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  1. So in other words, we're getting AAF Ball.....
  2. LA needs light orange pants(facemask color?) at home, black pants on the road problem solved! I still want to see DC with white pants at home Honestly, the 'Necks need to stick to silver pants at home. As the game went on i was digging the blue less and less. too dark when your helmet is the lightest color(credit goes to fellow board member jn8 who mentioned this flaw first before me!) That kind of look only worked for the USFL Breakers
  3. They do have sharp uniforms. Simple effective. And Tampa looks much better w green pants on the road. Save the white pants for home and they look less like Oregon
  4. 12181: LA Attendance
  5. Tampa looks much better with green pants. Keep it permanent please and retire the white pants on the road. They should try them at home.
  6. 16342 attendance in DC
  7. 15950 in Dallas
  8. The league is looking into SMU’s stadium for next year. one would rather it be looking into San Antonio. Cowboys own the town. Amongst other big league teams. There’s too much in Dallas for the renegades to get noticed
  9. 19773 in Houston
  10. Great game in Houston! And if my eye test Doesn’t fail me attendance should be at least 20k.
  11. Ive noticed how the Battlehawks have worn different combos each game 1:BWS 2:BWB 3:BBS 4:BBB i'm not in love with what they wore week 4 but in my mind only all black works I would like to see: LA on the road:BWB LA at home:BBW TB on the road:GWG TB at home:GGW NY:BBS NY:BSB DC at home: RRW DC fullfilled wish week 4 with: RWR Seattle on the road: WWB Seattle at home: WBW Houston at home:SRB Houston on the road:SWS Dallas at home:Blue Black White Dallas on the road:Blue White Black(!!! that would be a huge improvement IMO)
  12. Demons and Outlaws would be worth reviving. The rest leave it back in 2001
  13. Houston 18.5K(i would expect better in Hou, but this is thinking the worst hoping the best...that goes for the following too) Dallas 12 K DC 12K LA 10K in and around 50K maybe slightly above, hopefully not below