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  1. Side note, navy is still part of their color scheme right? At this rate they might as well just dump it for black.
  2. At first glance it makes me wonder what will happen to Texas Tech's uniforms. Their design was pretty much built around the previous template.
  3. Give it a year or two, the sun will take care of that.
  4. Rule or no rule, BSU dumping the gradient numbers was a smart decision. Also, they may not be the most traditional unis in the world, but I love those uniforms for Arizona.
  5. Moving southwest from Storrs to Philly, we move along to the Temple Owls The header is a bit misleading with the block design but the diamonds are just as much a design feature for Temple that I wanted to use. So congrats to Temple, you get two things to focus on design-wise here. Otherwise, my take on Temple is that I am not the biggest fan of their current football uniforms. The diamonds on the block stripes just doesn't work for me. But I like both, like I said, just not combined. Football - For football, two helmets, no more stripes. Simple T's on both sides. Cherry helmet and white helmet, each with alternating facemasks from the shell color. Jerseys have the diamond pattern on the collar and as the sleeve stripe. I tried the block stripe on the sleeves but it just didn't look good. I kept the font pretty damn close to the same as what they have now. Pants have the simplified blocks, like they have had for quite a long time in some capacity. I also am not a fan of a black helmet for Temple so black stays around as a jersey color, just not a helmet color. Hockey - As we head to the ice, everything is a lot like what came from football. Diamond stripes on the collar, hems and the sleeves. T logo worked fine on the chest for the home and away but it didn't work out on the alternate black uniform. So to combat that, I borrowed from baseball a little bit and used a script wordmark instead which I think worked out. Much like football, the black alternate does not come with a black helmet. Baseball - Much like everything else, diamond stripes on the sleeves and around the collar. Placket piping accompanies the collar striping. Script Owls and Temple on the jerseys, T logo on the back above the number. Pants have the blocky stripes down the sides. Basketball - In conclusion, diamond stripes on the rounded collar, and the arms. TEMPLE on the home and away jerseys, script OWLS on the black alternates. Shorts are pretty simple with the blocks on the sides, T on the front right of the shorts. C&C welcome!
  6. I love the alternate jersey logo treatment. Curious question, what would the alternate look like if the grey and white were reversed? Two white jerseys feels a touch redundant.
  7. Man I just had a concept ready to go using Copperplate
  8. IIRC its just new turf. No color changes. Only changes are the new wordmarks in the endzones and the Albertsons Stadium logos and the number font for the field numbers. The old stuff was almost 10 years old so had definitely become quite faded. Just a turf switch. There's been chatter of stadium renovations in the last 5 years but nothing concrete has come of it.
  9. No idea what to expect for Marshall with the stadium going tri color All orange likely for Portland State, hopefully sans all orange helmet Not even gonna talk about the Air Force game like marshall, not sure what to expect for Hawaii If recent trends are anything to go off of, Wyo and NM should be all blue. All in all, not a fan of the seeming return of the BFBS uniforms.
  10. Thank you. It's been a really rough almost month, by now, to be told that I wasn't good enough to continue learning graphic design, despite a near decade of actually being a designer. It does suck, but I did find an alternative path. At the end of the day, I can't keep bitching about it. Boise State doesn't tell me I'm a graphic designer, I know I'm a graphic designer. thanks again for the kind words and the support. That was actually my first idea but I couldn't figure out a good width for the stripes but I knew there would be a good reason to keep it. Agreed. The new husky logo isn't bad but the block C to me is more UConn than any of their husky logos, past or present.
  11. My sense of time and getting things done is all wack, but on a brighter note, I don't have to leave Boise State. I just won't be (eventually ) graduating with a graphic design degree. Small price to pay I guess. In quite possibly what was the easiest set for me to design, I borrowed the design from the successful basketball team and applied to to more than one sport. I did create a bit of a Seahawks situation here with a team with four colors and makes use of the less vibrant tertiary color as a jersey color with the brighter color relegated to a trim color. But UCONN in a red jersey would just be wrong IMO. Football - I still contend that the stripe with the husky logo in it was one of the coolest helmets I've seen in a long time. I couldn't bring myself to bring that back so I settled for a design based on the basketball uniforms. 3 helmets, two with the C logo back on the sides, grey alternate with the husky logo on the side. Jerseys have the basketball stripe filling the sleeve caps, fonts don't change. Pants are basically the same as the basketball shorts with the Husky logo moved up to the hip. Hockey - I think it's been a while since I have designed a IRL Div.1 hockey team, but I could be wrong. Anyways. Took them in a new direction from what they wear now. I kept the college number over text treatment on the home and away. Made the stripes a little big bigger on the sleeves and did something different in place of the hem stripes. Stuck with two helmets this time, pants again are very close to IRL basketball shorts with the Husky logo in the stripe. Baseball - A touch more reserved than the rest of the set, had some crazier ideas in mind but kept them relegated to the alternate. Home and away have larger than average stripes but not fully encompassing the sleeves. UCONN on the chest of both with the number underneath. contrasting placket piping. Husky logo up near the collar on the back. Pants have what would appear to be a cutoff pants stripe. Alternate is a grey sleeveless set with full on stripes on the undershirt, along with a grey hat/helmet set. Basketball - Not much to say here. kept things pretty much the same since they were the inspiration for it all. C&C welcome!
