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  1. I don't know how I feel about the overall shape of the logo. It's a nice logo, but the shape of it just feels off to me.
  2. I seen't it. and I don't like what I seen
  3. So I don't know how I forgot about their N7 uniforms when I was working on them, but here they are. As is the case for all football N7 Teams, turquoise helmet. Rest of the sports, turquoise jerseys and some turquoise accessories.
  4. Yes you will. I don't know, they just slipped the net and got lost in the shuffle. They'll be done soon.
  5. So I did a little bit of a compromise on the collar pattern. On the orange jersey, the collar IMO blends nicely. Changing it to grey made it stand out too much. Now the inverse was true for the white jerseys. Black collar with the orange pattern was a bit obnoxious so that's where I thought change would be best suited. I did try out Phantom Pete on the black hockey jersey. Still don't know how I feels about it. As for the BOONE patch, for football and hockey, it landed on the base of the collar. It felt the best placed there. Baseball sees it applied to the right sleeves and basketball also ends up seeing at the base of the collar.
  6. If I had to pick an early (is 65 teams in still considered early?) contender for favorite redesign, it would be this one. The colors, fonts, logos, they all just work together well, well before i got my hands on it. But to that end, I thought that there could be some modifications made. While I thought the new identity that came out a few years ago was spectacular, I always felt that the previous football uniforms (with the pointed stripes) were the superior uniforms overall, but combined, the two identities would be golden. Football - Like I said, this is going to be two uniform sets coming together. Starting with the helmets, the barbed wire is (sadly, I actually liked that one ) gone, Phantom Pete/Pistol Pete are gone. Its just one stripe style across three helmet shells with the OSU logo on both sides. I didn't want to get rid of the marshal's badge totally so it sits at the base of the stripe with the player's number in it. As to the uniforms, I resurrected the 2011 uniform stripes back to their spots on the sleeves. While it is minimized, the bandana pattern stays on in the collar. New number font and wordmarks stay around, numbers on the uniforms, wordmarks on the helmets. Pants also see the 2011 stripes revived. Hockey - So in my research, I couldn't actually figure out if Ok. State has any form of current hockey team. They have an alumni Facebook page, but nothing that suggests a current team. So in essence, really starting with no historical basis, which is just fine. Stripes on the sleeves match the football uniforms sleeves, hem stripe is the almost same just not cut off on the ends so it wraps around the whole jersey. OSU logo on the front of the home and away uniforms, Pistol Pete on the black alternate. Collar has the bandana pattern in the collar. Haven't done an alternate pants set in hockey in a while, but here I think it works. Went with the helmet stripe on the pants, just felt better. Helmets, black and white. Tried an orange bucket, wasn't feeling it. Marshall badge logo on the pants and helmets. Baseball - I went the pullover v-neck route for the baseball team. It flowed better with the collar and the pattern so it got applied to all the uniforms. Before that, two hats and helmets. Orange/black with OSU, black/orange with OSU. Both helmets get the marshall badge. Jerseys, like I said, v-necks. Home/away get the Oklahoma over bat logo, number underneath that. Same stripes on the sleeves as the previous two sports. Alternate black jersey gets the super nice COWBOYS script from the basketball uniforms. Pistol Pete is on the back of all three jerseys, up near the collar. Ok. State loves their colored pants so all three colors are represented with the same stripe as the football helmet and hockey pants Basketball - For basketball (bear with me, new template, still getting used to it), kept it consistent with the rest of the teams. Collar has the bandana pattern. On the arm holes, I did a simpler, not notched stripe, that wraps the whole way around. COWBOYS on all three jerseys in some way, home and away has it on the newer Barbed Wire font, alternate has the script COWBOYS. Shorts are relatively simple, notched stripe wraps almost around on the bottom of the shorts. C&C welcome!
  7. Well there you have it. After two votes, script alternate become the new alternate, changes to the home and away stay as well.
  8. Both good options imo. the standalone Zip does look a little plain, I guess for lack of a better term, but still not bad.
