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  1. Colors were slightly different when they moved to Dallas, but they are still those same North Stars.
  2. The black ones would have been pretty cool as well, especially if they used the 97-00 logo.
  3. Yep, the pewter uni's look like a cheap ass Fubu rip off jersey you'd see at a Gas Station in 2001.
  4. Not a chance. The Bucs Pewter uniforms are the worst in the league. The Chargers are 1000 times the uniforms the Bucs are.
  5. The new Chargers update are the best uniforms in the league and are what the Buccaneers could have done.
  6. I agree with this 100%. It is dull and unimaginative. Ohh and the red looks bad in person.
  7. Looks like Tom Brady is going to be shown in the new old boring jersey for the first time tomorrow.
  8. All white sets only look good with white helmets.
  9. There is only one reason there is any interest in the Bucs this season and it is because of Brady. They could have gone back to creamsicle full time and everyone would have worn a Brady jersey.
  10. Outside of about 7 years the history of the team has been awful. The awful years now far outweigh the good years for the pewter.
  11. I gotcha. I have been a fan since 79, but they don't care about winning, only selling jersey's and hot dogs at the stadium.
  12. Nahh I live in positivity, check out my posts in the Chargers thread I just think the Buccaneers could have done much better on their uniforms. As for the Gronk thing, he is one of my least favorite players in the history of the NFL and I won't support him or the team while he is on it.
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