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  1. The issue is also that Nike has messed around with colour choices and the contracting socks mean that some kits have 4 colours when you take into account the pinstriping on the sleeves when viewed from a distance. For me, this takes away from the positives of the template. As bad as the T90 templates are for being paint by numbers, at least they used the correct colours on each part of the kit. I would hate for Soccer to continue down this road and become like College Football where it is difficult to instantly recognise which teams are playing just from the uniforms/kits.
  2. 2/10 is based on the socks being completely wrong. Without that it would probably be a 5/10 from me. The light blue sleeves are unwarranted and I'm also not a fan of white shorts for England at all. If there were navy blue shorts, replace the royal blue with navy and further use of the light blue on other elements (trim only) then it could easily be a 7 or 8/10. Like I said earlier, the template itself isn't bad. The colours chosen are just wrong and no team is unique. The thing with going funky on the socks is that I'm going to have to watch them wearing them in games. At a major tournament. Against other teams also wearing silly socks. It's not just FKWs where they will be seen.
  3. One is not amused. Same issues here as with most of the other Nike kits. It's a decent/clean template that will unfortunately be associated with the fact that every other team is a paint by numbers attempt on the same one. The socks are wrong for both kits, I actually don't think I would mind too much if they were switched. I do wish the home would be White-Navy-White and the away Red-White-Red though. 2/10. Poor effort.
  4. All of the logos on the front of the shirt seem too high.
  5. Huge upgrade. Renault have a history of using yellow in the first turbocharged era of the 70s and 80s, so it is good to see them pay homage to that. There was also too much black being used on the grid. I'm interested to see what it looks like under the lights of the night races. They have said they have used a metallic paint especially to look good in those conditions.
  6. To be fair, they don't look as bad as I thought they would. They've also paired the shirts with the correct colour shorts and socks, so Kudos to Nike for getting 1 team out of 6 correct.
  7. I wouldn't say this is quite true. However, when you remember that a lot of these teams will be playing each other, it diminishes the quality of the viewing experience when watching the matches for sure. Especially considering it is a major tournament. I do agree with the opinion that the France away kit is the best of the bunch though.
  8. Well it won't start until the end of next season, so Nike will have a whole new template by then. It also coincides with the new stadium opening and the stadium naming rights are still up for grabs. How about Nike Hart Lane?
  9. I think the unfortunate thing is that although we all feel strongly about it, the majority of fans will buy a replica shirt regardless of whether it is created from an overused template or not because they either just don't notice or they just want to support their club and that is a higher priority to them than it is to us logo and uniform folk on the boards. If it was the other way around and fans starting boycotting buying the templated shirts then we would probably see a change in approach from Nike (and others). But for now, there is no real reason for them to.
  10. I don't really agree that because somebody else is doing a bad job that it justifies doing a bad job yourself.
  11. So the newly proposed qualifying format mentioned above by rvrdgsfn has been confirmed: http://www.fia.com/news/updated-2016-f1-sporting-regulations
  12. Under Armour have been linked with other English and European teams. Villa was one but I don't think anything actually came from it. Anyway, I don't think they are looking to move away from soccer specifically. If they lose out on the next deal with Spurs it will be because somebody else is willing to pay more and for no other reason. This story all originally started from an article in the Daily Mail. A paper not exactly known for the best quality journalism. Regardless, Nike only have 1 contract in the league right now so it wouldn't be a huge shock if they were to become the new kit suppliers for Tottenham. Personally I think it will be a downgrade on the design front if it were to happen. Spurs have been the marquee club for Under Armour which has meant unique designs and a big part in their marketing campaigns. UA have got it spot on more often than not.
  13. Phenomenal series. PSV Köln is possibly my favourite but I love how all teams have an authentic German feel to them. From crest design, to colour schemes and shirt sponsor choices. I agree with the Bayern Nurnberg thing. I also find it a little strange that Daimler sponsor a team with a Porsche inspired crest. Possible a confict of interests? They are the only things I see as 'wrong'. Most of what you have created is fantastic and I really see this thread as a benchmark for anybody else trying to create their own soccer series. Are you planning to create other leagues in the future?
  14. Having that orange and purple Dutch mockup posted next to the Betis green and pink shouldn't be allowed. Maybe the orange and purple is to honour the cultivation of carrots in the Netherlands in medieval times that forever changed their colour from purple to orange? (This is all that google returned. Probably proves how much this colour combination shouldn't be used)
  15. USA - a camel is a horse designed by committee. I think that for the most part people can agree that the new logo is an upgrade (although also a missed opportunity). The new kit doesn't seem to match the new logo at all and looks like it was designed entirely independently from it. Surely the new home kit has to be better than this? Man United - it matches other leaks I have seen. I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything for definite but the signs of a 'good' leak are there and it's not too early to be seeing this kind of thing. I agree about the sponsor logo. Just about any other style would be better eg wordmark only, + only or just have it all in white. Other than that the shirt is pretty inoffensive and if anything unremarkable.
