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  1. These new alts are already on sale in team stores in coliseum. But likely will be available online. The new alts are available online on the A's website. I wish they would've had them in double-knit too.
  2. Here's a pic of Hayden holding up his new jersey with Raiders GM Reggie Mckenzie:
  3. This is true. We use variations like "sick" or "clean" or "fresh" and many other words Don't forget my personal favorite, "hella".
  4. I haven't heard anything so far. The patches are cool but wearing throwback unis would be icing on the cake.
  5. The Oakland Raiders come out to Ice Cube's "Raider Nation". I love that song!
  6. Here's how it is in the Oakland Coliseum: (To the left of the blue Silverado sign)
  7. I love the black armor and you guys are right by saying the front numbers really clutter the torso bad, especially with the new tribute patch.
  8. Awesome Sharks jersey. I was watching the same one on eBay but I never pulled the trigger on it. Congrats!
  9. I saw that yesterday. I thought it was interesting.
  10. I dig it. It reminds me of a medieval knight.
  11. I agree that the A's have the best set in all of baseball. Yeah, I'm biased but so what? Fantastic color combination and the gold jersey is sweet!
  12. I'm so glad that they didn't change the Raiders jersey. Never mess with perfection.
  13. Agreed. The A's color scheme is top-notch. I love it!
  14. The Golden One speaks the truth. I remember seeing tons of A's memorabilia when I was little. Ever since AT&T Park opened, the tides turned. Now it seems like everybody in the Bay Area is a "die-hard Giants' fan." They don't go to see the Giants, they go to experience the ballpark.
  15. Yeah, that's a great cap that I would love to own too!
  16. Nope. It's San Jose A's (Athletics). They're contractually obligated to change per their contract with San Jose, and Wolff has now officially stated the name is going to be San Jose Athletics. No at's, of's, or other Anaheim style nonsense. And no Oakland A's (who really play in San Jose) garbage like the Giants, Jets, and soon the 49ers either. And while I understand that might hurt a few militant Oakland fans, it's equally hurtful to me as a long time south bay A's fan who has made the drive to Oakland dozens of times a season for 25 years to hear things like, the team will change, the drive is too far, it's too hard without public transit, San Jose isn't the same area,... etc... I call BS on all of that. If you're a fan you'll find a way to get there since this move is no different than when the Angels moved from Chavez Ravine to Anaheim. It's no different than when the Yankees moved from Manhattan to the Bronx. It's no different than when the Marlins moved from Miami Gardens to Miami this year... I completely agree. I too live in San Jose and I'm also a long-time A's fan. I have no problem driving to Oakland, since I've been going there since I was 5 year's old. Hearing pro-Oakland fans saying that they won't drive to San Jose and support the A's, sickens me. Unfortunately, Lew Wolff will not spend big money on marquee players while the A's remain in Oakland. If true A's fan really want the team to succeed, then they should support the move to San Jose. This situation is the worst thing that could've happened to A's fans, as it has split the fan base. Instead of being pro-Oakland or pro-San Jose, we need to be pro-A's. If we want the A's to be competitive and stay local, San Jose is the way to go.
  17. Sad day for the Raider Nation and the NFL. RIP Al Davis.
  18. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie.
  19. I remove all stickers and tags everytime. It annoys the crap out of me when I see some douchebag with the stickers still on his cap.
  20. Those are sweet. I want that Raiders cap.
  21. I was at the game on Sunday and both sets of uniforms looked great. Me being an A's fan, I really want one of those 1985 throwback jerseys. I'm glad they are selling them.