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  1. Are you able to just change the page number in the address bar at the top? For example if you wanted to jump from your post to page 32: boards.sportslogos.net/topic/102156-questions-not-covered-in-the-faq-thread/page-59#entry2502804 becomes boards.sportslogos.net/topic/102156-questions-not-covered-in-the-faq-thread/page-32 It works for me using Chrome on Android.
  2. Is this English for "the stadium will revitalize downtown and spur development"? I need a translator, but this sounded like B.S. I like how they used the word "scheme," though. You'd never see that in America. The Club and council are looking to really get a grip with the area apart from the Stadium the plans include. To add to what IanC has rightly said the whole Northumberland Development Project is well under way. This can be seen on a recent aerial photo below: The current stadium is top right. The foundation work on the new stadium can be seen central and the building on the left is a finished building which is part of the project. As well as new housing and jobs there will also be a new primary (elementary) school, technical college (16-18 years old), Sainsbury's supermarket (now open) and just general redevelopment of historic buildings along the main road in an area that has been neglected. TL;DR: It's not just BS. The community will benefit from this project.
  3. Maybe it's just me but something about the way the socks are presented seems a little odd that they are on their side. I think they are probably also a little small compared to the shirt and shortstoo. Just my thoughts. Looks like a cracking template otherwise.
  4. First, learn how the multiply blend mode works. You will see why I am suggesting what I say below. There are many articles and youtube tutorials as this is a very commonly used layer mode. Read/watch enough of them until you understand. It sounds like you have your layers set up the wrong way round. The template design should be at the top in multiply mode. All of the logos, stripes and other design features should be below in normal mode. EDIT: The above only really applies to a flat template. If you are using a photorealistic template, you could put all of your stripes, logos etc into a folder and set the folder to multiply with all of the layers inside the folder set to normal.
  5. They appear to still be on his deviantart http://rezland.deviantart.com/gallery/
  6. Or use the search tool. Or create their own templates.
  7. What about the people who discovered this site because of the concepts section - for example me. Putting these suggested measures in won't stop plagiarism but it will stop bringing people to the site who may take great enjoyment in seeing some great concepts. If people don't want their work stolen, then they should watermark it properly. IMO, responsibility shouldn't be with the people running this site but the concept creators themselves. Perhaps a section about watermarking could be added to the new users guide? If it isn't already there.
  8. Not that I can immediately see but surely using the default search criteria to search a specific sub-forum, author, tags and dates should be more than enough, right?
  9. Click on the user you want to find concepts for. Click on Find Content. Change from searching only posts to only topics. VoilĂ .
  10. http://marble21.deviantart.com/art/Riddell-Revo-Speed-Template-PSD-345733162 Once again, I just converted the helmet to .psd Credit for the template goes to Julius Seizure.
  11. This particular kit above is perfection. I don't really have anything to say about the other concepts as there isn't much room for improvement. Maybe the Toronto away shirt needs the "Kochak" logo in a more visible colour. Other than that, everything is good.
  12. Ye, I tend to play about with the values again quite a bit once I am done. My latest template was a soccer template for the ESCC contest on here hosted by Raysox. I used a jersey, shorts and socks from completely separate images which were all different colours originally. I waited until I had finished my first concept on the template before trying to match the black/grey/white layers for each element to each other and this seemed to help a lot. I highly recommend this method. It may take a while to get used to but in the long run it will save you a ton of time. Especially when compared to using the hue/saturation slider method to achieve the same result.
  13. What I do to create the master black, master grey and master white layers is use the channel mixer method detailed in the below tutorial. You can then use Darth_Brooks methods to set them as screen, multiply and overlay. As your chosen image has 3 different colours on the shirt, you will have to do this separately for each colour segment and this may prove difficult to match up exactly.
  14. thanks you. great job!!! I just converted BrandMooreArt's .svg template into .psd. The real credit goes to him!
  15. There was a game this year when all 11 starting players for Tottenham wore that highlighter green/yellow shade of boots. Can't remember which match, but it was one where Dawson wasn't playing as he wears white Under Armour boots usually. Either way, it is a trend I will be happy to see the back of.
  16. Correct. If I was made dicator put in charge of FIFA I would only allow players the choice between these three sets of boots: Which seems to be an unpopular opinion now as every match I see in this country, from Premier League, to Sunday League to kids matches at least one player is wearing a pair of these:
  17. Has been down for me since the update which messed up the quoting.
  18. Evil Knievel at the old Wembley Stadium in 1975. Not the best landing ever (around 9:30 in the video)
  19. Arsenal's (boo) old ground Highbury did something similar: Some of the stands were listed buildings and so could not be demolished fully. The outside of the Main Stand remains pretty similar to how it looked when being used.
  20. I only converted the template from .svg to .psd format so did not include any proper striping or helmet pattern layers. My best suggestion would be to scroll through the concepts forum for NFL redesigns to see if anybody has done either of those teams on that template and contact them through PM to ask if they would share what they did. Long winded approach but not much else I can suggest there. Failing that, find those striping patterns on regular helmets and adjust to fit the revo speed using layer masks. Any issues send me a PM, I don't currently have the time to do this myself though.
  21. I found it funny when that Danish artist drew that controversial Mohammed cartoon, that the people burning Danish flags in protest had actually ordered Swiss flags from the internet (similar design but not the same) and a Swiss supplier made a nice bit of money off of the whole thing.
  22. Regardless of intended use, by purchasing a counterfeit rather than the through proper means, you are in effect taking money away from the people who 'deserve' it. Of course, this may be the intention.
  23. It's the number of likes your posts have gotten- 7people have liked your posts.
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