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  1. You may be right. Left is Nola 2018 right is Nola 2019
  2. Haven't seen it mentioned but the Phillies are back to their original jersey font instead of the bold font they used the last couple years.
  3. I bet one day it will be. Clearly the better look and a missed oppertunity
  4. There is a potential jets leak on reddit but idk how to share it.
  5. shane victorino does this during the world baseball classic for team usa.
  6. Baseball player should stop wearing gloves and helmets because they weren't part of the original uniform!!! And let's go back to wool uniforms, that's the way baseball uniforms SHOULD be made. High socks look 100x better than stirups.
  7. ugh, i hate being reminded of that uniform.
  8. Any of these throwbacks, most specifically the second to the left as that has always been my favorite Angels look. Their current look is awful IMO.
  9. Does anyone realize that bobcats aren't blue?
  10. the bucks. Also I don't think the Thunder need a complete overhaul, their colors and uniforms are fine IMO. They just need a better logo.