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  1. I like all three stadium designs for varying reasons. One thing, though...L.A., stay away from my Vikings.

    Well build them what they want...or else you will meet Baltimore, St. Louis, Cleveland and Houston's fate...and lose your team for a few years.

    If you are like Cleveland you can cry and scream and get a shiny new NFL funded stadium asap, or be like Houston and get a team a few years later. You don't want to be like Baltimore or St. Louis and become part of the NFL's dog and pony show called expansion only to have lesser cities given teams at your expense, then have to find some troubled franchises to lure to your cities. So if they do the Cleveland "woe is me" game to the hilt. Face it the snow popped roof could have been a blessing...

    With the Metrodome being nearly a decade over it's expected 'lifespan', I figured we would've had a new open-air stadium by now, bringing back some Norris to our NFC North division. Unfortunately, politics gets in the way. Wasn't the problem with many of the other moves having to do with fan support, though? We've been continually selling out for almost 17 seasons.

  2. Interesting. The two people here that have commented prefer the new Belk logo, while it has been almost unanimously panned in retail and other design forums and site.

    They both blow, in my opinion. The old one screams early 1990s and the new one is just trying too hard. And neither of them give me a clue as to what the hell Belk is.

    Make that 3 people, at least. And, I have to agree with what others have said. No way does it invoke a 90s feel.

  3. MTV's new look is much better than their old-dated look. I don't see how IKEA changed their logo, this list is pretty crappy.

    If you had read at the bottom, Ikea changed its catalog font from Futura to Verdana. The logo didn't change.

    Which makes that post suck even more. If you're going to claim worst LOGO changes, please keep it to logos, not fonts.