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  1. Here is an update to the logo. I forgot to mention the significance of the eight stars up top. Those stars are there to represent the eight inaugural teams in the league's first year in existence. For the update, I dropped the entire league name being in the logo. Because I of this, I had to shrink the overall size of the logo. I feel as though this update makes the logo very clean. Do any of you have any other suggestions?
  2. Honestly, I thought I had put in "America" in there. That whole text looks small as it is so I completely agree with getting rid of the entire league name in there. Thanks for that suggestion, I definitely think that will help.
  3. Hey all! A few years back I started a thread that pertained to my fantasy football league my brother and I created when we were younger. We went very in depth with it, making schedules each year, keeping stats, etc. Even though it's a fictional league, I always thought it'd be a cool idea to bring that league to life. I love to design in my spare time and I figured why not put my passion for sports and design together to bring this league to life. So, a few years back, I decided to start a thread that contained everything about the league; all the teams and a few concepts for teams. I sadly never finished the thread, but I've been wanting to get back at it. I figured that getting a better looking league logo was the main priority at this point. I am a perfectionist and I will keep going at something until I get it right. I am not sure I am satisfied with what I came up with for the logo. I've posted a picture with the old logo on the left and new on the right. I know the name is pretty silly, but that's what you come up with when you are ten years old lol. The fonts I used are temporary, I am coming up with a custom font currently.
  4. Does anyone know the name of the "America's Game" font or something similar to it? Thank you!
  5. One idea for the blues is to maybe incorporate the arch into the uniform. Just a thought.
  6. blakelp50@yahoo.com Great template and .PSD please!
  7. Very nice update here. As MrRockyTop said, the neck does a bit long. Other than that great job!
  8. I like either 1 or 2. Kind of getting a Titans vibe from the jerseys but that's not a bad thing. By the way, it's nice to see someone from the area on here. I'm a Frontier grad
  9. I feel like the face mask should be a bit bigger than the helmet. This would break-up the oval shape of the head. I will definitely try this. That seems like it would help the logo a lot. Thanks! I may post that in the near future
  10. Hey guys I'm back with another update. It's real small as I just finished up my finals for the semester. I only got a round to moving the helmet flap up and fiddling with a different color scheme. Any ideas and thoughts on how this can be improved any further will greatly be appreciated!
  11. I agree. The eyes currently look like he's bored or something lol. I'll try and see if getting rid of them and shifting the flap upwards looks better.
  12. Another update here for you guys. I haven't worked on the chest plate as I first wanted to get the helmet situated, I tried my best at adding a somewhat okay looking plume to the helmet. I think it looks okay, but feedback on that would be greatly appreciative. In addition, I ditched the old helmet as many of you mentioned made it feel more spartan like rather than a knight. Again, any feedback would be great! Thanks.
  13. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. I do get that vibe from the chest plate as well. I will work on the plume and chest plate.
  14. Now that you said that I completely agree with you. I think the helmet is giving off the spartan look. A fluffy plume would definitely help give it a "knight" look.
  15. I like the idea of the second one but it seems forced. The first one although looks very good. My only suggestion is to maybe thicken the inside lines a tad more. That's your call though. Great job on this!
  16. Thank you! That part isn't the plume, just part of the helmet. I tried adding a plume but nothing looked good so I just ditched the idea
  17. Another update for you guys. I decided to try out putting a cape on the knight. I'm not sure if I like it or not as it almost looks like a scarf. I feel it would look much better if I was doing a full knight and you could actually see the cape but I figure I'd give it a shot. Anyways, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Haha. I may give this a go, I'll see what I can do. Thanks for all of the information! I actually had that idea in mind if I was doing it for a specific team.
  19. Thanks. I agree with you on this, will try to make some harder angles. Thanks, now that I'm looking I see that the watermark is pretty heavy haha. My bad on that . I do agree with you on this totally. I made it so the center blue area was the cloak and tried adding highlights to the knight to give it more life. Still not sold on the whole design. Actually I didn't ditch the boar, I did a few more tweaks to it, just forgot to upload it. I blame this on my concussion haha . The bottom blue triangle section feels empty, especially compared to the level of detail in the top half of the logo. Also, the space between his shoulder flares and cheeks is such a tiny gap with the thick keyline. In some media, this detail will be lost so you might try reshaping that area or maybe just eliminating the gap. I see what your saying about the blue area. That's why I posted the update with the chest plate. I was thinking that as well, it's bugging me more and more now that I'm looking at it. Thank you! I tried adding a plume, but honestly just gave up because anything I did looked horrendous haha. Thank you very much!
  20. Sorry for another update, here is the logo with a chest plate instead.
  21. I do agree with you on this totally. I made it so the center blue area was the cloak and tried adding highlights to the knight to give it more life. Still not sold on the whole design. Actually I didn't ditch the boar, I did a few more tweaks to it, just forgot to upload it. I blame this on my concussion haha .
  22. Hey guys I am back again with another practice logo. This time, I'm attacking a Knight logo. Right now I have the basic shape as you can see, I just want some feedback on the current shape and design before I keep on continuing with the logo. I also want to add highlights to the logo to give it a bolder look, but am awful at that stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Ragone

    Boar Logo

    Thank you guys for all of the feedback. I updated the logo with everyone's suggestions. I still think somethings off. The teeth aren't permanent, just something to show you guys what I'm going for.
  24. Ragone

    Boar Logo

    I agree with these points. The line above the nose could be shrunk, right now it separates the nose too much. I'd add that the eyes could be shrunk and angled inward and the base of the tusks need to be reworked so the tusks look more attached to the head. A wild boar is a hard shape to use, especially a front view, so kudos to you for going after it. Thank you for the feedback, will try to rework the nose, tusks, and eyes. Any thoughts on the mouth area?