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  1. which template did you use ?
  2. I've just made a new jersey concept for my ''custom'' team. I'm not sure about the name.. It's just Miami . I wanted to give it a ''modern oldschool look'' (you guys know what i mean...Miami in 80s ).It's only a home jersey. I made it only for fun...and I think that the jersey is funny too, maybe a lil bit odd C&C please !
  3. can someone identfy this font : Joga Bonito Logo i think it's a font, not a drawning, because : a) look at the letters O - they look the same but they're just wraped. B ) i saw another word -RONALDINHO, so we've got letter A, B, D, G, H, I, J, L, N, O, R, T i tried to ask here, because i think its better place for my research here's previous topic - please take look. Where i can find that fontpack? Is it true? so please help
  4. Hi Shmee! What do you mean ?? On the helmet or on the jersey?Here's the ''updated'' version :
  5. I darkened the edges, because the template was a little bit ''pixelated''and I wanted to give it a clear and nice look. C&C please !
  6. What do you think about that ??