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  1. Agreed, people do it all the time. Either enforce it for everyone or don't. Personally I don't mind when it's related, as it was in this case.
  2. Always been a fan of Brady. This move just made the Bucs a helluva lot more fun to root for
  3. For those of you who listen to local sports talk radio, how's the opinion been? I got a little annoyed today when Tampa's afternoon show had a Viper's player on and one of the hosts sarcastically asked "So has your check cleared?" Then they proceeded to do a (unfunny) skit about Vince firing Trestman.
  4. Prior to this thread, I had no idea soccer fans were so protective of the "pitch" their teams play on.
  5. Hope Vince can make it happen. This league isn't going to attract 70k people at MetLife
  6. Oof, Tampa has some serious QB issues
  7. Not a fan of the fumble/incomplete call just now during NY/Tampa. Was hoping this league would know what a catch is. Guess no league does
  8. My gf (not a sports fan) commented on how the game felt like it was moving, that there was no BS in between downs. She ended up paying attention through the entire game.
  9. I'm really enjoying this game. The whole thing looks way more polished and professional than I thought it would
  10. I can only speak for myself but I was close to pulling the trigger on becoming a STM as I found myself genuinely rooting for the Rays the past two seasons and attending more and more games. However after what I've heard the past 24 hours, my support has been officially exhausted. I'll continue spending my money on the Bolts and soon the Vipers instead.
  11. What the Sabres did is inexcusable. A professional sports organization should have zero issue recreating their own jerseys. They have access to every manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, etc in the world and obviously have the cash. Just good ol fashioned piss poor planning.
  12. I'd like to see the NBA update their logo with Kobe's silhouette.
  13. I like these. Ideally the black alts would be used sparingly, but we all know these will be the only jerseys we see on the field both home and away. I actually hope the Pirates and Marlins go black tops against one another just to see this place lose its mind. Only callout is the "s" on that script. That alignment is worse than the chinese knockoffs.
  14. Precisely! Had I not been driving I would have called in and said something along the lines of "It's one thing to field a mediocre/bad team year after year but when that team also has one of, if not, the worst/most polarizing look in the league, it's going to be talked about since there's nothing else to talk about."
  15. I mean I don't care, at all, because it's a referee uniform but that looks like it belongs in the OG XFL. Looking forward to Week 1 nonetheless.
  16. Was listening to local sports radio the other day (620) and the hosts we're asking why so many callers wanted to talk about the Bucs new uniforms. They were saying how this has never been something that was brought up in all their years on radio. With that being said, it just goes to show that outside of our little world and a small % of others, people just don't seem to care. The team store will put what's worn on the field on the racks and fans will buy it. On the bright side, social media has definitely increased the volume when the public is displeased with the look of something (Sonic immediately comes to mind). If it wasn't for the NFL's uniform rule, my bet is that changes/tweaks would have been made after a couple of seasons.
  17. And if the Niners decided to go rogue, what can the league really do? Issue a fine...yawn. I say go for it.
  18. I like these but they immediately reminded me of this unused uni from 97. I'm just holding my breath that this isn't the beginning of the end of brighter colors being used in sports design. We're 20-odd years removed from a time where pretty much every team darkened their colors and those that returned to their former bright colors have only done so in the past decade (design is cyclical). It'd be a shame if the Blue Jays dropped their perfect primary set for an inferior navy heavy look.
  19. Damn, saw this thread was on and it's just y'all bickering about uniforms that debuted 3+ years ago
  20. Lamar Jackson will be out of this league before he turns 27
  21. I knew the Rangers were debuting new unis today but I must have missed the news about the other two teams...