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  1. Can only dream the Eagles go with something like that. Good job updating the Vermeil era unis.
  2. During the Pre-Nike template the color was highly contingent on lighting. The teal notes would come out and give it that almost feather like quality. They also always showed water/sweat distinctly compared to now. The Nike does that color change effect too from a bright 1 o'clock game to a Sunday night game under the lights, but the color is uniform throughout so it's different. The current color matches what the fan apparel color has been more or less. There is finally some semblance of uniformity to the color. But yeah I wish it was closer to the old color, if not just totally redo it,
  3. I think the current green has gone a little too teal to look great in practice. when you do it on a color palette it kinda looks ok. The problem is the helmet. That being either green kind of takes over the look. They could maybe get away with a version of the old green as like a tertiary color to lighten up the look a bit. Not a great look but you could I suppose. But you'd need the helmet rule to go away to do the throwbacks. That or go back to a white helmet or do a silver one. But it think most people don't want that. If and when they do add Kelly green back to the colors officially...I always thought changing the Eagle's eye would be the most subtle way of doing it.. But it's so subtle, why bother unless they do integrate it into the scheme somehow.
  4. I'm right there with you as a fan. Bring back Silver and I'm fine with sticking with the Midnight Green. Plus it keeps a unifying element between the main uniforms and the Kelly Green throwbacks (whenever the helmet rule gets changed) I think that alt idea would look really nice as an additional alt look with the kelly green. Could wear it on the road too.
  5. I hope not. I just don't get why it was added to the color scheme otherwise. Why do that for just a swoosh on the white jersey? It's not like they needed make it official to use it in graphics/social media. Especially it being black. A bunch of teams use alternate colors for that, Eagles come to mind with the neon kelly green they use. Just me speculating, it's the least obvious ones of all those I mentioned.
  6. My guess is next year they will have a navy helmet if the one shell rule does get overturned. A lot of these teams seem like they intentionally left an opening for a second helmet color within their new looks. Falcons with Red, Pats with White for a Pat Patriot throwback, Bucs with White for a Creamsicle throwback. Unfortunately the Colts potentially having an All black alt. And now the Chargers with Navy. So the bolts would all be consistent then. The Numbers being White might've just been a readability issue for broadcast. The thin yellow outline not reading as well.
  7. the only thing is they said they want cohesion throughout the brand with the horn design, so it leads you to think the right could be the case. Potentially even with the gradient. I don't think just because it wasn't the case before that it's outside the realm of possibility now.
  8. Yea it's super small, it's crazy that it's still the 4th or 5th most households in the US. Tv deals get weird in the middle of the state between the Steelers/Ravens/Eagles Like if they are all playing a 1 o'clock game it throws it all off by county. In Lancaster you used to lose the Fox/CBS feed but get PHL17. I think Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York officially is a split territory with Baltimore. It was nice to move closer to the city and not have to deal with it anymore a couple years ago.
  9. "We wanted to pay homage to the long tradition of LA radio shows with AM/FM tuner numbers, the Rams are what we want everyone to be talking about during the hustle and bustle of LA traffic."
  10. Wanted to show off a quick version of what @upperV03 brought up with the gradient numbers + the segmented numbers @Buc with Iowa State
  11. lol, Actually i think some creepy realistic eyes like Grievous are exactly what they need
  12. With the color scheme the Rams chose And with the color scheme whoever made it wanted it to be
  13. was trying to think about how you keep a pewter helm, but still have the creamsicle kinda work this was a very rough, slapped together idea, (I don't have the time to make a polished version) but what if they went the Navy helmet route and had a white portion at the bottom of the helmet with a stipe (I'm sure if they did this it would be scabbard shaped) that way the pewter helmet isnt just sitting on top of the creamsicle uniform looking like Wednesday Adams at summer camp. You can change out the facemask to be black/pewter or otherwise for the home red uniform..
  14. It's the ownership (or whomever in each building is making the decision) I think those in-house decision makers always get off the hook, despite them probably sharing the majority of the blame. Each team has the power to reign Nike in. Many didn't. Yeah maybe nike shouldn't be putting stuff forward that isn't great. But when you get something like "Make it, cool, make it slick, modern, bold" you kinda just have to see what sticks. I think winning also helps. Seattle had mixed reviews when it got unveiled, but it coincided with the Wilson/Legion of Boom era really kicking off in full force. Overall I think more teams should either slightly modernize their classic look (Vikings) or try to make a bold unified vision for the uniform, ...I think the Seahawks fall in this one. You get into problems when you just throw random stuff together (all the detailing of the titans) or gimmicky (The Bucs' numbers, two tone helmet, like every design decision on the Browns redesign)