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  1. A redesign of Mr. Met with a Dia de los Muertos look. I tried getting some t-shirts printed through tee-spring, but the design is too heavily dependent on existing trademarks and copyrights. The 7 Line can't make it because of MLB rules regarding modifying logos.
  2. This is sharp! I think version 3 is the best, Puerto Rico and Islanders is really easy to read on this one. I think the extra star on the top makes the El Morro garita look more lopsided. The garita could be larger and so could the name. Those are my only comments, if my father watched soccer I would proudly get him this on a shirt.
  3. During a conversation with a friend last night, we were discussing Hispanics in the NFL. For a while it was thought that the first played for the Buffalo Bisons in the 20's. I had no idea that there was professional football in Buffalo that far back. It would be really interesting to see what could be done with the colors listed on wikipedia and with the plethora of team names Buffalo Bisons on wikipedia
  4. There were a lot of people who loved the Black and Red styling for the Sabres when it came out. Being a kid of the 90's it was awesome. However, the 90's are over and if a team wasn't historically black and red, they should not go back to it. Colors go in trends, early 90's teal and purple, late 90's red and black, currently the hot color combo is powder blue and yellow (which I would not want to see as a Sabres jersey unless it is for a toddler). Blue and Gold are Buffalo Sabres colors, end of story. Also being from Buffalo I have a small chip on my shoulder about the constipated goat logo featured above. It shouldn't have been the main logo then or ever again because we are the Sabres, not the Buffalo Buffaloes. Please read consider your use of that face, throw some swords in this and make it a Buffalo Sabres logo. The reason the classic and current logo work is because the team name is explained by the logo, a Buffalo (the city) over 2 Sabres (the nickname). As pointed out before anyone who reads logo blogs or is a history buff or is old enough knew the script "Buffalo" is a nod to the days as a minor league team. As a side note to Cody I really appreciate your enthusiasm, I do, knowing that you want to design at such a young age is great. I had that drive too. But as it has been mentioned before, you can't just copy and paste and say its new. Call it an edit, or mock up. As a side note to the forum, please realize we are being trolled by this kid, and ignore him when he does this kind of thing, that is until he does something real.
  5. The Yellow properties were a lot of fun to do, I love black and yellow as a combination. The thimble was always one of the pieces no one wants to be.
  6. Thanks for the constructive criticism. You are right, my typography skills are lacking. I am really more of an illustrator. I will do some studies of these wordmarks.
  7. My personal favorite properties are the oranges in front of Free Parking. St. James Place is represented by the Terriers.
  8. I will use every token from the classic game, and assign that to a property. The tokens: Top Hat Cannon Man on Horseback Battleship Scottish Terrier Thimble Shoe Iron Race car Let's start with everyone's favorite property Boardwalk.
  9. The new word mark is great, its tight and its clean. I think you can lose the drop shadow gold under the word missions. The Alamo "M" is perfect, however the "SA" needs a little breathing room and I think the cannon crossing the A could be smaller.
  10. I submitted these for Puckdrawn's Winter Classic Concept Design Competition. Since this is the Winter Classic I tried to make their logos look a little more classic than something edgy and modern. The Rangers' jersey has 5 stripes to signify the 5 Burroughs of New York City. I also included a historical nod with calling them Tex's New York Rangers. The Flyers icon was a little bit of a no brainer. I referenced the eagle on the back of a one dollar bill, so its an eagle on a puck with 6 sticks in its talons and the Liberty Bell as a signifier for Philadelphia. I am happy with them, feedback is welcome.
  11. How did I not think of this before? We have all been trying to use the hat and mask of the bandit! I know its rough, I need to find the vectors.
  12. I saw a comment that someone wanted to see more of Buffalo in the All City logo. I used the current outlining on from the Sabres, but then the circle around it and the "B" in the center are taken from the Bisons, as well as the colors .