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  1. Don't ask me why, but I like it. I like it a lot. kind of reminds me of these... I like them too, I think. they seem like ok. Nothing too bad about them. There is a bit of uniqueness in them.
  2. Michigan using Royal Blue?I'm going out on a limb here, but to me, maybe, it looks like a neon blue? Maybe UA trying to sell Mich a wild color a la Oregon:Volt :: Michigan:Battery Acid Blue obviously a little crazy, but just a thought.
  3. I love the cream, it looks great with the Red and Blue, matches the limestone. Dig it. If it becomes the standard though im going to have issue with the Script. It's nice for a throwback, but isn't great. My only dream for this is the white crested hats to become the everyday, and the gold to be metallic. Like the cream, i think you could match it to the limestone that is all over target field. Also, I always felt the pinstripes were other teams looks. I liked the set the Twins had, but I wasnt too attached. So lets do this. MIX IT UP!
  4. This was another nice uni matchip for both teams. I like CO's black helmets and USC helmets were a nice subtle change.
  5. Illinois is releasing their alts. Grey (surprise) inspired by Red Grange.
  6. Illinois finally breaking out something blue...
  7. Illinois FINALLY wearing the orange helmets...
  8. This design is disorienting just looking at it on my computer; I can only imagine how it'll make me feel seeing it in motion this season I think that's the point, TBH. I was the photographer of these shots, and IMO it is pretty cool to see them in motion. Im excited to see them in person, full team, game atmosphere.
  9. Hundreds of fans in attendance lucky enough to see it in person.
  10. I make these really cool graphics each week to reveal our uni combo. I really like this one, its a little rough when the opposing team wears a lot of white though (like last week), but to me one of our sharpest combos... Next week at Washington, so we'll get to see an away combo.
  11. Good call, these are great and probably don't get the love that they deserve These remind me of another all-time fav... Granted it doesnt extend much past the helmet, but I wish they could incorporate it into their full time look. I love it...
  12. The thing I have against KState's, is nothing matches. Helmet purple to jersey purple. And the biggest is the shoulder stripe. It's so unique to KState, but you only see it on the shoulder. Why not have it on the pants/helmet? Applies to Auburn too. Why not put your Northwestern stripe on the pants and make everything match. It's the only way to make them better than they are.
  13. Non-biased, and when worn correctly I love Ohio's... UCLA Stripes, simple but bold with a color palate that is nice and classic. And im a sucker for their helmet logo, and even that matches the set. I love Matte Green too for their helmets, if only they had matched the stripes correctly.
  14. If the logo was blue with a blue chrome facemask then it would look 1000x better At first glance, Im kind of a fan? We'll see what its like on field, but for today's designs, this is one of the better ones...
  15. But even the Lobardi had the physical ball on top, and you could grip it. This one looks like its going to slide out of someones hands. Plus, say you win 4 or 5 of 'ships, these lined up will look dainty IMO. Also, its becoming weirder and weirder to me to have all these trophies. These on top of bowl game trophys, just seems like excess...