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  1. I'll take it. Pretty much the same as my votes.
  2. Agreed, there's an acceptable limit to chrome on helmets in my opinion but yes, their gold chrome helmet is awful. Well I hadn't considered it but probably not. the only sports that would really get a chance to wear it in May would be baseball. Also just a general announcement, I only plan on doing FBS teams + University of Idaho because they were FBS when I technically started the project.
  3. God forbid they dust off the Zubaz from the NCAA tourney uniforms
  4. No worries on the chrome gold on the helmet. Just thought I'd try it out. Anyways, made that helmet full on matte black. Hockey gets the change, kept the shoulders black, thought it looked better. Baseball gets more than that. I didn't change the cowcatcher by getting rid of it, I made it tonal, similar to the IRL football uniforms. the alternate gets a football alt vibe. Basketball gets a more hockey alt vibe, with the shoulders staying black and getting the train tracks down the sides. C&C welcome!
  5. I love the red pants with the set. Its different but it works
  6. So I don't have the rest of the slate done yet. I wanted to see if this idea was a step in the right direction, or a step backwards. So a gold jersey still looks bleh with the old gold so it's going to stay grey. This time I replaced the cowcatcher entirely with the train tracks design on the sleeve caps as well as the helmet and the pants. Not sure what I'm going to do with baseball as of yet, but I want to see what reaction this would get.
  7. Jury isn't decided on those white hats , but those throwback/fauxbacks are beautiful!
  8. Slap the M or the Terrapin logo on the side and replace everything else.
  9. They have a perfectly good modern 2D centurion that they choose not to use. I don't understand that ownership...
  10. So I guess the 2.0 ideas weren't a huge hit, but nevertheless this is a train that keeps on rolling! (hint hint) Football - I love the cowcatcher design! I think it's unique, definitely fits the brand and made this pretty easy for me when unifying Purdue's sports. Football changes the least I think, just with a few minor tweaks. The gold helmet stays mostly the same IIRC, with a wide stripe and the P logo on both sides. And as much as I like the trolley tracks helmet stripe, I just didn't feel as though it fit with the overall feel of the uniforms so I changed it out for a gold stripe on the alternate black helmet. Jerseys now have contrasting cowcatcher designs on the shoulders. kept the newer font around, again thought it fit well. One thing I noticed around Purdue message boards/Twitter is that the current grey uniforms aren't a big hit. So I tweaked those to I think fit the brand a bit more. Gave them a shoulder yoke basically with two-color cowcatcher design. Hockey - For hockey, the sleeve stripes probably would remind you of a love child between the Vegas Golden Knights and Detroit Red Wings. Both the home and away jersey have the primary P logo on the chest, cowcatcher on the shoulders. Black and gold helmets for the team's choice on any given night. Pants are black and black alone with a solid stripe down the side. Alternate works much in the same way football's does, with a colored shoulder yoke and this time with the Boilermaker logo. Baseball - A bit more modern for a baseball uniforms but keeping it on brand. I tried vest jerseys for these but it just didn't work like I wanted it to, so I resorted to V-neck pullovers. Cowcatcher design on the shoulders, solid color stripe on the sleeves. BOILERS on the home white jersey, which does have some IRL precedent. Purdue on both the road blacks and alternate jerseys. Boilermaker logo on the back up near the collar. full complement of pants colors: black, white and alternate greys. All 3 come with black striped socks. Basketball - For the basketball Boilers, much of the same from the previous unis come to the hardwood. Swapped out the stripes on the shoulders for the cowcatcher design and put the solid stripe on the sides of the jerseys and shorts. P logo on the front of all 3 of the shorts' waistbands. Boilermaker logo on the shorts leg. I used the persepctive'd Purdue logo on all three of the jerseys. It just looked better than the wordmarks I used on the baseball jerseys. C&C welcome as always!
  11. So I'm definitely not trying to distract you from the Pitt uniforms, which if you guys have anything still to say about those, feel free. But with Baylor and WVU also doing a brand refresh IRL, I figured I could do the same here: The original is on the left. No change there. The new one on the right uses the new colors Baylor debuted, along with all the updated logos and the new font. I also swapped the black uniform for a new athletic gold alternate. WVU doesn't see as radical a change. Simply swapped the fonts out. Let me know what you guys think about Pitt as well as if you want to see the rest of the Baylor/WVU 2.0 sets!
  12. Fair enough. I actually think they wore yellow retro alts this past season. I think those actually work better than the royal blues do.
