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    I like playing Hockey, Canadian Football, Rugby and Curling.
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    Ottawa Senators (NHL)
    B-Sens (AHL)
    Pembroke Lumber Kings (CJHL)

    Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)
    Green Bay Packers (NFL)

    I play Rugby for the Town of Mount Royal Royals and Curling for the Saint Lambert Curling Club.

    I also have a big interest in Victorian and Canadian Military history.
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    1992-2007 Ottawa Senators primary
    2002-2005 Ottawa Renegades primary
    2014-pres Ottawa REDBLACKS primary
    1920 Team Canada
    2011-pres Winnipeg Jets primary
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    Ottawa Senators, Ottawa REDBLACKS, Green Bay Packers.

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  1. What was the top one, the photo isn't there.
  2. The CFL had American teams and it kinda worked? Oh... And Ottawa is gone.
  3. I miss the triple stripped sock. It was just one of those things that just was cause It was with Toronto. Just like the mis-matched home and away for Montreal or Boston having gold socks for their black. It just was and it was character to them.
  4. I get that there is colour overlap, doesn't mean I need to like it. I'm just giving my opinion on it.
  5. I just don't like it when teams have the same main colours, I get the Yellow for KC is different than San Fran's gold but I just don't like that look.
  6. Not gonna lie, that Super Bowl was bad on the eyes. Not that the uniforms were ugly, for from it. Pit San Fran vs Tenn or KC vs GB and those uniforms would have looked great! just too much similar colours going on.
  7. Super Bowl 31 is the best looking Super Bowl for me.
  8. Hoping for a glorious Rough Rider Throwback.
  9. The Packers are getting a new retro alt. Hoping it looks like this:
  10. I think they should bring back the horse head.
  11. Russ Jackson did it in the 1969 Grey Cup, This probably was the standard practice up until the adoption of the hand warmers.