  9. I really do like the shorts but what the hell is going on with that jersey?
  10. Akron hasn't had a "good" look IMO in recent years but at the same time they haven't really had a bad one either. It's more than time to unify and simplify. Football - First things first, the chrome helmets are gone. I think that was simply an understatement. Still left with two helmet options, classic gold helmet with the Z logo on the side, navy facemask. Alternate option is navy helmet, I did keep a gold chrome facemask, also with the Z logo on the side. On the jerseys I came up with a pointy two color stripe that runs on the seam between the sleeve caps and the body of the jersey. ZIPS wordmark on the chest, AKRON number font on the front and back. I do believe this is the first case of a gold alt for the Zips, I could be wrong on that. Pants have the stripe I mentioned coming up from the bottom of the pants. Hockey - Much like football, Zip stripe on the sleeves that get smaller from front to back. Z logo on the front with AKRON over top of it. On the shoulders, rising off the shoulders, is the Roo logo. On the hem, same stripe that gets bigger from left to right on the front, and reverse of that on the back. Home/away jerseys get the navy helmets. Socks have a simpler set of stripes on them. Pants have the same stripe treatment as football. Gold alternate jersey has the jumping Roo logo on the front with a gold helmet option. Baseball - In contrast to the previous two sports, this time the stripes go from small to big from front to back. It just works out better than the other direction. Anyways, so the stripe direction reverses, but stays in the same relative place. Script Akron logo on the front of the home and away jerseys. Hats and helmets get one option, navy/gold with the A/Roo logo combo. Pants have the same stripe treatment as football. Alternate is all gold, jersey is a two button pullover, with ZIPS on the chest. Basketball - I don't particularly love switching templates wholesale in the middle of a project but after several issues with my basketball file, I had to make a switch that seemed to fix all issues. That being said, if anyone would be able to help me try and figure out whats up with my other file, that would be really helpful. Anyways, basketball, based on all the photos I could find, are already outfitted by Nike. But I wouldn't be celebrating that fact. Navy and black on the same jersey should be a cardinal sin. Anyways, Zip stripes around the arms and the collar. Arched AKRON on the chest of the home and away, number underneath. Shorts have the Zip stripe on one side and the oversized Roo on the other. They've had it on their uniforms for a couple years now and I love it. C&C always welcome!
  11. I agree with everything, except Nike has already made their uniforms a catalog option that Bowling Green and Toledo (I could be wrong on these) have made use of.
  12. Onto the second best of the Directional Florida schools. I don't think they've had a stint with Nike, but previous work by Adidas and UA would make it pretty easy for a jump to the Swoosh Football - Like I mentioned above, there's a good, now pretty well established look that works well. No more chrome domes, matte green and gold with the horned U logo on both sides. On the jerseys, a quasi-Northwestern stripe is functioned into a stripe that terminates in the horn of the logo on the back of the stripe. On the chest, USF logo, number font matches the logo in outlines. Pants have the simplified stripe. There would be a white pants option, for that, it'll be on the Uni Picker site. Alternate jerseys reflects the SoFLo look brought on by UA and reworked by Adidas. I kept it on a black uniform because it looked the best. Matte black helmet with an accompanying stripe with the gradient. Logo features the same treatment which works its way down the jersey in several ways. Hockey - The Ice Bulls have a good look on the ice, a bit simple but nevertheless good. I again sought to improve it. Sleeves get the horn stripe, which necessitated the numbers being on the shoulder instead of the sleeve because it works on the front of the jersey but not on the back. U logo on the chest above the NW stripe. Socks and pants have the same stripe. Green helmets for both home and away. SoFlo alternates as well with all the bells and whistles. Baseball - To the diamond, a lot of the same. Green hats and helmets, gold brim, Horned logo on the front of both. On the home whites, script Bulls logo, number underneath it. Bull Stripes on the sleeves. USF logo on the back up near the collar. On the road greens, USF on the chest, number underneath it. Pants have the simple NW stripe. SoFlo blackout alternates like the rest of the family. Basketball - Basketball's uniforms got a much needed redesign. The Adidas uniforms are full of patterns and just don't look good to me. So these get a much needed simplification, not much designed on the tops. USF above the numbers on the chests, NW stripe down the side. I didn't feel as though they needed anything else. Shorts are equally as simple, with the Horn stripe on the bottom hem of the shorts, Bull Logo on the waistband. And where it all started, the SoFlo alternates. I wanted to do the board shorts look like UA had done, but with the stripe where it is, it just didn't work. C&C welcome!
  13. I think it was in the mothership post or on a different Instagram post I saw that said the parts of this uniform will "become part of the various uniform options the Cougars will wear in the future".
