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  1. PSFL and WLAF you could have a merger of both leagues....
  2. This whole thread is just wonderful. Some nice surprises most of these teams having radical transformations. Love the radical. Shifts of Hawaii Portland Detroit and Houston. They’re all good. Surprised you kept the Suns colors intact. Or at the very least BFBS
  3. That uniform was a perfect early 90s thing. I loved them too. Still do actually
  4. You made those 1985 Outlaws uniforms look awesome. Maybe a change of mind on their uniform is in order! . Maybe they just looked :censored:ty on TV, i dunno LOL... The Guns are pure eye candy with the funny logo making it all the more engaging... Wonderful series, I would second the WLAF request too. They had some stunners
  5. Yea those OK Outlaws uniform were nice, the first team in Professional ball to don all Black. Unless the CFL's Rough Riders did so but I believe they wore Black/Black/White at home most of the time. The '85 Outlaws shouldve eliminated Red altogether and kept it Copper,Black. It's similar to my dislike for the '85 Express, way too ,much RED! LOL
  6. And if we dont get the Slingers first, we can look forward to this one......
  7. The anorexic drunken cowboy! Yep i agree, about a 99.5% perfect uniform if not for the funny logo!
  8. Just for fun for now.....Look at that master[peice!
  9. Football and the NBA has dipped hard the last 20 years or so. Watching the Jordan doc and those uniforms were awesome(all the NBA teams BTW) Not much the hockey guy but they do have some good logos in the NHL i agree...... Come hither with the 'Slingers soon!
  10. Yeah the jaguar looks likes he’s got something lol I know. Who in the hell is are the artists for these so called nfl logo upgrades or even start up leagues like the AAF or XFL??? We’ve got guys in the very forum who can do a 1000x better job with coming up with uniforms logos etc etc. some of these guys need to be paid for their good work
  11. LOL!...They try so hard but FAIL! That half gold/half black helmet OUCH! belongs to the Arena Leagues They need to go back to their inagural season look and call it good forever.
  12. From this:which i thought was a great USFL uniform!! To these awful abortions...or are those practice unforms?? LOL Says it's vs Colts so asuming its a real game....IDK
  13. Jaguars Teal was the thing of the nineties they never really looked good maybe the first 2-3 yrs decent then they changed things for the worse every year it seemed ...these Bulls on the other hand...almost 35 years now(damn! im feeling old lol) after their last down, still timeless will forever be timeless!
  14. the Bucs switched to a Red Facemask at some point...i thought it looked alot better with the creamsicles gave it more heft if you will. The early years orange numbers outlined in red(road) were awful, it was too much orange on the uniforms in the early years. They switched to red numbers/orange outlining(road) at some point in the 70's whats worse....70's Bucs or WFL Suns? LOL Did the Csonka-Pisarchick Travesty have anything to do with Giants switching to new uniforms the following year?(thank god)
  15. Still the Bandits no matter what the BUCS wear