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  1. I think we've learned from the AAF sexy coaching hires doesnt necesarily put fannies in the seats...(excepting Spurrier in Orlando)
  2. Oh boy I would bet the mortgage McMahon already feels redemption. Knowing now his original XFL isn’t the biggest flop in pro sports history any longer. XFL 2020 wouldn’t have to play a down as it stands now. He doesn’t have to prove anything. If I were him I would be satisfied with that fact alone and save the money. Because people are gonna trash the Xfl worse than they ever did the AAF solely based on wanting to see McMahon fail again.
  3. In my opinion..The best uniform of the AAF The rest are in order from best to worst
  4. Eagerly awaiting logos and uniforms. I’ll forgive them for a stupid nickname maybe 2 and an ugly identity or 2. However if the league is full of both then I’m not so sure I’ll follow it.
  5. How in the fresh springtime :censored: did the AAF lose 11.6 million a week after Dundon had made his investment!! 70 million over 6 weeks. Can anybody with a straight face tell me that’s how much it costs a week to run a football league. Something is skewed here for sure. That’s mind boggling
  6. I can only dream of how The league would’ve been run with that other guy. Erbesol, is a couple cans short of a 6pk. He didn’t really know what he was doing
  7. He posted same thing for Fleet Stallions game the day It was like 10 min before game time lol When obviously more people would arrive.
  8. I don’t follow the NFL anymore haven’t for years. So I wouldn’t know of the Chargers woes however that makes me happy to hear they aren’t doing well. It’s too bad rest of the NFL isn’t suffering the same fate.
  9. Attendance is everything...pays the bills,looks better on TV,adds legitimacy. Nobodys gonna want to watch a game with 2,000 people in the stands except the diehards. You put any NFL game in front of 2,000 people in the stands and no matter how exciting it may be it looks bush league. TV ratings have slid but seem to be no concern within the AAF. One would have to think this league can only live by atttendance, they have no TV sponsorship or at least the major players like say Beer companies Coke or Pepsi or other companies catering to males like shaving products or whatnot good hell even Viagra. I'm just a big believer in good attendance at games will breed TV numbers gradually, get people otherwise on the fence to maybe check it out....
  10. The Commanders are a sharp looking team. It’s an original for sure. Like it pays homage to Texas A&M Maroon and Texas Tech Red w/silver pants. If the NFL ever adds San Antonio they already have their uniforms and nickname. Perfectly fits the city and Texas as well.
  11. The grey jersey is boring they need a dark blue and white jersey.
  12. Poor attendance is what will bury the league. Not This Dundon BS of we need 3rd stringers from the NFL that’s just a lousy cover up pointing the finger at the NFL excuse for their failure. The average AAFer and a 3rd stringer in the NFL is prettty much interchangeable. If the AAF had 7 other San Antonio’s then the general public would be singing a different tune towards this league. They worked hard in San Antonio to pull fans in the other 7 cities didn’t do :censored:!! And now it’s come to this. Possible closing down of shop. Poor attendance could kill the AAF. It’s like this league said. “We just signed Trent Richardson,buy tickets” doesn’t work that way. (I borrowed the Richardson quote from someone else btw. But we get the idea here).
  13. Birmingham is one of the main football graveyard cities. More leagues been there than the amount of different underwear people wear a week. WFL AFA USFL WLAF CFL-USA XFL Arena2 and now AAF.