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  1. Yes - they should add red trim to the lettering on the roads. Keep the red undershirts on the road and go back to blue undershirts at home. Bring back the old school red/blue striped socks for both sets and call it a day.
  2. I'm a Ravens fan and I think they should go with the secondary "front Facing" Raven head as the helmet and primary logo. I do not like the heckle and jekle Raven on the helmet, nor do I like the "B" on the Raven and pants leg. I also don't care for the "police shield" logo either. Put the secondary on the helmet and bring back the original full Raven on the sleeves. Oh - and bring back the black road pants (WITH stripes) and ditch the black monochromes will we're at it and we're all set.
  3. Agree completely. Then they could keep the blue pants as a road alt for something different. I remember when they had the vote for the helmet choice - I was one of the few that voted silver. The new logo and with the silver and new blues would have been a perfect tie in from past to present.
  4. Tell me about it. I feel that way about the Edward James Dome, which will be among the next to fall. I was actually also at the very first event at Market Square Arena as well - a Glen Campbell concert in 1974! (I was 11. My mom made me go.) You're allowed to admit you like Glen Campbell. When you do so, it will be gentle on your mind. By the way, the next time you go to Phoenix, I wonder if she'll be risin' by the time you get there. LOL - wonder how many here caught that one. Very 70's - so cheesy it was funny.
  5. Okay - you've got me there Pantone! Guess I'm showing my age a bit eh?
  6. Okay - based on tradition, the basic Browns unis are classic. I even love the seal brown/burnt orange combo. However, what makes the Brown's unis work is tradition and balance of the colors. come on - no stripe. What did they do? Stop halfway? No pun intended here - but you know the saying "you can't polish a turd". Well, not only are they trying to "polish" a turd, they are "emphasizing it".
  7. Agreed that this is by far their best look. Maybe it's my age but the black, pinstripes and current font have never said "Astros" to me. Who would have thought that the day would come when the rainbow throwbacks would actually look "good"? They should go with Navy, burnt orange and silver and come up with a font similar to the 1994 jerseys with burnt orange being the primary and cap color.
  8. Can someone please explain to me why it is so difficult for the Saints to get this right! Those throwback jerseys and the old gold are gorgeous. Why can't they see what everyone else sees and why can't a professional NFL team (looking at you too Dallas) match their colors???
  9. I noticed the Orioles numbers as well. These were more of a 1983 variety. IIRC - the O's numbers in '79 - both front and back - were of a smaller size/font than when the made them larger sometime in the early '80s. Sorry - have no pics to back this up. Anyone ouy there have one from '79?
  10. "I love you, you love me, we're a great big bunch of ugly Barnies"
  11. agree with the argument that it's not technicaly part of their current color scheme. However, it is a part of the teams history and, after all, isn't it an upgrade over the black they pulled out for a few years??
  12. Wow - they have one of the best uniforms in all of football - NFL included - and they feel they have to go and do this. Unreal what some will do to whore themselves out to make a few extra bucks !
  13. As a Ravens fan and a lifelong Maryland native, I agree with the premise for this concept. I too, dislike the cluttered look of the uniforms and the plethora of alternate logos that are used. That said, although a true raven is black with purple highlights, I think the Ravens do a great job of balancing the black with the purple. I love the black helmet/purple jersey contrast and actually dislike their all black monochrome alts. IMO, the best Ravens logo is the "face forward" Raven which I think would make for a better helmet logo. I'd ditch the heckle and jeckle cartoon logo as well as the "B" logo and shield logo and bring back the full "wings spread" secondary that adorned the sleeves from '96-'99. As for the alts, I'd wear the black jerseys twice a year only but with the white pants. I'd also bring back the black pants to be worn on occasion for the road and, for those who must have the monochrome fix, wear the purple home jersey with the black pants on occasion, harking back to the inaugural season with Vinnie Testaverde and Michael Jackson. "Tee-hee-hee".