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  1. Alright, gonna get us back on track here with the next team up: Mizzou got a hell of an upgrade when Nike redid their look a few years ago. However there are a few things I would still change and did change. The black and yellow really pop off of each other and I wanted to play that up. I also didn't like how the three football jerseys now all were unique from each other. It just doesn't work for me. Football - So for football, no more stripes on the helmet. Just the big tiger logo, one color, on both sides with the number in the space on the back of the helmet. I was a big fan of the yellow helmet introduced this past season so now there is an alternate yellow helmet. Jerseys now have two stripes that run onto the chest CLE Browns style. Mizzou also has a tiger stripe pattern that I feel gets underused so now the stripes and numbers now have the tiger stripe pattern in them. Pants have the tiger stripes down the pant legs. Hockey - Hockey got a little interesting to me. Originally there was nothing on the hem and it just felt empty with nothing there. So now there is a solid stripe on the hem. Otherwise, it's all very similar to football with the stripes on the sleeves and pants. Baseball - I kept things similar to the rest of the uniforms. Tiger stripes on the sleeves, TIGERS on the home whites, MIZZOU on the road and alternate. Three different hats, one with a black base, yellow brim with an M on the front, an all black hat with the one color tiger, yellow hat like the first black hat. The biggest difference here is the pants don't have any stripes. There was just no real way to make them work. Basketball - Finally to the hardwood, very simple looking uniforms, tiger stripes under the armholes, tiger stripes on the shorts. Not much to say there. Didn't really give you guys a whole lot to go on, but let me know what you think nonetheless!
  2. They've already gotten rid of the facemask stripes so no need to address those. But: Maybe make the helmet stripes a touch smaller Dump the bronze/gold whatever color it is White w/orange outlined numbers on the black jerseys Straighten out the sleeve stripes and make them big but not big enough to take up the whole sleeve cap Don't cut off the pants stripe. Do those things and you could have a modern take on the popular Retro Benny uniforms.
  3. yes it is. I'm kinda surprised that it took this long for someone noticed. I wasn't sure what to do about that. Both the 1st Armored Division and the Constitution use it as a nickname. I think that given the colors of Army's uniforms there wouldn't be confusion with the famous Navy Frigate. Not quite sure if there's a necessary fix for that. I think "Old Ironsides" does look better going down the pant leg than "M4 Sherman".
  4. Not crazy about the idea, but here it is nonetheless: I like the black due to legibility for the names and I personally think it looks better, but here's a version with a double green idea.
  5. Not crazy about the font choice, but the Carrier Dome inspired striping is awesome!
  6. navy and white are the only helmets they need (if they want multiple). Red can go away forever and I'd shed no tears.
  7. Simply put, the rest of the 3 sports with their Army/Navy Game uniforms. Let me know what you think and we can get back on track with the teams.
  8. Somehow forgot about the stitching so yes get rid of that too.
  9. If they did that, then the uniforms would be levels better than they are now. The only other change they need is a smaller wordmark on the chest of the jerseys.
  10. I found myself rooting for Blaine this past tournament, mainly based on the uniforms because they're so damn good. big fan of your subtle updates. though in full honesty, as an Idaho boy, the Moorhead Spuds are probably my favorite team
  11. Okay, I think I got something to show y'all. At the moment I only have football and I know my M.O. for this thread has been four sports but I almost want to keep this one just for football due to the importance of the game in real life, but I'll see what the court of public opinion thinks. No matter who your team is throughout the regular season, we always find ourselves drawn to the TV the weekend after Championship Weekend to watch the Army-Navy game. Nike and Under Armour have done fantastic jobs in the past on the game uniforms and I can only hope to have a sliver of that same success. I'm not gonna do a whole lot of talking on these, only enough to say that my inspiration was "tools" of World War II. Instruments of War sounded so dark. My overarching idea was important devices and such that helped the US military in World War II. For Army that was the M4 Sherman Tank. For Navy it was the USS Enterprise. Let me know what you guys think and if I should extend it to the rest of the sports!
  12. Loving all these so far. So question from an outsider: is it tradition for the high school teams to use 3 "C's" rather than the the traditional C and 2 "A's"? or is that just a school by school thing? I feel like I've seen more of the former rather than the latter in pictures and from the tournament this year.
  13. So Army/Navy stuff is taking a little longer than I'd like it to. On that note, if you guys have any comments, criticism or thoughts about the recent teams, I'm welcome to hear it!
  14. this is true. probably should have made that a little clearer. Idk, I just don't see Pitt as a royal/yellow team.
