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  1. Enio125

    Washington Pigskins

    The third logo is looking right into my soul.
  2. they needed new turf bad regardless of tornado demage Their financial deficit would not allow it. However, the $400K from the insurance company due to the February storms did. Now will they just use temporary paint for the "C-USA" logos or not since they have already hired an outside firm to assist them? I think I figured out how the Sacramento Kings can get a new arena.
  3. Can't you just wear a shirt underneath it?
  4. That's not true. It was Amar'e that squashed the deal. He didn't want to play next to Shaq again because he was entering a contract year and didn't want his production to fall. Also rumors of Lebron leaving the Cavs began when he first got there. He would never commit to staying with the Cavs even when he was on his rookie contract. He would always flirt with the New York media. In 2005 when the Cavs front office offered Micheal Redd and Ray Allen huge contracts they refused because Lebron was already flirting with the Knicks and there was no reassurance that he would be there for more than 2 years. He was doing the same thing even after resigning with the Cavs in 2007. The only way the Cavs could aquire players was through trades and the front office made dozens of trades after 2007 and the front office and ownership was willing to take on extremely overpaid contracts to improve the team.
  5. I completely agree. It's getting to the point where teams can just make two logos and alternate them back and forth every 10 years or so. Just because something's old doesn't mean it's good.
  6. That's because they probably don't even lift.
  7. I would say try to find a city that is similar to yours and root for that cities team. Even if there are multiple teams in that city, teams tend to create their own identities. Try to find a one that you can root for with passion. For example some teams get the reputation as overpowering overspending juggernauts, some as lovable losers, some as scrappy small clubs, some as little brothers, etc.
  8. I don't think he knows the definitions of the words "history" and "significant".
  9. A Cleveland team to win something... anything. (Except a draft lottery)
  10. Ah yes, the old Cleveland Browns no logo trick.
  11. Don't tell me what to do, fascist. Fight the power, man!