truist Field at Wake Forest
  11. And here are the 3 rings LSU got for the 2007 season Here is a story that came out at the start of the CFP showcasing some of the ring collections that teams have gotten in recent years
  12. Indeed one should be enough. However this has been standard practice for some time now as I recall the BCS issuing a standard design championship ring with the number 1 on it to go along with a custom designed ring that the athletic department gets for the team. It certainly showcases just how much excess money there is in college football.
  13. I have never seen that interlocked LSU logo shown on the inside of the National Championship ring before. They took the baseball team logo but used the primary logo font.
  14. Here are some tweets from Temple celebrating their Nike contract starting today. No actual uniform shots though
  15. It appears Under Armour is attempting to terminate their UCLA deal.