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  1. Montreal is clearly not in the same league as Tampa. Let's see if the Bolts bust out the
  2. The aways remind me of the Jags. Black where orange should be/black where teal should be. Not a fan
  3. "Don't worry, Nike doesn't get to dictate what the teams wear"
  4. What league does this team play in?
  5. IMO, Tom Brady has cemented himself as the greatest to ever play and win his sport. There were arguments to be made for Montana and Manning but that's moot at this point. This puts him in the same company as Jordan and Gretzky. I don't think baseball has a "GOAT" yet, definitely a distinguished number of guys who are/were great during their time or a period of time but not ALL-TIME. That distinction is reserved for Brady, Jordan, and Gretzky.
  6. Congrats to the Bucs. They earned that win by completely shutting down the chiefs high scoring offense. The chiefs defense showed themselves to be undisciplined and reckless. Also, mahomes is not that great. He's a perfectly serviceable qb but is no Tom Brady. The chiefs will fade back into obscurity, they are not dynasty material.
  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Better players have worn bad or worse uniforms. A player making noise on social media does not justify a uniform change. And for the record, I think the Cardinals' current look is dated and tired.
  8. Caring about "covid protocol" is sooooo last year
  9. It's great to be a fan of the local teams in the Bay right now. Acquiring Tom Brady was exciting and regardless of the outcome in a couple of weeks, it's been a great experience.
  10. I think anybody who doesn't have an issue with corporate logos on uniforms and/or equipment is a consumer whore, but hey that's just the 2ยข of a stranger on the internet. Personally, I would never buy a basketball jersey or a soccer jersey with a corporate sponsor logo on it, even though it's " official gamewear". But hey, everybody is free to spend their money how they want.
  11. A jade version of Wild Wing breaking through ice is a throwback? Maybe you misunderstood what I meant.
  12. Few things that jump out for me. To me this promotion was about having fun with some past looks and giving the fans something new and exciting to see on the ice and wear. Oilers should have gone with a recolored Mcfarlane jersey. Rangers and Flames fixed things that weren't broken. Would have liked to see the Flames in Red or Yellow and the Rangers in Red, Grey, or Royal. Ducks jersey would've been better in jade. Islanders played it too safe. Fishsticks and/or the wavy pattern in orange would have been a blast. Love that the Stars brought back the Modano jerseys but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Red Wings...Fail
  13. Everytime I think there's news in this thread, it's just more Canuck talk
  14. Is "Brady's done" just a weekly thing now?
  15. Don't care about the rest of this petty argument, but the white pants do not suck my good sir.
  16. Are they better than the turdburgers? Absolutely Are they better than the Reebok holdovers? Absolutely Are they better than the buffaslug? Absolutely Are they better than the goathead? Absolutely Are they better than the originals? I guess? Will I rush out to buy one? Nope To me, the Sabres are strictly upstate NY's team. They'll never get national attention. Kids won't want their jerseys like 90s kids wanted Mighty Ducks jerseys back in the day, or how every beer league team (at least at my rink) wants to look like the Vegas Knights, nor will they outsell the Kraken once they drop. But hey, good on them for going back to a look that is familiar and beloved by their fanbase. Better off pleasing your fanbase than trying to be and for that I applaud the Sabres.
  17. Honestly I never paid attention to who were the mods back in the day. Didn't even know they were a thing. Just figured Chris was the mod since it was his site and he used to post.
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