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  1. The Cleveland Cavaliers got me thinking about their primary logo. Although it is still officially the maroon ball logo, it is rarely used on TV, or on Cavs promotions and merchandise. If I did not know any better, I would have thought that the "C" logo is the Cavs primary logo or the "C with the sword" is the primary logo.


    What is listed as the primary:

    Image result for cavaliers logo


    What is usually used as the primary:


    Image result for cavaliers logoImage result for cavaliers logo


    The Spurs are another example of this. I rarely see the spelled out San Antonio Spurs logo, and always see the "Spur" logo associated with the team.


    What is listed as the primary:

    Image result for spurs

    What is usually used as the primary:

    Image result for spurs


    These two aren't just the only examples, and I was curious if we could come up with more of them. Not just in the NBA, but in all pro and college sports in general.


  2. I like the logo, but don't love it. It for sure beats 2014 and 2016, that were incredibly bland, but this logo feels incomplete. Any logo that doesn't have a dark background doesn't feel complete. If you put a navg baseball diamond or a globe with that shade of navy in the background along with the trophy, it would look beautiful.


    Its an upgrade though compared to last year, a downgrade compared to ones some of the better post 08 ones.

  3. I hope you do not mind, but I believe my signature needs a 100% revamp. Bear with me on these changes, and I don't come off as too picky!!!

    -New York Nets

    • ABA Championships (You already have it)

    -New Jersey Nets

    • Division championships
    • Conference championships (You already have it)

    -New York Giants

    • Division championships
    • Conference championships (You already have it)
    • Super Bowl championships (You already have it)

    -New York Mets

    • Wild Card championships
    • Division championships
    • NLCS championships (You already have everything except 15)
    • World Series championships (You already have it)

    -Creighton Bluejays

    • Missouri Valley Conference Championships
    • NCAA Tournament appearances

    -New Jersey Devils

    • Division championships
    • Conference championships (You already have it)
    • Stanley Cup championships (You already have it)

    If finding Creighton logos are a challenge, I understand. Here is an article that documents the history of Creighton logos very well. I can tell you for certain that the Script "Jays" logo was the primary from 1994-2013. Also, here is a photo of the Missouri Valley trophy:


    Sorry that I'm so picky, but thank you so much!!!

  4. preview.jpg

    2002 was the only season the Bills wore those unis on the old turf.

    This matchup isn't rare at all, it happened 2 a year for 10 years

    But the last time on old turf!

    Matchups don't necessarily mean uniforms, it could be field or court designs as well. This is a rare matchup thread not rare uniform.

  5. Something that I have never understood is the Mets retired numbers. I understand the Mets went through the late 90s and the whole 2000s with this black phase where black was a primary color for the team. Thankfully in 2012 they got rid of the black and stuck to their blue and orange. However, the retired numbers in left field did not get the message. I am 100% sure that Gil Hodges, Tom Seaver, and Casey Stengel did not have a black trim on their respective 14, 41, and 37. But the Mets still have the black trim on their numbers and it annoys the :censored: out of me. I don't mind the Shea with the black trim that much, but the numbers HAVE TO change.


  6. I am having a really hard time finding this, but in 1996 the Islanders played the Jets when the Islanders just introduced the fisherman logo. This was also the last season the Jets were in Winnipeg before they went to Phoenix. I will find a pic as soon as I find one...

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