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  1. Gob :censored:e RT @luis16suarez Hello everyone, I wanted to share this statement with all of you. Thanks for your support http://t.co/Q5A78LFQNA

  2. Banter cat George imitates Slazenger logo. Scratches T-shirt. Dad won't be pleased http://t.co/lk4D6QkISM

  3. Hey @AssouEkotto you spelt Tottenham wrong in your bio #COYS #LOL http://t.co/yH1iHxE1t3

  4. Dunno what I am more annoyed with last retweet. The farcical amount spent on that witch's funeral or spelling out a piece of punctuation.

  5. Another unnecessary update to the facebook app on my phone. Change is not good.

  6. You can dramatically reduce the file size of your templates by organising the layers better and using layer masks - which if you are unfamiliar with I suggest learning about. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube. Also, think about how many layers are duplicated which could simply be used once. Try grouping the texture (or jersey mesh outline shapes?) layers into one group so you can choose which one to make visible. Then you only require one group for the colour layers, not one for every different type of jersey design. These are great templates but you could easily reduce the file size and also how easy they are to use just by doing a few minor things differently.
  7. I would win on Pointless if I went on it on my own.

  8. I need to stop writing "Issued from Stoke" instead of "Issued from Stock" on official documents.

  9. It is one of those days where 45-30 has to be done on a calculator. Not fully with it in the brain department today.

  10. That last, extra sugary swirly swig at the end of a cup of tea is what I live for.

  11. Well, that's the last time I say anything bad about certain NFL teams on the internet haha. A few randomers taking the comments to heart.

  12. My reaction when the contents of the vending machine in work have been completely swapped for :censored:ter things... http://t.co/xAydtKoRwM

  13. .@stephyau you are nasty to me. http://t.co/whds9ChAdQ

  14. Thank :censored: we survived those last few minutes when Lescott was sent up front.

  15. The Playstation Store layout looks like it was created by someone with learning difficulties.

  16. Look who I found sitting on the chair he is banned from looking all guilty. http://t.co/aYqR1oM9Tu

  17. My baseball game on PS3 has frozen and I am too hungover to know how to react.

  18. I don't half feel gay eating this http://t.co/TAPbKPk9hG

  19. I wish Neil Finn and Damon Hill were best friends. That is my utopian dream.

  20. If there are no more Branston Pickle flavour Mini Cheddars left in the vending machine today then someone is getting vertical suplexed .

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