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  1. Hey now, the Texans at least own their home market. More than the Clippers can say.
  2. Oklahoma State has logos and wordmarks for the Cowgirls
  3. Sam Houston State cant decide if it is an orange and blue school or orange and black school.
  4. Sumlin usually likes to keep uniforms a surprise for the players
  5. Besides going from a black to yellow name on back, what changed with the steelers uniforms? The fonts look the same
  6. Here is the Clemens era uniform that I assume the script is somewhat based off of
  7. In 2003, The Houston Aeros wore a uniform that was meant to be a throwback to the WHL Aeros of the 70's, with a chest patch celebrating the new version of the Aeros' 10th season using the new primary logo with the previous primary logo on the shoulders.
  8. Texas made tweaks to their uniform. They removed the dropshaddow on the letter and number font and added a silver swoosh
  9. Oklahoma State 1959 Throwbacks
  10. I do prefer the block font for the baseball uniform and look, but there is some history of A&M wearing cursive script in the late 70's. I believe the cursive "Aggies" script first appeared last season as a throwback and it appears the team and Adidas decided to build the entire uniform collection around that throwback. I do like that all of the uniforms have a cohesive look as the 2018 uniform options were all over the place in terms of fonts and styles.