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  1. Because Bob Nutting needs to get as much money as possible without spending it on making the team better.
  2. Per a report, Pirates are getting new roads and new black uniforms. They'll have the late 80s thru mid 90s script on them.
  3. Yeah I agree with others that the Nashville logo just isn't working. Also, I think it's overkill if you have the 6 string striping on the numbers if they're already on the sleeves. One more thing, I think it would balance out the jerseys better if the collars were full navy blue.
  4. Man, those are some nice baseball socks.
  5. The only other stadium big enough in Central Florida would be UCF's. It holds around 40,000. Also, the Panthers uniform desperately needs some blue. It looks way too much like a faux back for the Coyotes at first glance.
  6. So they make logos for each division the past few years, but don't bother to make the jerseys the colors in said logos like they did from 2016-18? These could be good if they weren't bland as hell.
  7. F*** Blake James. He is responsible for this mess at Miami and it will continue to be this way until his clown ass is fired. Probably won't happen though because the administration doesn't give a rat's ass about football anymore.
  8. Great job on the Rangers. Giving the wordmark a single outline gives it a much more professional look. That Mariners jersey is amazing though. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  9. Excellent series so far. Preds look nice, but I agree with B-mer that the logo should face to the right. Also, I think the logo could use some more white in it, as it gets lost on the jersey a bit.
  10. If there's one team that would look great with powder blue incorporated that never wore it, it would be the Rockies. Would look great with their purple and black.
  11. If you can cyberbully a movie studio into redesigning Sonic, you can definitely do it to a soccer club.
  12. Ya I really dont mind most of those Adidas jerseys. I'm especially a big fan of the sleeve cuff striping. That's something you don't see much in soccer these days.
  13. Why do you guys thinks there's any white on that Hawks jersey? Clearly it's grey. Oh ya and what BraveBird said, no one here calls the city Peachtree.
  14. Love the Celtic knotting around the collar and cuffs. That's a really nice jersey.
  15. - 2012 AFC Wild Card (aka the Tim Tebow OT Game) - Getting swept by the Bruins in the 2013 ECF - Jake Arrieta shutting the Pirates down in the 2015 NL Wild Card - The day Hines Ward retired - Losing the 2017 Orange Bowl against Wisconsin
  16. The contrast stitching on Vandy's jerseys and pants just make it that much worse too.
  17. UNLV-Vanderbilt might be the worst looking game of the year.
  18. Love that new Brooklyn statement uni. Like others said though, the only thing hurting the look is the number font. Make it similar to the wordmark and outline it in black and you have a winner.
  19. Miami has new white uniforms. Probably going to have a new set based on this design. Personally, I don't think they're bad, but last year's set with the split orange and green look was awesome.
  20. I was literally about to nominate this game for best matchup of the week. Right now I'd give it a tie with Pitt-Penn State too.
  21. While I love this throwback look, I think South Carolina already has a really good set of uniforms that don't need much changing other than switching to the same font as the throwback.
  22. Northwestern @ Stanford is an amazing looking game. Easily top 5 matchup of the weekend. Seems like there aren't a lot of over the top combos today.
  23. While I agree with your statement, these jerseys still evoke the idea MLB was going for the last 2 seasons with the bright colors and all. At least they have some life to them y'know?
  24. They should've used "Steel City" if they weren't going to put Pirates or Pittsburgh on the jersey. Still better than the Players' Weekend uniforms though.