  13. I just wanna know what designer looked at this when they were designing it and said, "yeah that looks good"
  14. This one is bound to ruffle some fur: My biggest complaint with the recent Pitt redesign was not the new font. It was not the new Cathedral stripe, which I am a big fan of BTW. It was the colors. I don't have a personal complaint against them, I just prefer the navy/old gold to the royal and yellow. Also, Pitt was definitely not up next, but I felt given the timing of their release, I'd tackle them. Let's jump in: Football - In all honesty, the unveil of the new uniforms really didn't deviate my designs for Pitt much at all. Two helmets, one old gold, one navy. Both have the cursive Pitt logo on both sides. Originally, the stripe existed without the cathedral elements to it, but they dropped that on me, so I made it the cathedral stripe. For the jerseys, I went with the striping pattern from the now previous set of jerseys that also has historical roots with Pitt. I kept the cathedral font because I think it's unique and it's better than the previous font. New Panther logo at the base of the collar. Pants were similar to the helmet, now have the cathedral stripe. Now I wasn't going to completely rid Pitt of the blue/yellow. It's obviously important to them so it wasn't gonna go away. For the blue/yellow alternates, I didn't just throw it back, I kept a lot of the modern aspects, but made the cathedral stripe the focal point. Hockey - Hockey takes on much of the same elements as the football uniforms have. Home and away have the double stripes on the sleeves and the hems, with the scripty Pitt on the chest. Panther logo on the shoulders. Navy and Gold options for helmets. Cathedral stripe down the pants. The alternates focus on the cathedral stripe, eliminated the double stripe in favor of it. Yellow helmet. The club team at Pitt makes use of both blue and yellow pants so I figured an imaginary Div 1 team could too. Baseball - The baseball team gets a similar treatment as well. On the home whites, full (new?) Panthers script. Double stripes on the sleeves, Panther logo up near the back of the collar. Away navy jerseys switch the Panthers script out for the Pitt script instead. One hat/helmet combo: navy hat, gold bill with the standalone P logo on the front panel. Pants have the cathedral stripe down the side, double stripes on the navy socks. For the alternate, navy/gold gives way to royal/yellow, double stripe gives way to full time cathedral stripes. Pitt script on the chest. Put it on a v neck pullover. Pants have the recolored cathedral stripe, royal socks also have the cathedral stripes. Basketball - For basketball, the double stripes weren't going to work on the jerseys, unless they were a side panel which didn't look appealing to me. Plus the IRL Pitt Women's basketball team uses the cathedral stripe as the trim on the jerseys which I think both teams should have made use of. But anyways, here the jerseys get the cathedral stripes as the neck and arm trim. Like baseball, Panthers on the home, Pitt on the away. For the shorts, I used the cathedral stripe on the waistband and the double stripe on the legs of the shorts. Alternate uses much of the same things, but drops the double stripes for a side panel of the cathedral stripe instead. C&C welcome as always!
  15. First off, your drawings are excellent. Second, I don't think you go wrong with either of your designs. As HRC4 said, I wonder what your designs with a dark green jersey and lime green pants would look like.
  16. If they're sticking with the striped helmet and now going with striped pants, those jerseys are gonna stick out like a modern sore thumb
  17. there's no reason there can't be both. I've just never been behind the "see the other team's colors" idea. obviously I'm in the camp of hoping both teams are dressed to the nines each night. Maybe it also stems from the fact i'm not a fan of white at home...
  18. I've never understood the "see other team's colors" argument. As much as I do enjoy the aesthetics of a hockey uniform, I'm ultimately there to see good hockey be played. I could give a :censored: what the teams are wearing at the end of the day as long as I see some good hockey played.
  19. Added the navy helmet to the football rotation with the flaming eagle(?) on both sides. I couldn't decide on a facemask color at first but the red really stood out to me and I kept it red. On hockey, I shrunk the logos on the home and away uniforms and changed the crest to the flaming bird which I think is an eagle.
  20. Always hoping for feedback, but nevertheless, gonna keep trucking along with these: Today we welcome the newest FBS members, who I believe as of this coming season is bowl eligible. Looks wise, they have a pretty box standard, catalog aesthetic to them. Basketball somehow has a unique font that I unfortunately could not really track down enough to make use of. They have a great logo set though, which gets good use here. I was a big fan of the flame motif from the flaming bird logo which became a focal point of the designs. Football - Leading us off is the gridiron Flames, who currently wear recolors of Oregon State's uniforms. I kept the white helmet with a red facemask and white helmet only. Triple stripe with a flame cutout in the back. Full LU logo on both sides. Jerseys have the same helmet stripes down the sleeves a la racing stripe style. Flames on the chest of all three uniforms. Pants continue a newly established trend with the flame stripe down the side of the pants. Hockey - little did I know, Liberty has a full ACHA compliment of teams. All 3 divisions for the Men's and I believe it was D1 and D2 for the women. They also have a unified look which also is cool. You know what else is cool? These uniforms for the imaginary NCAA d1 team These start out much the same as the football uniforms do. White helmets across the board for all the uniforms. Full LU logo on all the jerseys. These are the first hockey uniforms to have a front number. Made it almost 44 teams in before that happened so that's wild. Pants have the flame stripe, socks have the simple triple stripe. Baseball - I went the pullover route for them. Racing flame stripes down the sleeves like the previous uniforms. One color Flames on the home white, Liberty on the road reds. On the navy alternates, I tried something a little different. With the flaming bird logo being longer than it is tall, i made it function like a script logo. Pants, of which there is just white, has the flame stripe down the pant leg. Basketball - For basketball, did a lot of the same things. Triple stripes on the shoulders, which continues under the arms with the full flame stripe. Flames on the home white, Liberty on the road reds and did the same thing on the navy alt as I did for baseball. Shorts have a colored waistband with the flame stripe down the sides and the full LU logo on the front of waistband. C&C welcome!
  21. I can live with the color switch, even though it's not my favorite. I wish they kept the sleeve stripes from the now previous uniforms though .
  22. That's a Nike custom font. Not likely gonna find a TTF of that just laying around. Not even sure what would be a close version of it.
  23. I'm gonna be Mr. Unpopular here, but I don't like this move. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a gripe with the new look, I just don't see royal and yellow as Pitt. To me they're navy and old gold.
  24. Definitely unique(ish), definitely not good.
  25. I'd like to see a flat version before I pass more judgement on it, but this doesn't look too bad IMO.