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    I also have a big interest in Victorian and Canadian Military history.
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  1. Honestly, the Blues look great with red. and before people say that they are the blues, they should be blue and not red, I will draw attention to the fact that they were named after blues music and not the colour. Plus rocking all 3 primary colours like this is actually a great look. maybe a thin yellow stripe above the red stripe on the pants for balancing and this is a real winner.
  2. Also bring the first real home team in Super Bowl history it would be a no brainer. But overall not digging this overall redness from the two teams. (Dammit Green Bay!) but this is my preferred look: Two main reasons, Contrasting pants (I :censored:ing hate all white or monochrome looks like the Saint's) and we have already seen it this year and it looks great.
  3. That's not a fake, that was a lack of quality control by CCM for not using the right crest but now looks cannon.
  4. I dig the red but maybe with white stripes? Also the white should have been that all along.
  5. Ottawa Having 3 separate looks from 2000-2007 was their best look.
  6. Keeping the CFL theme, the Eskimos sadly won the cup in their modern classic uniforms in 2015 Before the league switched to Adidas for 2016 and being fed their words that year by Ottawa, twice.
  7. I need to know where to get one of those.
  8. Don't forget the Americans too, so that's 3 teams that had the same colour scheme at the same time.
  9. The solution to that is a have 3 jerseys a red one, a black one and a white one, this is the way.
  10. 2. Ottawa Senators: The Sens need a complete brand refresh from the ground up. The colors are bland as hell with the red-white-black color scheme being overused in the NHL and it working worst for them. Their logo is a new level of yuck & outdated and needs to be changed as soon as possible. The uniforms are just bland as hell, nothing criminal but they're dated and so so boring. Just a painfully boring brand that needs a complete change I respectfully disagree on the Red-Black-White, that is Ottawa colours, we were the first Red-Black-White team in the NHL so no, that ain't going anywhere. I agree with the rest.
  11. What was the top one, the photo isn't there.