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  1. That's what I was thinking. Just looked weird.
  2. I know this is probably nothing. But, it's something to talk about. So, Tory Woodbury is the Assistant Special Teams Coach for the Rams. And he posted this on Twitter back on Feb. 21. It's just the royal throwback jersey with his name on the back. But what's interesting is, the yellow on the right side of the jersey below the sleeve? Because if you look closely, it looks like it is connected. It has the same mesh pattern that is on the bottom half of the jersey.
  3. That makes no sense compared to what I posted. I don't understand why everyone assumes that the horns on the helmet are going to be changed.
  4. I was just wondering with all of the stores etc. being closed because of this virus. Is a Rams (or any other teams') jersey leak even possible at this point? The Titans' Mariota jersey leak was from a retailer. But, with stores closed, I wouldn't imagine that any jerseys would be getting shipped to any stores. I guess we would have to hope for a leak from an online retailer? Just wondering what you guys think.
  5. Do you really think it could be a trolling if it is on an actual draft hat? I wish, but I'm pretty sure it's legit if it's already on a hat.
  6. It would be nice to see a throwback, I just don't think it would look very good with the matte finish on the helmets.
  7. But it's ok for the Cowboys' color rush? People seem to really like those.
  8. I know. But what's odd to me is the mixing of the 60's and 80's logo.
  9. This is an interesting shirt Sean McVay is wearing.
  10. So this mismatch of helmet and jersey is ok, but the Rams' isn't?
  11. Here is a swap from Swapscenter on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/swapscenter/
  12. I must be in the minority here, but I really don't understand why so many of you guys have such a boner for the yellow uniforms. I really don't care for them. I don't even like seeing pictures of the 1994 throwbacks that much. I think they were okay for the time, and a nod to history. But for a full time alternate now? No thanks. I despise the yellow Color Rush. Give me the royal blue and yellow as home and away. And blue and white as throwback/alt.
  13. I'm sure you're right. I just thought it was weird for them to do the graphics like that, with so much emphasis on the throwbacks.