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  1. Best flames uniform, the retro one seems a bit 80's? Dated? it's fine as a retro but it's just a part of the clunky era where goalies looked like they couldn't fill the net for :censored:.
  2. Not sure how popular this opinion is but the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2012-15 away uniform was one of the best in the CFL as it being gold and not white added some character and colour to CFL games. Case in point the labour day game in 2007: vs the game in 2014: I think the 2014 one is the best even though right now the 2016-present looks good with the royal blue now being prominent: The gold based is just next level and looks good vs all teams as it's not just a generic white jersey but one with character.
  3. While the topic of the Als new unis are still fresh, this is the best Uniform set the Alouettes have ever worn:
  4. This is one for the Database, October 20th 2001 Montreal vs Calgary,
  5. This is an undocumented one off. October 20th 2001 Montreal vs Calgary, I get what Calgary is wearing though with the wrong pants, but what is Montreal wearing? I've seen nothing like it.
  6. Adidas logo is covered.
  7. The Green Bay Packers have only worn white once vs the Cowboys, 2007 week 13.
  8. Montreal Canadiens Away jersey.
  9. With Madden you can come up with better uni combos like the Browns I go full orange when it's colour rush.
  10. The yearly comment hoping for the Ottawa signature uniform coming back and also a Rough Rider 70's throwback.
  11. Hey, can you add a few updates please? Ottawa Senators Stanley Cups: 1903, 1904, 1906 and 1910 Ottawa REDBLACKS 2018 East division championship Thanks.
  12. I feel like the logo should have gold in it, either the Sabers should be gold or an outline but especially on the home as it looks out of place and takes away from the design.
  13. The Browns in white over brown with the orange socks is the best look they have, this should be their default road look. It is 100 times better than the complete white ensemble they normally go with although I agree with you on the Ravens but an attempt to contrast their uniform elements is better than all black with yoga pants.