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  1. Local reporter claims Timberwolves uniforms will be unveiled after the draft but before free agency starts - likely late June.
  2. Timberwolves Twitter account claims that the new logo will "pull inspiration" from the original logo.
  3. The new logo will be unveiled April 11 during halftime of the final home game.
  4. FWIW, this is a totally unsubstantiated rumor from a guy on a Timberwolves message board who claims to have a connection at New Era:
  5. From the season ticket holder website, possibly the new tree pattern:
  6. Color comparison:
  7. Minnesota sports radio personality Mike Mussman just stated that the Vikings would be wearing black jerseys this season when interviewing Everson Griffen and then followed it up with something along the lines of "oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that on the air." FWIW.
  8. Major League Soccer registered “Minnesota FC” as the new name for the state’s professional soccer team, according to filings in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Feb. 18.
  9. The team has hinted since the MLS announcement that the plan is to keep the logo and colors. Even if the name changed (which I personally hope it does - "Minnesota North FC" anyone?) I would have to imagine the logo stays unless for some reason the MLS wants it to change. And why would they? The logo is beautiful and fits with the overall asthetic of the league.
  10. Apologies in advance if this has already been mentioned re: Minnesota Twins, but: Dave St. Peter ‏@TwinsPrez 6m 6 minutes agoDave St. Peter Retweeted Lucas Klaehn New red jerseys and caps added to home uniform mix.
  11. There has been no official announcement yet, but shortly after the draft Timberwolves GM/Coach Flip Saunders commented "we need new jerseys" in an interview with Dan Barreiro on Minnesota sports radio station KFAN. I would imagine a large majority of Timberwolves fans, and NBA fans in general, agree with Flip's statement. The current branding is too busy, not very aesthetically pleasing, and has grown stale. Given that Flip is the GM and a close friend of owner Glen Taylor, I think its say to assume new uniforms will be coming within the next few years (hopefully after the Nike takeover). As the team has completely re-vamped the roster and now has a promising young core, the timing is right. With respect to the logo, there have been rumors recently that the team will tweak the shade of blue and move toward the a slightly modified Wolf head logo (sans trees and word mark) as its primary. That logo was placed on the team's new practice court at Mayo Clinic Square: The (IMHO) beautiful secondary logo will apparently be reserved for the team's season ticket / VIP "Hardwood Club". I will continue to post official and unofficial updates on this thread as the process gets underway.
  12. I have confirmed with someone in the organization that the shade of blue is being tweaked. The block lettering is likely only for the practice court which "has its own unique branding." Also there will be no new uniforms this years. I doubt kelly green will be making any comeback as if was taken off the uniforms years ago and then logo with the green trees is beginning to be phased out. I agree the look its too Mavericksy and generic, but the Wolves are in desperate need of a more classy / grown-up branding. This is a step in the right direction.
  13. I spoke with my "source" in the organization and he confirmed the blue is indeed changing. I am thrilled to hear confirmation on this because the old blue was terrible. I wish they would increase the use of gray as well given that wolves are indeed gray. Still holding out some hope for that. Unfortunately it was also confirmed that there will be no new uniforms, and the block font will likely only be used on the practice court. Apparently the practice court has its "own unique branding." That said, the change in color is definitely a step in the right direction to start the de-cartoonification of the Wolves brand.
  14. I received rather unfortunate (IMHO) response to my query about the TWolves logo change: The focus now is the move more towards the partial primary to be the main fan-facing logo. That is the Wolf head without the trees. The secondary logo (wolf howling at the moon) will mainly be used for our membership program, newly coined as the "Hardwood Club" The primary logo (wolf head with trees in background) will still remain as the official primary logo, just will be rarely used.
  15. Can someone please clarify where the TWolves information / rumor is coming from? Back in late-2012 I had a conversation on Twitter with the director of digital media for the TWolves and I asked when will they finally adopt that awesome alternate logo as the primary. He responded as follows: "That is a great question. I also prefer the secondary logo and wordmark, but there is still a lot of love internally for the primary still… I know there has been talk of the logo switch, but I wouldn't expect it anytime soon, I would think." In light of this new rumor, I just sent a message following up on this issue. But if anyone has more information to share I'd love to hear it. As others have mentioned, this is a perfect time to rebrand. The old uniforms are quite stale but new uniforms based on the alternate logo could be a very strong identity. I also think it would be nice to emphasize grey much more because Wolves are, in fact, grey.