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  1. Was wondering about the Blue Jays navy alt since then. I saw one at Lids yesterday and they're light navy.
  2. Was about to post the same thing. Jackie Robinson Day or something?
  3. They were pretty successful in Cleveland and Progressive Field definitely felt enclosed like Camden Yards before. I absolutely love Camden Yard, gorgeous baseball stadium but it definitely feels weird now that every other new stadium has open concourse which is great to watch the game while at concessions or escape your seat and have a beer somewhere you can breathe a bit especially when the place is packed. I have a couple toddlers in strollers these years and open concourse stadiums are a must... I remember seating behind home plate at Camden some years ago with a wall all around our back on a hot summer afternoon, felt like an absolute broiler.
  4. Hence why the Cubs switched to regular royal hats. The dark royal hat/regular royal jersey combination worn so much looked awful... The Dodgers not having a regular blue alt (not taking ST into account here) don't feature the same kind of mismatch... I'm curious about the Rangers though. Are their blue jerseys the regular shade?
  5. Only two shades of navy used for MLB hats. The Brewers and Rays are significantly lighter than the other teams, the Twins and Yankees are indeed the same shade.
  6. Usually when there's a change (even a very subtle one) they add the year to the description on Fanatics/MLB Shop and such. The Cardinals are a good example with 2020 added to the new versions after the logo alterations. The Phillies alts don't have any mention so I guess these are the same as before (light or dark).
  7. The Cubs switched to light royal some years ago and I think the Rangers use the dark one. As for navy, I think only the Rays and Brewers use the light one now...
  8. The only challenger for worst would be the Oilers version...
  9. BFBS at it's finest, looks like a random softball team... This looks like the Mets.
  10. Are these practice jerseys? Can't be the real deal, right?
  11. The numbers aren't ideal but still not that bad... As much as I usually like throwbacks, the original set Ottawa went with aren't that good especially the modified white jersey that looks really cheap without the black cuffs.
  12. Seeing the Belleville Sens in action tonight reminded me that Ottawa definitely should have went with the faux barber pole look minus the letter logo... Slap the updated 2D centurion on Belleville set and you'd have winner right there.
  13. New Era execs still overloaded with inventory after they couldn't sell any of these abominations last season.
  14. As much as I loathe their uniforms, their logos are absolutely cringeworthy...
  15. Golden State court is absolutely brutal...
  16. Honestly, some New Era hats are looking worse than knockoff these days...
  17. We're mostly uniforms nerds...
  18. It's totally crazy when every single website where you can buy fan merchandise looks exactly the same with the same inventory (usually lack of inventory) and prices.
  19. It's about time. Taking a dump on uniforms common sense is getting absolutely out of hands... The Lakers should be wearing gold at home and purple (minus black) on the road at least 90% of the time.
  20. Don't really think casual fans noticed...
  21. I agree about the top blue part not looking great but these are still way better than lifeless solid whites and at least they match the jersey stripes perfectly.