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  1. Sorry to critique your shop, but I would have gone Northwestern stripes on the pants. Bravo beat me to it.
  2. This has showed me how awful both those previous sets were I changed the photo so there is a more comparable view. And yes... 2013 is still a vast improvement, lol. proof you can do it right!
  3. The pant striping has been corrected this year.Indeed... Nice
  4. ...I know right... And one day working at the Sabres Store, I noticed all our Vanek shirts that recently came in all had slug numbers on them. People still bought them. Something more related to the Sabres logo. I can't stand the outlines on the buffalo, the sabres, and the motion lines, and all over the bounding circle. Unnecessary, and muddies up a great logo. it should be a total throw back to this.
  5. OH MAN, Hell yeah! This drives me nuts! And it's a freaking epidemic!
  6. THIS!!! Why not just connect them!? It's fixed now, but for a while! It drove me crazy...
  7. These are really nice, restating, I like how you are really designing them. I will say, for the sake of longevity. Maryland and Rutgers are in the Big Ten now.
  8. My two favorite... I'm using this pic as a way to convince my friend to join the blade, and bleed blue..
  9. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! A thing of beauty.
  10. Can anyone confirm that this isn't a china knockoff? I can't tell from any reference pic I've found...
  11. HOLY CRAP! They are HUGE! Does it still classify as a ring if they weigh 4 lbs, have more diamonds than Africa, and cover your whole finger. I now understand why they always sell them...
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