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  1. Good C&C. Lets address the trident issue first... Thoughts?
  2. I was trying to stick with something more traditional, staying with the whole 1 color thing, to be honest I never really got happy with the type. Adding some movement may be the key.
  3. Yeah - looking back the trident is kind of close to the ASU one. I might got back and change that up a little.
  4. General Red Devils Logo Concept...
  5. Google the television show Eastbound & Down.
  6. Thanks man, I didn't know whether to go shirtless or have him in a uniform... So I defaulted to shirtless since the original was.
  7. This one is strictly for fun. Here is the current stuff I could dig up... And here is the redesign...
  8. Yeah it looks a lot like a lot of old college logos. That is the style I was going for.
  9. Osborne


    Sounds like a fun game... Tarpon Springs Spongers and East Lake Eagles are my two favorites, (Spongers being my favorite, nice work.) The Eagles logo has a lot of potential. I like the simple geometric qualities to it. I think with a few tweaks there you have a winner. Good variety between the logos as well. Maybe try making the chins a tad smaller on the Falcons and the Cougars? Nice Work.
  10. Good call on the whiskers. Added those and made a few other minor tweaks.
  11. I give credit to both, as well as most other colleges who at one point or another had a barrel chested sweater wearing mascot.
  12. I worked up this concept a while back as more of an exercise really and kind of abandoned it... I was trying to do a fresh(ish) take on the classic collegiate style. I unearthed the file and decided to post it. C&C?
  13. Osborne


    Top notch! Love the nose and eyes. The line on the bottom left corner of the lips seems to be a tad off. Nice work.