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  1. Yea, Georgia-Cincinnati looks embarrassing.
  2. Don't recall State ever wearing this, generally speaking I think I like it, will be interesting to see how it looks on the field. Heavy old Arizona Cardinals alternate vibes too.
  3. Did the 90's uniforms have a noticeable difference in the shades of the top and the helmet? Something looks off and they don't match today, they do with their current uniforms so its odd.
  4. State is unsurprisingly going R-W-R in response; they're 2-0 wearing that combo this season and Dave Doeren is 3-0 at Kenan in his career, wearing R-W-R each time.
  5. Definitely something more fit for Arkansas State or Northern Illinois, it feels like they've explored just about every option with red, black, silver, and white... wish the alternate could be a throwback uniform more often than a random colorway.
  6. New State alts for 11/14 vs Florida State - Blood Moon Original Speculation from teaser video...
  7. State-UVA looked really good IMO.
  8. Kind of a failure to me, they look washed out beyond belief and made the court look worse. How can we take the strongest aspects of the franchise and make them worse? - is the question I imagine Nike asked themselves when going through the conceptual phase. The pinstripes should be fun but these just fade away, and purple has been nearly stripped on the whole making the logo on the shorts look way out of place. Could've done so much better, but then again I have low standards for Nike's NBA ventures thus far, so it could've been much worse at the same time.
  9. https://charlotte49ers.com/sports/2020/6/23/media-tool-kit-49ers.aspx I'm conflicted, as ultimately they've needed a new logo, but this is so... lifeless looking. The CLT is not a good secondary logo, and it looks so out of whack. The wordmark feels like some weird Falcons ripoff, I guess at least the tertiary and primary are ok by themselves... This could've been much better but at least this means we won't see those god awful chrome gold football helmets anymore... I hope...
  10. - Original Coyotes set? Awesome - if there are flaws I don't really care, I love them, though they could have come up with a better 3rd option. - 2003 Refresh? Solid - the logo and simplicity were nice, just not as unique. - 2015 when black was added? Bland - lost its simplicity, muddled the design. I would love if they just adopted the old set full-time, but would welcome a redone version as well. I also really like the current primary logo, it would be cool if they were able to fit it into the 3rd option or a new shoulder patch.
  11. I did not expect this response lol - mostly just referring to their recruiting efforts, like this tweet. If you're ok with other schools using your most prominent alum for marketing then whatever, personally I would find it annoying.
  12. Yea, but why? USCAR and UNC love to argue about who the real "Carolina" is, propping up an icon that went to Chapel-Hill is pretty silly on their part. Teams outside of UNC and the Hornets using the Jordan brand is pretty dumb already, but it would be especially so for a school in direct competition with one of them. Of course UNC is also a school who celebrates and advertises Mack Brown's title at Texas as their own which is very strange. In the end, both schools are silly places so I suppose it all makes sense.
  13. I cannot fathom putting so much time into rebranding, and failing as miserably as the Rams have. What a waste, and now they have to wait longer until they can properly fix them. 3 years to move past the STL Frankenstein combos, and now 5 more to get past these. Absurd.
  14. Duke and Carolina, having reached a stalemate in the war to decide whose blue is best - royal or powder, have shifted focus to the 'who the **** can use navy in the strangest ways' frontier.
  15. Panthers wearing silver/gray pants with black tops - amazing how much better they look than the black pants. Please burn those atrocities, Tepper.
  16. Charlotte Town is a hilarious idea - Athletic is the only answer if those are the eight we have to pick from. I'd recommend they keep working on ideas though...
  17. I figured there wasnt but I couldn't recall any examples, and knew you would be the one to know. State has since confirmed they will be in all-white earlier today.
  18. Its West Virginia's 'Gold Rush' game and Neal Brown said they're wearing gold so I presume they will go Navy/Gold/Gold... what does that mean for NC State? Not sure what the mandate is on gold vs white with regards to being different enough, I presume one of the 3 main pieces at least will need to be red?
  19. As a Canes fan, it's a massive step over the old roads. Like them a good bit, though as mentioned elsewhere itt I'd go back to our inaugural kits in a heartbeat.
  20. Its become abundantly clear to me that 98% of people don't understand what "clean" means. Nothing with full body camouflage would ever qualify as "clean". As a Wolfpack fan, I truly think they've ruined what was a perfect look in 2017. If they lost the camo on these I wouldn't hate them, but I'll also never care for oversized helmet logos. On another note - good stuff, UA.
  21. Sport Garnet and Gold with an emphasis on neither color - uniforms will be mono white, anthracite, obsidian, and black.
  22. Yes, a Willie Taggart led uniform revolution screams "back to basics!" Careful what you wish for.
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