  16. I don't see what's wrong with the current format? It throws up enough surprises and is exciting enough for me as it is. It seems like they're trying to manufacture situations where cars qualify out of order to make the races more exciting. It would make more sense to bring greater financial parity to the grid from competition earnings and rights deals as well as taking measures like simpler technical regulations to stop pay-drivers being needed for the smaller teams. Probably never going to happen while Bernie is still around.
  17. So what do we know so far from F1 preseason testing? Mostly my opinions with the odd fact thrown in. Feel free to discuss/disagree: Mercedes - as expected, a number of "mini revolutions" have been made to the 2015 car to turn it into the 2016 car as opposed to a significant redesign. A few areas of note are the air intake above the drivers head which is a fairly unique design and also a set of protruding teeth beneath the sidepod intake. Hamilton and Rosberg have put a ridiculous number of laps in between them and Hamilton was particularly keen to focus on his start procedure. Expecting business as usual from Merc. Ferrari - a much smoother offseason behind the scenes than 2015 has led to them topping the leaderboard for the second day running. Obviously, you can't read too much into times at this point but it seems clear that 2016 Ferrari will be much more of a threat to Mercedes than last year. They have gone back to the push-rod suspension this year and Vettel has said that the front end feels a lot better because of it. McLaren - Button seems happier with the car. So much so that he stayed out for a few extra laps on the first day of testing. Early GPS (no speed traps in use) readings have shown the car to be marginally quicker. Alonso managed to get over 100 laps in today. It's looking like a more reliable and quicker car already and there are plans to add upgrade packages at the next test. Haas - a good introduction to F1... minus the front wing falling off. There still isn't a permanent fix for this but they could have had much bigger issues than that. I'm not expecting too much from them in 2016 but there's no doubt that with the resources behind them and the support of Ferrari they won't be seen as one of the smaller teams. Manor - Two new inexperienced drivers, a host of new experienced engineers and a new racing livery. They've had a good 2 days by their standards but I fully expect them to still be fighting it out at the back with Sauber. Sauber - Running last year's car. More to the benefit of their drivers than the team itself. A cash strapped team I expect to really struggle in 2016. Renault - A late purchase of the Lotus team and switch of engine supplier will likely show in 2016 for Renault. Their car will effectively be a rebadged version of the 2015 chassis until some upgrade packages can be installed later in the season. There's a good chance that Renault will keep Manor and Sauber company at the back of the grid this year. Force India - Another team to eclipse 100 laps in a single day. More than likely not going to be challenging for top spot in 2016 but there's a chance of challenging Williams and Red Bull on a few occasions. Williams - Seems like business as usual. They have racked up a decent number of laps with Bottas but have not troubled the top of the timesheets. However, Williams are known to run fuel heavy in practise sessions for as long as I have been watching the sport (which I have just realised is over 20 years). Other than that there isn't much to say. I expect them to be within touching distance of Ferrari and Mercedes but not a genuine threat. Red Bull - The team seems to have fixed some of the issues they had last year getting the chassis and engine to work together nicely. A lot of their systems were compromised because of this as well as the reliability. I imagine they will be better than last year but the Tag Heuer (Renault) engine will still mean they are not quick enough to challenge the cars at the very front. Toro Rosso - The late deal to secure the Ferrari engines for 2016 has apparently compromised development at Toro Rosso - and that comes from Carlos Sainz. I still expect them to outperform Red Bull on several occasions and with two young confident drivers onboard STR should be in the points more often than not. They have the same split airbox as Mercedes. Not sure what effect that will have though.
  18. It seems like most clubs wearing Puma teamwear will be using something based around this template for the 16-17 season. My local team Tranmere gave supporters club members the choice to vote between 4 different designs for next seasons home kit - all variations on this exact template.
  19. Lion semi-passant guardant with ball > lion looking off at weird 45 degree angle. I'm hoping this logo change doesn't mean a change to the shirt name and number font too. Although I suspect it probably will.
  20. For me I had to disable it using the advanced settings in chrome. I had a similar problem with Facebook notifications popping up. Not sure if this is the same issue as you but this is where I fixed it: Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Notifications > Manage Exceptions > Then choose the Block dropdown for the site you want to block.
  21. I agree with this. I think it's an improvement on the old layout. I would prefer it if the member's rep points was replaced with the join date though. I quite often use a combination of the join date and post count to weigh up whether or not somebody is a quality poster worth taking the time to read or just someone who comments because they can. I also think having the rep points score as visible as it is now may affect the way people post as they try to score points rather than add value to the discussion. I don't know whether this is possible or if it is already being looked into. Just a suggestion.
  22. Count me in as one who doesn't like red for Chelsea. Blue and some white is Chelsea. I actually quite liked it when they had touches of yellow on their kits (late 90s) but I can't see that returning. I guess it all depends what era you started watching and therefore what era you most associate with?
  23. A mod will move it there if they see fit and feel that nothing more needs adding to the discussion. It is definitely unofficial and nominating a thread to go to the goldmine is usually frowned upon by other members. Mainly because it encourages "INB4 GOLDMINE!!!1!" comments in every semi-decent thread. Put simply: if a thread is good enough to be goldmined, it will be goldmined.
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