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  1. That Buccaneers team was so much better on the defensive side of the ball. That was the worst I have ever been treated at an opposing stadium.
  2. I was there for that. Shut the Vet down. I agree about the pewter. However, it is now a losing color. No playoff wins since that 2002 season + no playoff appearances since 2007. If they did a matte white helmet, it would be an elite uniform. The pewter helmet drags it down big time.
  3. If they look like what Paul Lukas posted we will look like the Falcons.
  4. So, by 2013 Cincinnati, ECU, Houston, Memphis, USF and many others were already wearing multiple helmets. 2012 was the last season the Buccaneers were able to wear the white helmet. As early as 2009 Tulsa was wearing multiple helmets. Baylor had 5 different color of helmets in 2013.
  5. You and Vike know that these teams wore their throwback helmets a couple of years ago, right? They didn't go berserk then and it won't happen now.
  6. Everyone that doesn't like the creamsicle's wants orange as part of the uniform.
  7. Those all whites looked like the players pooped their pants.
  8. The Buccaneers will remain at the bottom.
  9. The posted leaked renderings take away any of the good part of the losing uniforms.
  10. That red logo on a matte white helmet would look great.
  11. The pants on the old set always looked like they pooped themselves. The pewters on the helmets look a lot different as well.
  12. The person in question is also the editor and chief of Pewter Report.