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  1. "We wanted to pay homage to the long tradition of LA radio shows with AM/FM tuner numbers, the Rams are what we want everyone to be talking about during the hustle and bustle of LA traffic."
  2. Wanted to show off a quick version of what @upperV03 brought up with the gradient numbers + the segmented numbers @Buc with Iowa State
  3. lol, Actually i think some creepy realistic eyes like Grievous are exactly what they need
  4. With the color scheme the Rams chose And with the color scheme whoever made it wanted it to be
  5. was trying to think about how you keep a pewter helm, but still have the creamsicle kinda work this was a very rough, slapped together idea, (I don't have the time to make a polished version) but what if they went the Navy helmet route and had a white portion at the bottom of the helmet with a stipe (I'm sure if they did this it would be scabbard shaped) that way the pewter helmet isnt just sitting on top of the creamsicle uniform looking like Wednesday Adams at summer camp. You can change out the facemask to be black/pewter or otherwise for the home red uniform..
  6. It's the ownership (or whomever in each building is making the decision) I think those in-house decision makers always get off the hook, despite them probably sharing the majority of the blame. Each team has the power to reign Nike in. Many didn't. Yeah maybe nike shouldn't be putting stuff forward that isn't great. But when you get something like "Make it, cool, make it slick, modern, bold" you kinda just have to see what sticks. I think winning also helps. Seattle had mixed reviews when it got unveiled, but it coincided with the Wilson/Legion of Boom era really kicking off in full force. Overall I think more teams should either slightly modernize their classic look (Vikings) or try to make a bold unified vision for the uniform, ...I think the Seahawks fall in this one. You get into problems when you just throw random stuff together (all the detailing of the titans) or gimmicky (The Bucs' numbers, two tone helmet, like every design decision on the Browns redesign)
  7. standalone yeah it looks pretty nice, wonder if it'd look odd with the very matte uniforms.
  8. they have been pretty solid overall, though each has at least one random element they don't need. Think the Bucs. Browns and first Jags were the only full on fails. (though besides the two-toned helmet the 1st Jags redo was fine I thought.) Dolphins was so bland, but they've done well tweaking it.
  9. love these Unis, if Nike would do metallics it would be great for an alternate and still kinda work with midnight green
  10. Love that your Falcons one was almost exactly what the jets new uni is, but better and different colors (obv) Like the bold changes to some of the color schemes
  11. More times for us casuals I guess...
  12. I wonder if this is going to be a league wide thing (like the throwbacks everyone had for the 75th)
  13. every way I've ever seen it done or tried to make work looks awful...they'd need to revise the midnight and not go with a pure Kelly