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  1. I heat up the ice cubes. It's the best of both worlds.

  2. Apparently calling the house phone slightly in advance, which is right by the front door, is daft when I can just use the dootbell.#DadLogic

  3. I am going to break out Line Rider at lunch time. I haven't played that game in about 6 years. 6th form memories.

  4. *More complaining about being ill*

  5. Literally on the limit of whether I should go to work or not #illness. At least if I go in, other people will catch it. Sharing is caring.

  6. 2 hours of my life I am not getting back. http://t.co/kuSlzr9G24

  7. I've convinced myself that because I've used 3 different types of cheese that I'm now a gourmet chef #cheeseontoast

  8. New work shirts! Today is like Christmas, except much better #sarcasm http://t.co/lRQyrpEJn8

  9. Somehow got home safe

  10. Now I can go to bed!

  11. Shaved my facial hair into a 'chinstrap'. How long before my dad complains?

  12. Laptop in the garden is never as great an idea as it first seems. Can't see a :censored:ing thing on the screen.

  13. Hottest day of the year... ill.

  14. Accidental nap. Now I feel worse

  15. throat: in agony

  16. Highlight of my June so far, witnessing a 46-ish year old man with his windows down blasting out Unsustainable by Muse.

  17. Re: last tweet. You can donate £1 by texting "MSTU69 £1" to 70070. Comes out of your credit/phone bill. It all adds up and would mean a lot!

  18. "Stu, got an easy job for you." "Ok." "Get a quote for this part which was designed in 1959 and so all the specs are now redundant." #hats

  19. My covers are definitely the wrong TOG rating

  20. Oh Andros Townsend, he bets when he wants #COYS

  21. Pls do me a favour! I am doing the Wirral Bikeathon. Text 'MSTU69 £1' to 70070 to donate £1 to leukaemia charity - adds onto your phone bill

  22. Thankfully, John in work goes to KFC twice a week, meaning we have accrued enough 'freshen up' wipes to fix the spillage I have just made.

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