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  1. Georgia Update This is a long awaited update. If you're not aware, my last attempt at a Georgia PC made them look too Ohio State-ish, so what would Nike do? Add black of course. C&C as usual.
  2. What I'm trying to do here with Texas is make them look good, while trying to look modern. In reality, the horns wouldn't be that far back on the helmet, and the all-burnt orange looked too... I don't know, too much , I guess, so... I knew Texas would be difficult to design.
  3. Ummm... that is an "O" on the pants, and yeah I want to get more adidas teams done.
  4. Texas Update I tried to get out side the box more, but I don't know how well I did. Went all black now, and tried my best to put horns on the helmet. I thought it looked too plain so I tried one with numbers. Let me know what you think.
  5. I'm even not too proud of this one, I figured it get pretty negative reviews. Back to the drawing boards then...
  6. Texas This one, I will admit, is BFBS, but there isn't much I could to do Texas. Black replaces white, a new UT logo on the pant inside Texas. Pretty straight forward.
  7. It's not all that bad, but could be better.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I'd have a real hard time getting excited about any uniforms me team was wearing in a game they have no chance to win. And if WVU does wear grey, this will be one unattractive game. Call me crazy, but I think it doesn't look half bad.
  9. Ohio State Update Just unified the stripes to the helmet stripe style.
  10. Just waiting on more C&C before I post more teams.
  11. Ohio State This is a mash up from their other PC's and some historical unis. Striping on the jerseys is a combo of the 1942 jerseys and the 2011 Pro Combats. The helmet is derived from the '09 PC, just in silver. C&C as usual.
  12. Syracuse Nothing much to this, but after watching Syracuse in their tribute to the 50th anniversary of Ernie Davis' graduation from 'Cuse, i figured for a straight throwback with a few modern additions. C & C as per the norm. Oh, is Stanford with black trim considered BFBS?
  13. TCU We've seen most of this one before, with a few alternations. For one, the whole arched TCU with the frog is on a frog skinned helmet. The jersey borrows heavily from the '10 PC with more frog skin. The pants are frog skinned with a "stripe" based on the new number font. P.S. - The pattern was a b*tch, so its not perfect. More is coming...
  14. I had thought about doing a MichSt. helmet like BSU's but didn't like the way it turned out. I do want to make a PC for all the FBS, so I'll get to it as best as I can.
  15. Here's a Boise State PC while I'm working on Louisville Boise State This is what their PC's should have looked like, not that asymmetrical bull .
  16. WVU's pants look overstriped to me, but everything else looks muy bueno.
  17. Tennessee As my to-do list is getting larger, here's a Tennessee Vols uniform. It was derived from the 1914 uniform, which had a sequence of orange stripes on the sleeves. I limited the number to 4 to save the eyes. The helmet comes from the matte helmet floating around eBay and the boards with a few modifications. C & C...
  18. Notre Dame This would be meant to replace the crappy thing that they will wear against Miami. It's a "home" version of their Under The Lights uni set. C & C as always...
  19. I think the Oregon wing look works good on North Texas. Good Job.
  20. Really? I honestly didnt think it would sit that well on the boards.