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  1. So you'll be doing all teams in NBA and NHL? I ask because I'd like an updated Anaheim Ducks with this year's division title added lol. Also I'll want the Thunder one when its updated as well haha
  2. I know there's already a Ravens one but could I have one with the Wild Cards added? Same way with the Orioles one that you're currently working on? And could I have one for West Virginia University: Women's Basketball NCAA Tournament appearancesWomen's Basketball 2014 Big 12 Regular Season ChampionsMen's Basketball NCAA Tournaments(Final Four, Elite Eight, Sweet Sixteen, etc.)I know the WVU one may be a bit crowded so if need be there can be one for women and men's basketball instead of just one. Thanks.
  3. I was deep in going through my old stuff to see what soccer cups I had before realizing you specified which cups you wanted. I'm pretty sure I already have all the standard soccer cups from doing Man City and Barcelona back when I first did this thread, but now that I look back at your choices... I'm not sure what you're referring to. I'm mostly unfamiliar with the structure of international soccer leagues. I see an FA Cup, but no FC Cup. And in terms of League Titles, I'm unsure if you just mean being at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the season, or winning an actual cup, since none of the cups I see Liverpool winning say they're anything but an open cup that allows entrants from more than their league. Sorry I'm a bit confuzzled. If you could just point out which one of these you want me to include, it'll probably only take a sec. Hehehe. You know, I forgot to include that when I was messing with everything, since it's not a championship trophy, and considered adding it and reuploading the image, but it was already 7AM, and I'd been uploading for three hours (since this board has a restriction on how quickly you can post after your previous post), I decided to just include scoring trophies in my description. I've actually got the President's Trophy done back in the old thread when Drakonis requested it: Lol. That one actually looks better, with nothing looking like it's missing, haha.
  4. Hey Silent. As I've told you before, I modify my own signature when needed lol. But I saw on the new sample banner picture that u don't have one for the NHL's President Trophy so I made one. Here ya go to use for those who want one for their teams. Enjoy. The 86 is for the year it started lol.
  5. This is my spreadsheet on who won how many super bowls in how many trips. I used the whatifsports.com site to determine this, using the correct teams by year and alternating home/away teams. I didn't take into account anything else. This is the result lol. I was surprised to see Minnesota win a couple as well as the Rams and maybe the Eagles also. It was no surprise that New England won all their super bowls along with San Francisco winning as many as they did (San Fran matched what they did in real life as well as the Patriots). The scores that whatifsports.com generated: There was one shutout, in Super Bowl XII with Minnesota blanking the Raiders 16-0.There were a few teams that dominated their opponents:Super Bowl I - Dallas beat Buffalo 42-14 Super Bowl IV - Oakland beat Cleveland 42-7 Super Bowl VIII - Oakland beat Dallas 33-7 SB XV - San Diego beat Dallas 47-23 SB XXXV - Oakland beat Minnesota 48-15There were also quite a few games where the score was decided by 3 points or less.If anyone's interested in what all 48 different final scores were, pm me and i'll send you the file I have. Also if anyone is curious to the fonts used in the above graphic, yes they are the current or as current as can be fonts each team uses today.
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