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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/news/lebron-cavs-receive-rings-raise-clevelands-1st-banner-in-52-years-235556941.html a little surprised Jostens didn't make this ring, the company is called Baron Rings never heard of them before.
  2. kind of disappointing as they look just like the Blackhawks rings =\
  3. Any word when Pittsburgh will receive their Stanley cup Rings?
  4. Yeah I could tell as soon as I saw that picture that it's a cheap eBay replica ring. Was it even Ken's family?
  5. I'm sure the reason Jostens does this is cost. Most teams who lose the Super Bowl aren't exactly happy about it and as someone mentioned before most players don't even wear their conference rings.
  6. Never to early to start thinking what the Cavs ring will look like..anyone got any ideas? I thinking it will have the trophy on the face similar to the 2006 Heat ring. Probably made by Jostens or maybe Herff Jones as their based in Indy.
  7. That's because the players want it this way. I remember Michael Strahan famously said he wanted a 10 table ring. Meaning you could see it from 10 tables over at a restaurant. So as long as we're in the "bling" era the rings will just keep growing.
  8. Wow that's completely different from the last few rings. I like it!
  9. It's not just pro and college sports going big, high school is also getting really big. The Heat ring you see is an executive ring but it's still large and the high school ring is larger!
  10. Alabama got there rings and wow are they nice. Great design!!
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