  14. I hate them. But g'damn it those are pretty.
  15. My last thoughts on the green debate/debacle - this is the only green they should be wearing.
  16. No that's fair. Its one thing to see two different colors, but its another to just blatantly deny what the actual helmet color is.
  17. That's fine, but there's a big difference in "studio" lighting where you can clearly tell that it's dark green and natural lighting where that isn't so clear. If I saw the image on the right with no prior knowledge, I'd say that the helmet was black.
  18. Quick turnaround but I have a busy few days coming up. The list randomizer I used really loved the ACC. Also Florida State has a damn near perfect look so much work wasn't necessary. They are also a member of the N7 program so that now is applied to the four sports. Football - So literally, there was not much that changes. the Seminoles finally make the jump to the Vapor Untouchable template, though now they might skip it entirely in favor of the Vapor Fusion. The helmet remains untouched. Jerseys remain pretty much untouched. I dropped the pattern for the collar in favor of contrasting color. It cleans up the jersey a lot IMO. I know the numbers are going to change to white on the garnet jerseys next season, which does come from some historical precedent. However, IMO it doesn't work with these jerseys so the numbers stay gold outlined in white. Pants see the most change, I brought back the feather from the 2009 Pro Combat uniforms to the pants, moving the primary logo to the front of the pants. You'll notice over the white/white set, is the N7 helmet, which I think how I'm going to proceed with the rest of the football N7 schools. You'll also notice the reworked black alternate jersey. I actually really love the IRL uniforms but I really do think they can be reworked a touch. I dropped the gradient from the helmet, changed the facemask color. I also just did minor tweaks to balance the colors on the uniforms better. Hockey - The pattern hits the ice. Pattern on the hem and the sleeves, Chief logo on the front of the home and away jerseys. Interlocked FSU on the shoulders, above the TV numbers. Gold helmets, with the spear logos. Garnet pants with the feather down the side, socks with the pattern stripe. Two, technically, alternate jerseys. First off, an all black set that sees the FSU logo on the chest and the Chief logo on the shoulders. So unlike SDSU, who didn't get an alternate jersey with their uniform sets, FSU in this case did. So instead of a whole set based off the N7 look, I just did jersey and socks in this case, which for design purposes sees the black replaced with turquoise. Baseball - Much like football, baseball does have a classic look that really doesn't need to change but does in a few places. Hat stays basically the same with the baseball FS on the front. Helmet looks like a football helmet with the big spear on the side. Jerseys now have the pattern on the sleeves in a bigger way than one would normally expect on a baseball jersey. Baseball script on the front of pretty much every jersey here. Name and number on the back. Pants have the feather like everyone else. Black alternate, N7 alternate like the rest. Basketball - I think basketball changed the least. The feather down the side remains as close to the same as I could get it. I added the pattern stripe to the hem and to the shoulders so it was represented on the jerseys. Added SEMINOLES to the home whites, left the stacked Florida State on the home and black alternate. C&C welcome! I can shrink the shoulder flashes, but the pants kinda are how they are. With the way the flash tail curves, its hard to get it to look good coming off the hip.
  19. That's it. Never calling them "icy whites" again. They'll now be known as the "diamond snowball bleach" uniforms
  20. 9/10. If there was just a little bit of white on the jersey it would be perfect. Even just an outline on the number.
