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  1. The Marlins, Twins, Rays and Diamondbacks are still worse... The Indians while a bit boring are still looking way better than these guys. Other than that MLB is in great shape.
  2. The Phillies mention caught me off guard. I've been there about five times but couldn't remember on the spot. Seats are royal blue, right?
  3. I can't believe they're still trying to shove it down our throats...
  4. Nope and there's a lot of blue in there while black is pretty much nowhere to be found. I'm not worried about Petco still looking great next season.
  5. PNC Park is beige and blue with blue seats and every Pirates game I attended looked absolutely stunning...
  6. So refreshing to see a team not wearing blue, red and/or black.
  7. I'd be all for it but I'm sure they're not considering it since they wouldn't cash in as much with a "rebrand" featuring an existing hat.
  8. Can these two concepts be any more different?
  9. Sorry but that's still ain't justifying a minor leaguish full time alternate uniform that has nothing to do with the team brand.
  10. NYC is full of brave cops and firefighters. Would it justify the Yankees wearing NYPD and FDNY themed uniforms every Sunday? Are their fans supporting their team anyway? Are they enjoying going to games anyway? I'm sure the Yankees are respecting these guys just as much. Honoring the military isn't the problem as stated, MLB offers plenty of occasions to pay respect, deviating that much from their brand is.
  11. Was referring to this : The identity of the city is just as important as the nickname. Honestly BringBacktheVet is right on. If they want to wear camo they should rebrand otherwise they should stick to their brand (as weak as it's been). It's not AA where you can be the Flying Tacos once a week.
  12. And I guess these guys wouldn't support the Padres if they were wearing regular baseball uniforms on Sundays?
  13. So the Yankees should wear yellow alts on Fridays? The Dodgers should have a sunset gradient alt for Sundays?
  14. Why would a team named the Padres need camo in their identity? Also a nope.
  15. Definitely seem like both navy and royal.
  16. The shade wouldn't really make a difference for the pinstripes, they'd look navy anyway but midnight navy and athletic gold would be incredible. As you said, the script and yellow would be more than enough the tell them appart...
  17. That's what I thought but it seemed a bit darker in the picture. Thanks!
  18. Is this one light navy like the regular ones or dark navy?
  19. -Ugly collars -Ugly Edge piping -Different shade of light blue in the logo and striping -Different width of the bottom stripes where navy is way thicker while the sleeves still feature equal width ones These are a mess. They should just go back to pre-Edge jerseys like a lot of other CHL teams have been doing...
  20. I thought the Browns disaster was enough to keep contrasting stitching away from the NFL for a long while. I was obviously wrong, these road hats are absolutely horrible.
  21. Was actually talking about the useless Edge piping on the front... The barberpole shoulders are a timeless classic indeed...
  22. These vertical stripes definitely have to go...