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  1. i only surmise how many hours of work that poster has cost. i saw a small piece of it in the tutorials, even that was great. i seriously hope you will promote that poster for the world cup. i like it very much. only note i have is that the left rugby ball needs a bit more refinement to look more real.
  2. The idea is great. I'd vote for the secondary logo as the primary. The play card looks awesome to me! The blade of the stick still seems not so hockey like, more like an axe. Try to make the blade longer, like in the 2ndary.
  3. I like the latest version of your bucks logo best. great improvement of the script positioning. Just 1 comment. I'd change the colors of the moon like that: white part -> in a darker red; and the gray part -> white. If you ask me, that would insert the moon better in the dark heaven.
  4. thanks guys, I got rid of the other fonts, just used the current type font, which I think looks good enough to keep. Also changed the shoulder logo and switched the secondary with the main logo. To place the logo on a jersey is a good idea. I'll work on that. any more suggestions?
  5. First of all, I like how the current Maple Leafs Logo looks like. But I tried to make a renewal. Here is a 3 Logo Set.
  6. torsten

    My NHL Redesign

    Sorry, I'm a new member and just found the topic. It just would be interesting to see the old concepts. I don't understand why old pictures linked external will be deleted? There is no data space used.
  7. torsten

    My NHL Redesign

    Is it possible to watch the pictures of the logos somewhere? The image link does not work anymore...
  8. Now that is what I call the final version. I know some people could do that much better, so I will be happy to see different logo concepts. There are always people who like or dislike what you do. Though good critics are helpful in the process of advancement in creating sports logos. Learning by doing...
  9. Just watched this topic and was amazed by this logo. It's simply great and the best of your series.
  10. Hey cool Holmes! The one-armed Zeus. Yes that's the source, on google the picture is very in front, but it's the pretty only good one as a template. But I'm working to make him both arms.
  11. I made some changes to the blade, it really did not look well. The stick is square-shaped though. you can guess it by the 2 colors making an edge. it was fun doing this logo. thanks for all the help!
  12. seancarter, it's okay for me you think it's worse, but you could have give an explanation why... i tried to change the color scheme, but it did not work well with yellow, orange or different colors. only exception were light colors. a color that is close to a bolt is white or light blue. i also completely changed the visual - it's more dynamic and modern I think. changed also the position of the arm, mouth, eyes/eyebrows. it's been a long process, maybe is still not finished. thanks though for all advices.
  13. alright. with many thankful advices to make it look better, I had a lot of work. especially doing the highlight / shadow parts. completely new area for me. still I'm not happy with the face and soon I have to take a break. this is what I changed in comparison to the 3rd version: laurel, highlights, shadow, body, face dark side, arm your opinion please. thanks!
  14. thanks again for your comments. looking on the shadow you are definitely right! i also changed the direction of the blade. making the hair white doesn't look well for me, because then darkness is gone. If I shorten the size of the stick, doesn't look well either. But thanks again for all your advices. here's another update of the logo. BTW, I like the version of KPBL, but more I like the TBL redesign of GhettoFarmBoy. Don't know if you know it. My logo really seems like an 80s style. I'm not a Pro, guess it gets better with time to time and illustrating more logos. Have a look again:
  15. thanks to all for your comments and advices! here's the update of the logo. what do you think now?