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  1. Love that your Falcons one was almost exactly what the jets new uni is, but better and different colors (obv) Like the bold changes to some of the color schemes
  2. More times for us casuals I guess...
  3. I wonder if this is going to be a league wide thing (like the throwbacks everyone had for the 75th)
  4. every way I've ever seen it done or tried to make work looks awful...they'd need to revise the midnight and not go with a pure Kelly
  5. Yeah, you go to an Eagles game, Throwbacks make up at least 35%-40%. A winged helmet is a winged aren't losing anything in that translation.
  6. Yep, and as a worker in that industry it's provided some fun looks and some disastrous ones. Has spread to track surfacing too. I'm all for it if it looks good.
  7. Someone in the trust tree there is very confused how shadows work. At least this is less noticeable than the two tone "leaping from the shadows" look that went backwards
  8. Yea it's a very small view I'm coming from, got a handful of stuff after the eagles won the super bowl and thought it all fit great and felt pretty good. Not trying to be an ambassador for the brand or anything ha They do have a very paint by numbers style across the league I see
  9. I've liked everything I've got from them, I agree they aren't always the most creative designs though.
  10. I wonder what comes of the Uniform based discussions at the owner's meeting in May. This could be a rule that changes for sure
  11. So obvious... why didn't anybody think of that sooner? perfection.
  12. just need to add a dolphin fin to the top of each and this becomes a modern classic