  15. Am I in the minority that I think Pitt looks better in Navy than Royal Blue? Don't get me wrong the royal/yellow isn't a bad look, but IMO when I look at it I see WVU not Pitt.
  16. In my rush to get Navy posted, I managed to forget a couple Army updates: So hockey and basketballs' patches were fine, with both either being on the chest already or being on opposite shoulders. So for football, switched the positions of the flag and the division patch and I guess I can say the same for baseball. IIRC, they've also totally dropped the hexagon pattern from their overall identity. I wasn't huge on it. There was an earlier draft of their design that had a hex worked in. Maybe another post for a different thread
  17. Don't like Minnetonka's current uniforms. These are much much much better!
  18. And the ownership here in Boise has repeatedly talked about how they love the partnership between the Dallas and Texas Stars so it will be interesting to see what unfolds
  19. So to any Mizzou fans, I apologize but you've been jumped. All the talk about the Army-Navy game uniforms, and then designing Army w/o any Army-Navy Game uniforms made me realize how stupid that was. So before we actually get to any A/N game uniforms, we have to cover the second half of the teams. Much like Army, who is a football independent but plays all other Div. 1 Sports in the Patriot League, for sake of this thread, imagine that Navy plays all sports in the AAC. Football - For football, while I am a fan of the six stripe for the six fleets motif but I feel like there could still be more to the uniform. So to counter that I added the anchor logo to the shoulders with a navy stripe on the away uniforms. Helmets remain pretty much the same that I'm aware of. Pants have a wide stripe with the N-Star logo on the hip, with the Eagle Globe & Anchor on the front hip. Much like the land based counterparts, no white pants for the normal rotation of uniforms. So now to counter the Dress Grey uniforms for Army, Navy will rock the Summer Whites. While the uniform was made with Under Armour, I added some quirks from the Nike A/N Game uniforms, namely the fonts and the helmet design. As to how the stripes work: "Freshmen will wear uniforms that feature only an anchor on the shoulder and pant leg, but with no stripes, sophomores will have one diagonal stripe, juniors will get two diagonal stripes and seniors will have one parallel stripe. Then the captains will wear a star and three parallel stripes, which is the rank of a midshipmen lieutenant." So for all the Summer White uniforms, I chose to illustrate the captain's stripes. Hockey - On the ice, the six stripes take a bit more precedence as the anchor wasn't enough IMO to be the focal point on the sleeves. Nevertheless, Anchors on the shoulders, full N-Star logo on the chest. Gold helmets for both home and away. Pants are navy and navy alone with a gold stripe down the side with the N-Star in the stripe. Socks have the fleet stripes on them as well. Now to the elephant in the design. The idea behind the Summer Whites which necessitate the use of white pants. Yes I am a former hockey player. Yes I am well aware of the "stigma" behind white pants. I understand they would get very dirty very quickly and lose their "white appearance". If they were to be worn with the full time away uniform then I would probably welcome any and all criticism about it, however give that it is for use as an alternate uniform, I think that in this instance, white pants would be okay. Baseball - For baseball, same designs apply. For the chest, I saw several pictures with just the N-Star on the chest with a number and to me that looked much better than NAVY spelled out across the chest. Pants just have a single stripe down the pant leg. Summer Whites appear very similarly to the rest of them. Not much to say there. Basketball - Basketball felt a bit tricky to me, But I think I got it to work. Anchor designs on the shoulders, NAVY on the chest of both home/away uniforms. Fleet stripes on the hem of the shorts. Wide stripes at the bottom of the shorts with the N-Star on the side of the shorts, in the stripes. Summer White uniform design gets applied to the basketball uniforms. C&C welcome and now begins the fun part!
  20. The Pens uniforms work because there is contrast between the black and yellow (gold?). The Flyers uniforms fail because there is no contrast between the orange and the black. They need white on those uniforms badly. Also, can we not do the massive logos on the helmets ever again?
  21. It works for football because there's minimal interruption across the shell of the helmet. It doesn't work for hockey because there is :censored: ton of interruption across the shell of the helmet.
  22. Very true. like i said, I have little connection to MnHS hockey so most of the teams i see are the tourney teams.
  23. My only connection to Minnesota HS hockey is a cousin who lives there and watches the tournament. But they have some of the best hockey uniforms around: East Grand Forks: I love the simplicity of these. Gives off an old time feel to it. Eden Prairie: plus the classics like Edina. Minnetonka has a clean look. minnesota really has it lucky with their hockey
  24. Really? Oof. the Steelheads attendance is meh at best. I'd hate to see them get promoted and then get moved to a new city because they don't meet the parent club's expectations.