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  1. Who’s starting in TB? CornDog or A Murray?
  2. Ready to strike towards 0-4!
  3. week 4 LA beats the NY Gauardians...Whos starting in NY? St Louis decks Seattle. Are they opening up more seats in StL? Dallas hands Houston their first lost...This game better draw over 20K and if not there should be cries to relocate to San Antonio. Dallas is a Cowboys town forever and ever. DC will truck the TB Vipers. Cardale had a bad game last week but he rebounds in a big way! oh attendance will probably hover around 10,000 not a good look with awful uniforms(TB) and empty seats
  4. Lamdry Jones will pick it up too, he missed game 1. Hes done decently so far, if he continues in upward trajectory Dallas will win the title! I think theyll beat Houston this weekend
  5. Is this an LA Wildcats relocation to Philadelphia? cuz these are the very same colors or damn close too
  6. They are opening the upper deck in LA, so means the lower bowl is sold out?
  7. Tomarrows Dallas at LA game will be intresting based on attendance alone.....5K? 10K? 15K?
  8. Nice to see some asses in the. Seats.
  9. Attendance will be better than week 1 AAF We have these numbers to go against 27,857 20,191 17,039 11,751 And who knows how much thiose figures were 'padded' I was at the last game in person, there werent no 11,751 people for damn sure
  10. No man, the play in the XFL will easily surp[ass what we saw with the AAF. better QBs already on board and thats gonna be the key.
  11. You mad cause the AAF closed shop
  12. Did you miss the XFL commercial on FOX halftime of the Hawks-Pack game?
  13. Agree its a cleaner more refined stripe, theirs has lie 4 stripes or something like that is way too much! I dont mind the orange oir black face, i think either one works but thats my opinion
  14. Utah fell down the food chain pretty hard! almost relegated to a las vegas bowl birth(vs of all teams Boise St, which the Utes have had a rough time with) lucikly they got the Alamo Bowl but vs Texas?? what a slap in the face, this is a no win situation for the Utes.
  16. TB is growing on me big time. Wished the pants at home were gold. And the road pants green and then it would be solid.
  17. They used to look good in Tampa a very long tme ago!
  18. Same with Seattle. White pants at home and navy on the road. The MFL (monochrome football league)
  19. Black pants on the road please LA! White pants at home.
  20. I love the road uniforms. The home just needs white numbers navy outline. To contrast well with the grey pants. IMO
  21. I have a feeling LA and Seattle will be outstanding. They (the uniforms) came on strong. Kinda faded in the middle. It ends on a positive note!
  22. The vipers is first one that I can say I truly don’t like anything about. The rest have been great to passable. Houston to passable status because of the Blitz helmet strip!!
  23. Pure unadulterated USFL thieving by the Roughnecks for the helmet stripe. Previously worn by the 84 Blitz.