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  1. Hey does anyone know when the full set of jerseys go on sale on Nike.com? I know they're on the team website but I'm trying to get it through nike
  2. These sets are well done! Everything comebinded looks great imo. Only tweak I would say the helmet and pant stripes are a bit too thick
  3. I can't buy that the lions would add white pants. Doesn't make sense
  4. I messed with the image in photoshop and it looks like lions on the both sleeves
  5. I have no idea why but these unis have started to grow on me. Maybe it's the fact that I can't change them haha
  6. Yeah, I don't get how they leaked their own uniforms two times in a row. It's beyond me.
  7. I think the numbers are one solid color, no outline. Blue has grey numbers and white has blue numbers grey has white with blue outline
  8. I mean to that clarity? When I'm off work I'm going to try it haha also If these are real Idk why rod wood said the lions would have a different throwback then the previous ones
  9. I'm saying how does one take this photo and just turn up the saturation to reveal what's behind it
  10. Okay I wasn't researching and hope this is a fake leak cuz idk how someone could take the original and just turn up the saturation and get the image floating around
  11. Seems like teams need to remind everyone where they're from and their name
  12. Watch it end up saying Detroit on the left sleeve
  13. So disappointed in the lack of inovativness. Over sized stripe with word mark is horrible
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