  12. definitely jarring, but actually kinda cool. the patriots are a bit of a mess but nevertheless, still a cool idea for cities with multiple teams.
  13. The pants having a gap in between the stripes but the jerseys and helmet not having a gap bugs the ever-living hell out of me.
  14. Not a fan of how busy my life is becoming but, let's keep going on this. App State is in dire need of a brand makeover. The football team has come a long way from that 2007 stunner over Michigan, the other sports might still be catching up, but for a program on the rise, a unified brand would be a huge step. There are bits and pieces of football that I think work but there was still some work to be done. Football - For starters, simplified it down to two helmets: black and gold. On the sides of both is the Block A logo, without Mountaineers in the crossbar. Stripes do appear slightly different between the black jersey and the white/yellow jerseys. I tried out an all yellow stripe, a white and yellow stripe and it just didn't work how I wanted it to. So there is a bit of a visual discrepancy between stripes but I think it still all works out. Stripes on the sleeves like normal jerseys. Went with a block top font that matches the A logo. Pants have the same stripes with a mountain cut out of the bottom near the pants. Hockey - A lot of the same goes into these jerseys. Same stripes on the sleeves. Forgoed a hem stripe in favor of the mountains. Full Block A logo on the chest, numbers on the sleeves. One set of pants: black, and two helmets, black and gold. Baseball - Slightly more reserved than the rest of the sports. The mountain pattern here doesn't make its appearance until the yellow alternate jersey. Anyways, stripes are the same from the previous two sports. Two sets of hats/helmets, fairly straight forward there. Had to create a fully custom set of script logos as App State really doesn't have a super good set of script logos much at all. the yellow alt replaces the stripes with the mountains on the sleeves. Pants, of which there are one color have the stripes down the side. Socks are striped. Basketball - i wasn't sure what to do here, but then again when do I ever know what i'm doing with basketball. Stripes around the arms and single color around the collar. I actually like the Mountaineers script so it got arched and used here. Stripes are on the waistband as well as on the bottom of the shorts that get cut off by the mountains. Simple. Easy. Effective. and C&C is welcome as always.
  15. Anybody know the font used for "Lineup" and the players name on the diamond?
  16. If they wanted to be different they could have put the stripes on the shoulders Colts style. Obviously this makes too much sense as the grey pants also don't match the white ones.
  17. I became a fan of the Oregon Ducks and Michigan State Spartans because of their uniforms. I got to watch the first game Oregon played in the, at the time, top of the line uniforms with the first gen wings on the shoulders when they came to play Boise State here. And then I became a huge fan of Mich State's Pro Combat uniforms. Things became complicated when the two teams started playing each other. But seriously, these two teams got me into the uniform design game and uh, here I am.
  18. I know next to nothing about the teams you've designed, but holy hot damn is that one beautiful jersey set.
  19. Do they only wear them in their opening game? As an Tri-City Americans fan, I've never seen them host a Memorial Cup, much less play in one so I'm genuinely curious.
  20. They could change nothing on the jerseys and add purple and white pants options and that would be perfect
  21. Hey guys, I'm back. I apologize for the extended absence, but I've had a pretty :censored:ty last few days. Boise State felt that my graphic design skills weren't strong enough to permit me to continue my graphic design degree so I've been unofficially placed in the transfer portal unless something changes drastically. I'm upset and very confused as to how this happened, but I can't dwell on it, just have to keep moving forward. Now that I've totally killed the mood, let's check out the other Miami: I was a big fan of the newest uniforms they unveiled IIRC in 2016 with the stripes running down the shoulders. It was pretty simple figuring out where to go from there. Overall, it was a simpler than most uniform set, but is there really anything wrong with that? Football - To kick us off, the football team really doesn't deviate from existing uniforms. Two helmets: white and red, both with a stripe down the middle of the helmet. M logo on both sides. I used silver minimally as a trim color, which is the color of the red helmet's facemask. For the jerseys, rather than go down the shoulders, the stripes go back on the sleeve caps with the M logo smack dab in the middle of the sleeves. MIAMI wordmark on the chest, new font better matches the wordmark. Pants are just as simple, with a wide stripe with the M logo on the hip. Hockey - A bit Red Wing-ish, but that was a bit unavoidable with the newly established motif. Wide stripes on the hem and the sleeves, with the M logo on the sleeve stripes. As such, the numbers move to the shoulders. Pants are wide striped with the M logo at the bottom of the stripe. Socks have the wide stripe as well. Baseball - As simple as I felt they could have been, these follow along with the rest of the uniforms. Big stripes on the sleeves with the M's on the stripes, you get it by now. MIAMI wordmark on the chest with the numbers underneath them. Two colors of hats and helmets. Pants have the same wide stripe down the side. Basketball - To wrap us all up here, the basketball uniforms really aren't much different. Single color trim around the neck and arms, MIAMI wordmarks on the chest. Colored in the waistband and wide stripe down near the bottom of the shorts with the M logo on the side in the stripe. Simple, Easy and I want to hear what you guys think!
  22. The internet was no help to me on this, so here I turn. I know a minimal amount about soccer and I got really curious about the 2-leg system. I understand that if they teams split they go off aggregate scores, but what happens if both games go down as scoreless draws?