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  1. Local reporter claims Timberwolves uniforms will be unveiled after the draft but before free agency starts - likely late June.
  2. Timberwolves Twitter account claims that the new logo will "pull inspiration" from the original logo.
  3. The new logo will be unveiled April 11 during halftime of the final home game.
  4. FWIW, this is a totally unsubstantiated rumor from a guy on a Timberwolves message board who claims to have a connection at New Era:
  5. From the season ticket holder website, possibly the new tree pattern:
  6. Minnesota sports radio personality Mike Mussman just stated that the Vikings would be wearing black jerseys this season when interviewing Everson Griffen and then followed it up with something along the lines of "oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that on the air." FWIW.
  7. Apologies in advance if this has already been mentioned re: Minnesota Twins, but: Dave St. Peter ‏@TwinsPrez 6m 6 minutes agoDave St. Peter Retweeted Lucas Klaehn New red jerseys and caps added to home uniform mix.
  8. Vikings Twitter account just posted a picture of the purple pants. https://twitter.com/...4589569/photo/1 Note the width of the stripes. If anyone is so inclined to upload the image so that it can be posted here, please go ahead.
  9. The pant stripe is nice. I am happy to be wrong about my prediction that it thickened at the bottom. But the white shoulder stripe is completely consistent with what we saw on the reflected image Tuesday. It doesn't look as bad as I imagined, but still pretty pointless. I don't think the pant stripe and sleeve strip go together all that well, but its looks fine. The decision on the numbers is just so odd. 90%+ of comments in this thread state they like the uni design overall but hate / dislike / don't care for / are confused by the number font. I've heard the exact same thing from people I've talked to in Minneapolis over the last couple days. Did they not focus group this design? How the hell did those spike serifs on the first digit only make it into the final design? UGH!
  10. A half-matte-half-glossy helmet would certainly be in line with Nike's whole "traditional blended with modern" concept for the Vikes. That said, there's no f'ing chance.
  11. I agree that photo suggests the pant stripe may be the same as the teaser (although the straight-on angle suggests a much wider yellow stripe). But that would make the flared shoulder stripe look all the more ridiculous. Why on earth would they try to incorporate/update an element of the '06-'12 design - universally loathed by sportslogos.com devotees and Vikings rubes alike - into the new Nike "traditional meets modern" design? It's almost as bad as the inexcusable dual-font spikey numbers. I had such high hopes for these uniforms. Nike and/or the Vikings definitely dropped the ball. But, at the end of the day, we are the Minnesota Vikings. The world constantly :censored:s on us and we take it in stride. A healthy dose of Te'o and Robert Woods tomorrow night would go a long way to alleviating this uniform-induced pain. Skol.
  12. Lafarge, in lieu of quoting all that text, I will simply respond. As to your evidentiary concerns, there is only one photo of the side/back of the uniform. This single photo shows what appears to the be Vikings shoulder stripe, although through the reflection off of a "dark mirror" with potential for distortion. From that single photo, it certainly appears as though the white stripe angles/flares upward as it approaches the back of the jersey. That same photo also shows a consistently thin yellow stripe and a minimally distorted Vikings helmet horn in close proximity to the aforementioned flared white stripe. It would certainly be odd if the white stripe was drastically distorted by the mirror whereas the yellow stripe, a mere inch below, was completely unaffected by the mirror. Plus the uniform teaser conclusively demonstrates that the white stripe is thicker than the yellow stripe - I am surprised none of us picked up on this when the teaser was released. If you don't want to see speculation and occasional overreaction, you've likely come to the wrong place. "eing all crazy about finding out what uniforms look like before anyone else does" is part of what we do. Its why we have been discussing these uniform changes for that past few months. This is particularly true for the Vikings, who designed a month long campaign specifically to drum up interest and motivate the fan base to speculate on what the final product will look like. And you have a problem with "concepts based on pretty much every single piece of information gained?" Weird, I thought that was the point. As a practicing attorney, I will advise you that basing assumptions/hypotheses/conclusions/etc. on the totality of the information gained is a very good thing. In fact, it is what we get paid (exorbitantly) for. You sound frustrated. Maybe you like dual-font spikey-serif number font treatments, so the backlash is rubbing you the wrong way. But don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon. If I am to blame for your frustration, I apologize. I stated some of my opinions more strongly that I otherwise would have, because I wanted to elicit some reaction and hopefully motivate someone to prove me wrong - because I absolutely hate all of design choices that are suggested by yesterday’s leaks. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and now my fears will likely be confirmed tomorrow. P.S. xmichaelp - if we wanted to jump to conclusions, we had no choice but to do it fast. The leaks came out less than 72 hours before the unveiling. I don't think anyone is taking any of the mock ups as fact, most are actually discrediting them. But I stand by my opinion that the final design will fall somewhere between my MS Paint crap and oldschoolvikings design.
  13. We've known the old jerseys sucked since the spring of 2006. We just learned these new jerseys suck a little over 24 hours ago. I wouldn't call it overreacting, I would call it disappointment. The teasers suggested a traditional uniform design with maybe a couple minor modern elements (e.g. a matte helmet). But it looks like we got an awkward mismatch / combination of traditional and modern elements, and it doesn't work. At all. As a Vikings fan, I am upset with Nike's dumb ideas and Zygi's willingness to go along with those ideas. I was planning on buying an authentic AP for my wife and I shortly after the unveil. Now I will wait (in vain, no doubt) hoping that the dual-font number design is abandoned. If it is not, I don't see myself buying a jersey, which is sad. At least they got the logo right, I guess.
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