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  1. Rockets in 5 Thunder in 6 Blazers in 6 Warriors in 4 Raptors in 6 Cavs in 4 76ers in 5 Bucks in 7 Thunder in 7 Warriors in 5 Cavs in 6 76ers in 5 Warriors in 6 Cavs in 6 Cavs in 7 Should be fun!
  2. It is not just The Finals and Playoffs logos that have the standard NBA font, it is the NBA All-Star Logo as well. The NBA is becoming the NFL with standardizing all of their logos, and that is sad.
  3. The Cleveland Cavaliers got me thinking about their primary logo. Although it is still officially the maroon ball logo, it is rarely used on TV, or on Cavs promotions and merchandise. If I did not know any better, I would have thought that the "C" logo is the Cavs primary logo or the "C with the sword" is the primary logo. What is listed as the primary: What is usually used as the primary: The Spurs are another example of this. I rarely see the spelled out San Antonio Spurs logo, and always see the "Spur" logo associated with the team. What is listed as the primary: What is usually used as the primary: These two aren't just the only examples, and I was curious if we could come up with more of them. Not just in the NBA, but in all pro and college sports in general.
  4. There was nothing wrong with these uniforms before Steve Ballmer completely changed the Clippers look. These were clean, sleek, and very easy on the eye.
  5. Wrong uniform and number! DeAndre Jordan was briefly number 9 and had on the Elton Brand era uniforms during his rookie year.
  6. I like the logo, but don't love it. It for sure beats 2014 and 2016, that were incredibly bland, but this logo feels incomplete. Any logo that doesn't have a dark background doesn't feel complete. If you put a navg baseball diamond or a globe with that shade of navy in the background along with the trophy, it would look beautiful. Its an upgrade though compared to last year, a downgrade compared to ones some of the better post 08 ones.
  7. I hope you do not mind, but I believe my signature needs a 100% revamp. Bear with me on these changes, and I don't come off as too picky!!! -New York Nets ABA Championships (You already have it)-New Jersey Nets Division championshipsConference championships (You already have it)-New York Giants Division championshipsConference championships (You already have it)Super Bowl championships (You already have it)-New York Mets Wild Card championshipsDivision championshipsNLCS championships (You already have everything except 15)World Series championships (You already have it)-Creighton Bluejays Missouri Valley Conference ChampionshipsNCAA Tournament appearances-New Jersey Devils Division championshipsConference championships (You already have it)Stanley Cup championships (You already have it)If finding Creighton logos are a challenge, I understand. Here is an article that documents the history of Creighton logos very well. I can tell you for certain that the Script "Jays" logo was the primary from 1994-2013. Also, here is a photo of the Missouri Valley trophy: Sorry that I'm so picky, but thank you so much!!!
  8. The NCAA unveiled the 2017 Final Four logo earlier today. Just like the 2016 logo, it continues to build off the new template the NCAA implemented last year. However, unlike this year's Final Four logo, this one screams Arizona and Phoenix: I wasn't sure how I felt about the new template when the Houston logo was unveiled, but I love this logo. It is also great to see the Final Four head West of Texas. What do you guys think?
  9. The Hinkle Fieldhouse court looks absolutely gorgeous with the new logo. It's great to see one of the most prestigious college basketball venues in the country get an upgrade!
  10. According to the Butler marketing portion of their website, Butler unveiled a new primary logo as well as a new wordmark logo over the summer. Here is a link to the website: I personally think this is a decent upgrade, as all they did was modernize the old logos. What do you guys think? Here are some before and after images.
  11. I'm confused why everyone is up and arms about the swoosh being on the jersey. This is nothing new in basketball. The swoosh has been on many jerseys in college basketball with schools that have Nike as their athletic supplier. Even though NCAA basketball is different from NBA basketball, we have all seen this before in American basketball.
  12. It is a miscalculation by the marketing department. Yet, just like everybody else has said they need to make room for ads in the future. All in all, this is an unfortunate change.
  13. This: To this: Big time upgrade. 49ers uniform used to be a mess. Now its a clean and sleek look.
  14. This was already posted on the website, but I feel like it should be discussed here. Ever since 1996, a part of being in the NBA Finals was having a patch on the shoulder of the jersey. Whether it was a replica of the Larry O'Brien Trophy, The Finals logo itself, or the classy Finals script logo with the gold ball, it was always cool to see the patch on the jersey. This made it feel like it was June, and the NBA Finals. Instead, now we have the patch on the back of the jersey. I don't like this change. Overtime it will tough to recognize which moments are from the Finals, since the patch is not on the front. Even though other sports don't have the patch on the front (The World Series patch is on the sleeve in baseball), it is weird for the NBA to make this change after having the logo on the front for nearly 20 years. I understand that it is for the reason that the NBA patch is on the back of the jersey, but to put the Finals patch on the back doesn't look right in my eyes.
  15. This was already posted on the website, but the field for Super Bowl XLIX was spotted yesterday. Here are some photos of it: Two things really stand out for me. The sidelines are multicolored and have a unique triangle pattern that looks really good. Yet, something that does not look good is the Patriots endzone. I understand that the Wordmark logo has the Patirots Primary logo in it, but it leaves an annoying blank navy spot on the far right. I don't think it will grow on me in time for Super Bowl Sunday.
  16. Reebok's stretchy NFL jerseys made the numbers all screwed up from time to time.
  17. The debacle of the Twins All Star Game on field apparel continues.
  18. I'd much rather have the traditional N and A hats from MLB The Show 14 than those ugly team bases ones. The design is a bit bland, but I'd still buy it.
  19. If I could make this spot blank, I probably would.

  20. I give these hats an F. I mean come on. Either the MLB couldn't find a clever design to make an A or N style cap for the Twins, or they just got lazy. The Rangers one looks exactly like their normal hat. If I was a Twins fan I'd be ticked off at the MLB for screwing me over with these hats.
  21. Well that is disappointing to say the least.
  22. I was watching SportsCenter when they unveiled the 2014 Home Run Derby Captains, and I noticed something weird about the BP hats that Tulo and Jose Bautista had on. They had their logo on their respective team hats, but the logo was in Twins colors. So are the BP All Star hats going to have the teams logos on it but in Twins colors? Are there going to be no hats with the traditional A and N on it? Here is a picture of the two hats. Sorry that I could not get a close up on them.
  23. Oh dear....Pirates 1960 champions logo looks awful.
  24. From 1999 to 2011 the Los Angeles Kings were a consistent bottom feeder of the Western Conference in the NHL with their purple uniforms. They went back to their popular black jerseys as their primary uniform and changed their primary logo as well. 2 Stanley Cups in 3 years.
  25. This matchup isn't rare at all, it happened 2 a year for 10 yearsBut the last time on old turf! Matchups don't necessarily mean uniforms, it could be field or court designs as well. This is a rare matchup thread not rare uniform.