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  1. These are screenshots from NBA Final from 1970-2017, in 5 year increments, at least thru 2000. Notice how sparse the graphics are in the early ABC years, and they only flashed the score periodically.






    1975. The CBS broadcasts likewise were generic and only flashed the score after baskets, though more frequently than ABC.



    1980. Notice the CBS logo is absent..which would be heresy today.



    1985: The graphics are much bolder, with strong drop shadow. Still crude by today's standards, especially the cheesy scoreboard clock inset



    1990. The bold graphics are a little less crude.



    1995. When NBC took over they moved the graphics into the modern age. 



    2000. This incarnation was the best, IMO. They did a great job of flashing the graphics after baskets and periodically during game, and eliminated useless screen clutter by abandoning the bar. Numbers could have been a little larger, however.



    2003. Beginning of the ABC years, part 2. This was the first year that the score graphic stayed on the screen during the whole game, not just after baskets....for better or worse. In fact, we get two ABC logos for the price of one. 



    2010. The bottom bar returned for the ABC/ESPN Finals coverage. I'm surprised Disney didn't stick their logo up in the corner 



    2013. These were the first NBA Finals games not to appear on one of the major broadcast networks (though ABC was still a partner w/ ESPN). Bottom graphics bar remains



    2017. The ABC/ESPN formula continues with the score bar thinner, but expanded across the screen


  2. I'm part Irish and could choose to find drunken Irishmen jokes offensive. I laugh instead...because, hey, they're funny. Italians could choose to boycott Subway for the stereotypical Italian behavior in the new Subway Italian subs ads. But they don't, because they've got better use of their time. Some people just shouldn't bother getting out of bed in the morning...you know, to avoid being offended. 


    The Braves and Indians name are going nowhere (though Wahoo will probably be retired). The Redskins name shouldn't go anywhere either, because 80% of their fans (outside the media) would be pissed. Unfortunately that will probably happen due to pressure from media and league weasels. Though the secondary and black market on Redskins apparel will go through the roof.

  3. On 4/22/2017 at 9:03 PM, sc49erfan15 said:

    Spent $85 on jerseys today. At Goodwill.


    Netted 17 mid 90s-early 00s soccer jerseys and a pair of authentic Champion mid-90s Phoenix Suns shorts.


    Pics to come!

    17 jerseys in one day?? Nice. I don't think I've seen 17 authentic jerseys in the last 10 years of Goodwill hunting in numerous cities on the US east coast. Even vintage tees are rare nowadays. My Goodwill experience usually involves sorting through family reunion shirts and crappy, dime a dozen Gildan tees. 

  4. Good news: I picked up a Devils 2012 Final Kovalchuk Chandail "authentic" jersey at a Jersey City Goodwill for under $10.

    Bad news: It's a knockoff. I figured as much, though in the store it didn't seem so obvious. Still it looks OK hanging in a dark corner of a sports room where the poor stitching isn't too evident. Though if I could go back I likely would have left it on the rack.



  5. On 10/1/2016 at 10:32 PM, tohasbo said:

    Scored the RGIII Redskins authentic throwback for a sweet $10 at TJ Maxx the other day. 


    Looked like they had about 25-30 when I was there.

     You're lucky. The last jersey I ever saw at my local TJ Maxx was a Clippers' Blake Griffin "previous season" jersey...OVER A YEAR AGO. All they seem to carry now are low quality sweatshop tees and factory reject polos. You can find decent hats on occasion.

  6. At a NYC area Domsey warehouse I picked up a cool 80's Marist hockey t-shirt. I also picked up the A1D3N promo "Nike" hat because it was only $2 and I liked the style..I assumed it was a promo for a shoe release. I was unable to Google up anything on this hat or what happened on 11-13-14. It was made by Yapoong, not Nike, despite the Nike swoosh. Inner tag says "The Classic" by Yapoong. My questions are...what does this hat commemorate, and is it a bootleg? I doubt Nike allows their logo on non Nike tagged products. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    CC 1.jpg



  7. The Southern Bell demise was gradual. The beginning of the end began as "Southern Bell...a Bellsouth company" on their literature and products. Then the inevitable dropping of SB altogether and the complete switch to BellSouth for several years. Until they were eventually merged into AT&T.




  8. Never liked the New York Ranges diagonal wording or their primary logo, they should have adopted Lady Liberty as thier primary logo and maybe keep the old blue diagonal "Rangers" jersey as a 3rd.


    Subsitute the "NYR" for the historical "Rangers" wording within the Lady Liberty logo and it would be better.


    If you asked the majority of fans at a Ranger game which "home" uniform they would prefer....I'm pretty sure this one would win hands down........


    This is not only classic, it is their true historical home uniform. The dark as home (a la the NFL), has run it's tired course. Bring back the home whites. In the Rangers case, the diagonal letters. Ranger fans are hardcore and traditional, and the Lady Liberty jersey will never be the primary. Though Rangers text does look better than the horrible NYR.

  9. I'd have a little more sympathy for Nike, M&N etc. regarding the knockoffs if their pricey jerseys were produced in the US. But when you employ cheap overseas labor, and you're still marking up your product 1000%, I have no problem with knockoffs. Move the manufacturing back over here, then I will have a problem with it.

    The consumer electronics industry long ago moved production overseas, but at least it has the benefit of keeping items priced relatively cheap (in the 80's, a 25" color TV was $500...probably $1200 in today's dollars). The day I buy a $250 jersey made in China is the day I get taken away in a straight jacket to a rubber room.

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