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  1. I think the American expansion is when teams started looking like each other, the Ti-Cats and Argos had the same design going on with big logo on the shoulder and striping on the sleeve, the Riders and Stamps looked like each other for a bit till the Stamps went with the aforementioned ti-cats Argos look for their away. it’s been a while since the CFL has started using templates. Even has basic as the 90’s were the start of it.
  2. Every league is guilty of similar designs and the CFL is the biggest culprit with the most templated league in the big 6.
  3. Ottawa fully released a new away along with the Alt. The home is the same. The Away brings back the plaid and the Alt looks better in full uniform.
  4. REDBLACKS Alt leaked. Really shouldn’t have worn this vs Calgary. Like at all. Could use a stripe on the arm, interested in seeing the numbers though.
  5. It’s too simple for it’s own good. As a jersey on its own it’s bland, the gold part of the uniform completes it but if they were to add the drop shadow it would add the necessary depth in look that would carry it and would look good on it’s own.
  6. I have to say it, the 49ers need to add the drop shadow to their uniforms. Keep the gold helmet and gold pants but add drop shadow to their numbers.
  7. When you try to scrub clean the racist name from your branding but you scrub a little too clean and screw it up entirely. now someone posted solid yellow numbers and a name and honestly that doesn’t look half bad. Keeps a retro vibe going from the 5-peat but still looks pleasing and less intrusive on the overall look as the white numbers do.
  8. Oh hell yeah! Give me a legit one of that!
  9. Just the lighting but the crest is wrong
  10. When the Colts “new” uniforms debuted last year they still had the 51 template, I think someone asked the Colts and it’s a team preference.
  11. That’s another cool idea for an NHL jersey line. A prototype line. That teams would wear a prototype jersey from their history. No matter how stupid or bombastic it would be. Or they could just do an adidas jersey line. I’d buy it.
  12. Still sticking to the Elite 51 template I see.
  13. I mean most of the CCM V-series was inaccurate when you think about it. None more so than the only Ottawa one they made (outside the Alfredsson jersey retirement line) and it pissed me off when I first saw it working at Icejerseys and It still pisses me off now. but those CCM vintage sweaters were a thing of beauty, I have two (the Maroons one and a Sens one) and they are amazing to wear in the fall and spring time. They also fit snuggly as the Maroons one is a size small and the Sens one is and XL but realistically the XL one is like a large 550 but snugger on the shoulders and underarm.
  14. The NHL needs to bring back the CCM vintage sweater line and get all the pre-O6 teams like the Tigers, Americans, Pirates, Quakers, Bulldogs, Wanderers, Eagles, as those are all the ones I’m missing.
  15. I think 2003-04 was the best the NHL has ever looked. Sure we loose a bit with the Coyotes having switched to their boring look that year but this was also the year of the Vintage jersey program so that balances it out. The Mighty Ducks were still around, there were many of the cool Alts still left too. It was a great year and probably a lot more memorable with the lockout the next year but still, the NHL looked so amazing in 2003-04.
  16. Yeah but Ottawa’s brand is a black helmet. There is no silver helmets, and yeah white doesn’t work for them but this is their look.
  17. Shame cause the CFL needs to start being serious about merchandise. There is no centralized CFL store and the exposer is always last to everything. If they want to make money then they need to grow through merch.
  18. It was also like when Hamilton finally added back the yellow stripe to their helmet. It’s a nice touch that contrasted well vs Ottawa cause just on helmets alone they are the same, but added team colour to it and it contrasts especially at night. I’d prefer Ottawa getting stripes too but not really a big fan of one colour helmets.
  19. The Lions best helmet was their 60’s throwback, but the new helmet with stripes I thought was great, no stripes and it’s bland. Plus they need to stick to black pants at home. a splash of white was a welcomed addition but the black pants add the proper contrast in elements. The orange works well with the away but that was when they had an orange or white helmet.
  20. No way Ottawa gets a silver helmet. Montreal should be silver.
  21. And most importantly the Atlanta Flames alt captain patch.
  22. Those best be on ice jerseys if you are going to pay 1000$ for a jersey. Even if it’s for charity.
  23. Well BenH was talking on the r/hockeyjerseys discord about the orders coming in September and says that’s when he will receive his shipment of Kraken jerseys but normally they are always shipped out late to everywhere that don’t the NHL store or the team stores for exclusivity rights. So I would imagine they would go on sale on August?
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