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  1. Love this series! Please do some Mexico City expansion!
  2. This is a great concept, congrats. I'd love to see a Mexico City rivalry logo like the first two ones, NY and Tokyo. México City had a great rivalry between Tigres Capitalinos and Diablos Rojos, so a themed logo would be great haha. But overall, it is an awesome thread. Great logos, great unis.
  3. Pauli! YES! The third uniform is awesome
  4. This is the best series i've EVER SEEN, pure gold. As a mexican, i can't wait for Mexico City and Monterrey teams!
  5. Blue jerseys and white cap, yes please!
  6. Mmmm the helmet...the official national emblem can't be used in non-official events. Football team used this helmet in Austria 2011 world cup, something like that would look nice
  7. Hey man, sorry for your loss. I'm new here, watching all your's a beauty. Hope you can do a modern version of this one: (the M one) It's from my mexican baseball team, Tigres de Quintana Roo.