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  1. love the 85-89 Riders uniforms they borrowed from the USFL!
  2. Which will make it XFL.1 all over again....without some of the engaging personalities such as He Hate Me or Maddox or Jeff Brohm...
  3. So one guy pulls out and it’s the end of the league or it’s horrible news. It’s just one guy. But if we see a mass exodus of these type of better quality players fleeing then Vince may as well shut the whole thing down. I’ll be honest. I’m in disbelief of 27,000K to play a game that brutal on your body. Shame on you Vince!!
  4. Thoughts of WFL Wings dancing in my head....I'll take it if thats indeed the official tale...
  5. I dont get the love with this Perez guy at all...They (LA) need to go after Manziel or a guy with local ties(from USC or UCLA)
  6. Rumored to the whole shebang! I hope half the league is adventurous/half closer to traditional. Would give it a good balance imo.
  7. Why did they (Seahawks) change colors and uniforms so drastically in the first place?....they had perfection on day 1 in my not so humble opinion.
  8. I’m checking. Out the Edm-Ham game it’s on espn2. this is pretty good football I like the faster pace. Maybe 3 downs ain’t too bad after all. I wish the CFL was more accessible here in the states. Well whatever I can get I’ll take. I plan on checking out more in the future. And to be honest this isn’t a shootout or anything but I’m pretty impressed with the play. They got some good players up there. Are most of these players Former American college guys? Or is it a balance of both countries?
  9. Much better, not as garish. Both teams have terrible uniforms in these sad times of the NFL....
  10. I was gonna try to check out the game tonight. Then the Seahawks trotted out in those uniforms. This is a big reason why I think the NFL is a bad joke! F the NFL!!
  11. I like the colors and uniforms of Tampa Bay, but the nickname is kinda meh.....
  12. I’d say SJSU is still the worst team in the MWC and they went into SEC country and punched Arkansas in the mouth!
  13. The pac 12 is a :censored: storm this year. i Think WSU was the last hope and they lay an egg just like Utah