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  1. I don't understand why everyone makes the connection between the Star's sweaters and Chicago's, especially when it is the exact same striping pattern as the Rangers. Great colors, I like the new logo, away jersey is great, but the Ranger stripes on the home set bothers me.
  2. I'm going to just come out and say it. I will own this jersey. They have really grown on me. And if they ever come out with that orange version posted, I will own that as well. They're slowly winning me over.
  3. ....I don't hate the red.... And I was very upset when I saw the first photo today... I'm scared they might grow on me
  4. I have seen exactly three opinions out of all of the outlets that was anything other than these are horrible, and those were from people on facebook who also said they were "fire." Did they not have any outside opinions before they settled on this??
  5. is there ANY chance that this is a fake reveal? If they had the unveiling to be on NFL Network and they said there would be only minor changes to the uniform, could this be some sort of publicity stunt? Please let it be that...
  6. I'm expecting a big change in the uniforms after Gerald McCoys tweet. "@geraldini93: This is just the BEGINNING of 2014!! New Uni's coming at you as well!! I've already worn it and it's FIREEE!! Just wait. Tune in live March 5th for unveiling on Buccaneers.com!!"
  7. if it means anything, might be due to increased traffic, but the shop link no longer works on the main site. EDIT Nevermind, working again
  8. The switching teams comment was sarcasm haha. Again this is my idea of how far Nike could push the envelope and me be ok with it, not what I would like for them to wear. This is me trying to imagine a best-worst case scenario. For this update I gave the helmet a different look I don't believe has been done before, I gave it a hammered texture to mimic some of the swords and metal work on pirate ships, with the facemask and decal in chrome (to fit reports.) The pewter jersey is something I'm not completely sure of, but is supposed to be like Seattle's wolf grey jersey. I added a black pants option to give them a couple more options for looks, because if Nike overhauls their identity, I feel like it will be Seattle-esque. Let's hope the helmet tonight isn't a monstrosity.
  9. As a Buc fan I am unhappy with the announcement, because I don't see anything wrong with our current look. But I wanted to mock up what Nike could possibly do to them that wouldn't make me consider getting a new favorite team. But here are two looks, one with the creamsickle color scheme, and one with the current that I hope they keep. With these I gave them a helmet close to Rutgers, with the distressed pewter chrome along with a black chrome facemask. Keeps the same logo but I'm sure they will change that. Modified Michigan States font a little, because that feels like something they could possibly use. Nothing crazy. Same template with the orange color scheme, and modified the helmet logo to give it a more full helmet effect that Nike loves these days. Reminds me a lot of Maryland after seeing it done. Let me know what you think, and lets hope the reveal isn't as bad as Jacksonville.
  10. What I'm betting it ends up looking like. As a buc fan, I'm not happy with the announcement.
  11. So being from Iowa, I was excited to see we got professional hockey back. While I don't like that they just adopted the wild moniker, I think they could of got a little creative with it. My idea, since we really don't have much of a bear population, and with the previous team the "Chops" paying homage to the Iowa Pork Producers, I thought modifying the logo to a hog would give the team a little flair. This is my first draft and is very rough, I don't like the barn or silo, and want to do rows of corn, but really can't figure out how to make that look right. C&C welcome
  12. Stumbled across this, have my doubts about it but don't know if its for sure fake or not. http://www.ebay.com/itm/REEBOK-LOS-ANGELES-KINGS-ALEC-MARTINEZ-PREMIER-JERSEY-WHITE-sz-LARGE-/360577263020?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item53f41465ac
  13. I used the Washington nationals font as a base and made some alterations