  21. I love when life gets busy. Not sure if i mentioned this, or really if you guys really care but I know I mentioned a while back that I was exploring a transfer from Boise State then I wasn't anymore. Well after some thought about the matter, I ended up transferring out to NNU out in Nampa, ID (about 15-20 minutes by interstate on a good day/time from Boise) to complete my graphic design degree. It does kind of suck not being able to work for Boise State's football creative team anymore, but I'll take actually being able to get the degree I want over the job. Anyways, it's time for some MACtion. One of the most unique names in college sports and one of the most unique logo sets out there deserves some better than catalog uniforms right? Well I at least think so, and that's what y'all are gonna see. Hopefully they don't look too much like South Carolina *Tyrese Gibson voice* i'm just playin' Football - The primary helmet stays navy, with the full bodied Golden Flash on both sides. Worked in the alternate yellow lids with the same logo treatment. For the uniforms, I worked up a block number font with the same notches as the wordmarks, which admittedly has been done a lot in recent years, but I think works better tying it all together. So I cut the tail off the Golden Flash and warped it to wrap around the sleeve caps, starting in the front and terminating with a curve on the back. Alternate yellow jersey has colored in sleeve caps. Wordmarks on the front of the jerseys, new number font. Pants come in all colors, with the same tail type design doing a bit of a wrap thing on the bottom of the pants. Hockey - I struggled here a little bit with the curve of the tail. I'm still not sure if I got it right but I think I got it as best I could. Sleeve design does like football does, starts on the front and wraps and curves around the sleeve. Because of this, TV numbers go up to the shoulders. Full Golden Flash logo with wordmark underneath it, with the alternate getting the college hockey wordmark treatment with the number instead of the logo. Two colors of helmets, interchangeable if they so chose to do so. Pants have a similar motif like football. Socks and hem stripes have a stripe derived from the color blocking of the golden flash tail. If you look hard enough, it's there. Baseball - Despite some terrific script logos, these uniforms are so modern that the script logos felt very out of place on these. These are a lot like football's uniforms in a lot of ways. Two helmet/hat combos, both with the full logo on the front. Breaking it up looked wrong and bad. Jerseys have the flash tails on the sleeves, yellow alt with off-colored sleeves. Slightly angled the wordmarks which are both stacked because the words are rather long. Number underneath the wordmarks. Pants couldn't work in the flash tail, so the simpler stripe replaces it. Basketball - The hardwood also presented some challenges. I believe I mitigated them as best I could. On these, the Flash tail goes small to big, which I felt looked much better than going the other direction. Stacked wordmarks on all 3 uniforms with the number in the middle of all of them. Yellow jersey has a shoulder yoke for lack of better phrasing. Shorts have the simpler stripe on the waistband, logo on the front of the shorts, and the Flash tail on the side of the shorts. C&C welcome!
  22. Football - A more classic look for a pretty classic team IMO. Largely based on what they wear now but with some much needed improvements. First off, no changes to the normal helmets. Keeping it the same as possible because we saw the previous attempts at that and it wasn't well received. You'll notice over the white uniforms the Red Bandana helmets. Inspirational story if you don't already know it, so I felt it was appropriate to bring that back with accompanying socks and cleats. Jerseys no longer have the alternate colored sleeve caps but retain the same stripe style. According to ACC-Tracker.com, BC hasn't worn a gold jersey since 2014. I am in fact bringing one back. Also because I love the Flutie era throwbacks, they stay on, and also mean that every team gets a historical-inspired uniform. Hockey - If one sport changes less here, its likely hockey. Other than an obvious template jump there's not much more that is different. Other than the gold uniform which now mirrors the home and away uniforms rather than being more of a fauxback. The new throwback comes from the early 1970's with a large eagle on the chest (i don't know if I got it accurate but finding good quality throwback logos for BC was a hellacious task), and the throwback BC logo on the upper chest. Helmet info for those days was hard to come by, so I just used the red helmet and the gloves in those days appeared white in the black and white photos so they get white gloves on these. Baseball - Again, kept it rather simple with the same stripe style on the sleeves. EAGLES on the home, the stacked and arched BC doesn't work for me on the roads so the interlocked BC gets the nod here. There's two different hats. Maroon/gold with the full BC logo, and all maroon with just the BC. They currently have a gold pullover v-neck that I think looks really good, so it stays with minimal changes. The throwback here was a bit of a rough one for me. I found the jersey that you see, but literally nothing else. So the hat, pants, socks and cleats were a total guess for me, so this one falls more into the fauxback category I guess you could say. Basketball - Basketball gets a pretty big simplification from what they wear currently IRL. I stripped things down to the basics, with the same stripes around the neckline and arms. EAGLES on the home, stacked and arched BOSTON COLLEGE on the home and away. Shorts have a filled in waistband, same stripes toward the bottom of the shorts, with the BC logo on the sides. Throwback comes from the "Playing For the Mob" days, which isn't necessarily the greatest era to throwback to but I found more pictures of this era than I could of any other era. C&C Welcome! I can definitely see how you see that, but I'm hoping that my SC concept will be different enough to differentiate the two. Also you haven't missed the UNM concept, they're a little bit down the list but not too far away.
  23. 100% agree on BYU in royal. By far the superior option.